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UYAPdoc (2305 KB) - ePractice



    The Ministry of Justice has prepared a “National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP)”,

    which is to implement a very ambitious information system between the Courts and all other

    institutions of the Ministry, including prisons. UYAP equipped these institutions with computers,

    network and internet connection and to give them access to all the legislation, the decisions of the

    Court of Cassation, judicial records, judicial data of the police and army records. Thus UYAP

    establishes an electronic network covering all Courts, Offices of Public Prosecutors and Law

    Enforcement Offices together with the Central Organization of the Ministry of Justice.


    Turkey has…

     133 High Criminal Courts Centres

     And in 575 districts totally 708 courthouses,

     425 Penitentiary and Detention Houses ,

     23 Forensic Medicine Units,

     All in all, 7751 Courts, Public Prosecutor Services and Enforcement Offices

     In civil judiciary 5951 judges and 3739 public prosecutors,

     818 administrative judges in administrative courts

    Turkey is among the twenty most populous countries of the world with its 75 million population. The court authorities in Turkey have annual huge working load. They labour under

    the burden. Workload at the turkish juridical like this:

    Thenumberof disputesin TurkeyThenumberof disputesin Turkey



    2.673.374CRIMINAL CASES

    2.180.305CIVIL LAWCASES