By Lisa Sims,2014-06-17 14:58
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RecentlyI read a story, The Elephant Man. Its a story full of smiles

    and tears, even pities.

     Over 100 years ago, in 1984, Dr. Treves paid a visit to an ugly man

    called the Elephant Man. People who wanted to take a glance at him had

    to pay 2 pence. Obviously, he had become the tool of earning money. To

    save Merrick, the Elephant Man from the difficult position, Dr. Treves felt

    obliged to give him a warm home.

     With Dr. Treves help, Merrick was given a large sum of money by the readers of the Times. There were many bags of dirty skin on the front

    and back of the creatures body. His head did not have much hair and

    there was another bag of brown, dirty skin at the back of the head. The

    skin came down below his neck. Merrick was actually very ugly, it was a

    bare fact, but whats how, he led a happy life. The society was not short of kind people. Merrick lived several years with Dr. Treves and then one

    day he was found dead, for he tried to lie down like us, but his head was

    so heavy and so big that he broke his neck.

     Now, hundreds of years passed, Merrick has been dead, the people

    who once gave him love have also been dead, but what they have left, is

    the most precious emotion in the world, love, the endless love which is

    the eternal soul of the society, no matter what the time is. From the

    story, were also told that everyone, beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, rich or

    poor, has chance to chase your own happiness, just be friendly to

everybody, share your happiness with others. Lucky as us, dont laugh at

    anyone, learn to respect others.

     Eight years ago, I was still a girl from countryside. I did not understand

    what others said. Children in my school laughed at me, played tricks on

    me. I felt lonely and there was not a smile on my face. One day, I could

    not bear any longer. I stood up, looking around, saying `Why are you

    always laughing at me? Did I do anything wrong, didnt I? Since I didnt

    make any mistake, you have no reason to shout at me. Or, you think

    what you have done was kind and friendly? The classroom was quiet, all the children were looking at me strangely. Since then, we became good


     Remember, there are corners in the world, life sometimes is not only

    poor but hard as well. Compared with them, were much luckier. If we can share our happiness with others and give love to them, we will be

    loved by more and more people, life will be more and more beautiful.

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