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Analysis of the development trend of chain enterprises_4497

Analysis of the development trend of chain enterprises

     Abstract With the rapid development of chain, chain within the enterprise resource integration, chain and network marketing integration, chain and chain integration will be much attention.

     Key Words chain; internal resources; Internet marketing; development trend

     Chain management in line with the operating principles of modern science. It makes traditional forms of retail out of the constraints on their access to economies of scale,

    creating more retail opportunities for access to economies of scale, and means. Meanwhile, the emergence of chain stores operated by large-scale demand for capital

    with the decentralization of retail activities, personalized features of organically

    combined to create not contrary to the essential requirements of the retail business, but also the form of large-scale retail operations, but the With the social, scientific and technological progress and development, China's chain will be developed? I think the

    integration of the following three aspects:

     1, chain internal integration of resources

     1. The integration of the logistics chain. Mode of operation of chain stores from the point of view, using the operating methods of modern science. Purchase costs and

    marketing costs have declined, in general, to achieve a low-cost operation. In addition,

    the chain changed the flow of the old system, reducing the circulation, direct to consumers, more timely understanding of customer needs, more quickly to build a

    bridge between production and consumption, thereby increasing the efficiency of circulation.

     2. Chain Management Enterprise Human Resources Integration. Human resource integration is based on the adjustment of strategy and organizational management, and

    guide the members of the organization's objectives and organizational goals in the same direction near to the use of human resources to achieve optimal configuration, the process of improving organizational performance. Faced with such a chain of human

    resources to run a business situation, strengthening of human resource integration should note the following two aspects: first, to build a scientific and rational human resource development strategy, human resources strategy was a fundamental human

    resources activities that, if human the optimal allocation of resources, organizations maximize efficiency, there must be reasonable and forward-looking human resources

    strategy guide. The second is to establish mechanisms for improving quality of

    employment. Can put the right people in suitable positions to use their potential, activation potential, this is the key to human resource integration.

     3. Chain operator information flow integration. Retail organizations is no longer a

    floor management, store management that simple. Today's retail organizations far beyond the basic store systems business management. Retail Enterprises and its upstream and downstream supply chain partners to make up the industrialization of the retail operation system. At present, a large-scale chain retail development, boosting

    the retail, distribution and logistics supply chain management field horizontal integration process.

     Second, chain integration and network marketing

     In the powerful information processing technology and comprehensive customer information database, based on the company can be broken down according to each market, and even the unique needs of each customer to their design "customized" products of the. The emergence and development of the Internet to break the

    traditional concept of the traditional channels of distribution space, so that information storage, transmission, use, substantially lower costs for the retail business systems products and services to provide a new redistribution system that allows

    manufacturers, retailers between providers and consumers to be able to overcome the constraints of time, to achieve full interaction. Enterprises in logistics management, the use of network technology to coordinate and manage the entire supply chain to form a

    direct sharing of information, to order an external-oriented marketing programs,

    internal-oriented manufacturing plans and supply chain logistics program together.

     Chain mode of operation can solve the problem of logistics network marketing

    business is naturally a combination of both the primary cause, while chain management and Internet marketing there are also many similarities, which also determines the combination of the two is an excellent choice. Because chain management and

    integration of network marketing, not only to expand the enterprise market, but will also strengthen internal management and automation. Concrete expression is as follows:

     1. Greater for the enterprise market space. Chain management can help enterprises

    in the real world market share of the market as much as possible, while helping enterprises in the virtual community to market in the form of network marketing to expand their "territory" for the development of enterprises greater market space.

     2. Network marketing for enterprise development has brought a higher starting point. Network Marketing as a new form of marketing, its emphasis on content knowledge and advanced information processing tools, and its final end-result is that a

    large number of electronic transactions contributed to the activities carried out and shopping, but in this regard the apparent lack of business management . Chain management as a hundred-year history has a mature, advanced operating systems, the

    development of network marketing is the heartfelt needs.

     3. So that the development of enterprises in the network marketing has a huge potential. Network Marketing">Marketing in the development of the right has a very high standard and standardization requirements. While the chain can have the

    organizational form of joint enterprise technology and standardization of the way business integration and specialization, as well as the standardization and modernization of management practices, these places just to meet the requirements of

    the development of network marketing.

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     4. Enables enterprises to reduce market entry costs. The development of network marketing enterprises to enter the market, lower costs, while the use of chain mode of

    operation to carry out network marketing companies will be reduced to lower the cost of market entry. An enterprise, in particular, is an emerging enterprises chain management approach could rely on a successful large enterprises under its spread

    around the world advertising, well-known brands, as well as advanced management

    and technology at the lowest cost, minimum risk enter the market, and finding a niche in the market.

     5. Could enable enterprises to enhance competitiveness. Today, the tide of market economy under the impetus of an increasingly competitive market, it alone will form a powerful single-edge book of the situation and the consequences unpredictable. The launching of Internet Marketing for SMEs to provide a good opportunity to enter the market. Chain mode of operation for use by SMEs in the development process of network marketing can easily form a group advantages, resource sharing among members and help each other in the fierce market competition foothold, access to a

    larger commercial interests.

     Third, chain and chain integration

     The so-called chain is connected with the interests of the size of the lock is. The nature of chain operation, the end of its value, is a modern business management

    methods and organizational forms, the general practice is to separate the functions of purchasing and selling the ultimate interests of the combination. From the headquarters of a unified supply chain organization, deployment of sales and provides

    a unified service standards, forced entry into the market marketing strategy. Modern retail can not develop without this social production characteristics of highly organized under the provisions of implementation. Managing different from traditional stores,

    the international standardization of chain enterprises bigger and stronger or the future acquisition of capital provide a comprehensive solution. For example, April 24, 2003 establishment of the Shanghai 100 (the switch to page 47) (on the next page 31) United

    (Group) Co., Ltd. officially inaugurated the opening of the Shanghai 100 (Group) Co., Ltd. Hualian (Group) Co., Company, Shanghai Friendship (Group) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Materials (Group) Corporation merge made, the registered capital of 1 billion in 2006,

    top ranked retail industry. There in 2006 by Wu providers, the providers, in 100, Han Retail Group was established by four arms to join hands, of course, recently set up as joint force provider, but also does not appear out of his business achievements, but as, I

    believe that he will show that he in the retail industry in the charm. Naturally, some of the early stages of the development of chain operation, a number of separate subsidiary companies, development branch, merger, resulting in the rapid expansion of small

    businesses, often helpless, not knowing what to do. Therefore, the chain and the chain of the integration time to the scientific concept of development and innovative business ideas to lead the company through marketing activities to bring the good "momentum"

    make every effort to increase brand sales, in the Yetai combinatorial optimization, holistic marketing planning, service management, meticulous and achieved remarkable results, to ensure chain healthy and harmonious and orderly development of the


     Chain and chain, when the integration should start with the following four aspects: First, in order to build popularity and commercial gas, and increase focus on expanding sales to further optimize the pull consumer business model, the ability to

    work hard to enhance their performance; Second, meet and create demand-driven, and

    further optimize the mix Yetai, in efforts to enhance competitiveness; 3 is to play a comprehensive accumulation and amplification of the direction of marketing plan to

    further optimize the mode of operation in enhancing the creativity and work hard; Fourth the premise of a robust mechanism to further optimize the service management model, and work hard to enhance control force; 5 is to enhance capacity and overall

    quality as the goal, to further optimize human resources management and control model, and work hard to enhance execution. So as to ensure a smooth chain enterprises in China that we enter a new period.


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