unit 3-4 of go for it of grade 9 and answers

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unit 3-4 of go for it of grade 9 and answers

    Answers for Go For It of units 3 & 4

    Jian Zhou middle school of Sichuan province 1. The teacher allowed him to go into the classroom. 2. We dont allow smoking in public. 3. The boy should be allowed to play after supper. 4. We dont allow/permit people to smoke in public.

    5. I saw it with my own eyes. 6. I do it in my own way.

    7. This bike is my own.

    8. He has a house of his own.

    9. He owns a new car.

    10. He owns a big house.

    11. He stopped to have a look at the boy. 12. The works had to work for hours to stop the ship from going down.

    13. I couldnt stop laughing when I heard it.

14. He can’t swim, neither/nor can I.

    15. —— He is a clever boy.


    16. —— He can do that work.


    17. I feel happy, so does he.

    18. li Mei was late, so was Li Li.

    19. If you go shopping today, get some food for me ,please. 20. Get me a cup of tea.

    21. Get her home.

    22. Don’t get him waiting.

23. Both answers are right.

    24. Neither answer is right.

    25. Both of his parents are doctors.

    26. Neither of his parents is a doctor.

    27. All of them are interested in it. 28. None of them is/are interested in it. 29. She can both sing and dance.

    30. She can neither sing nor dance.

    31. Both Tom and John are from Britain.

    32. Neither Tom nor John is from Britain.

    Go for it grade 9 unit 3-4 四川省剑州中学 蒲永恺

33. I hope I’m not putting you too much trouble.

    34. Put your books away.

    35. I ask him to put away such foolish ideas.

    36. Put me down at the next stop, please. Page 1 37. Everything he said was put down at once. 38. We decided to put off our holiday to next month.

    39. Don’t forget to put off the light.

    40. He put on his glasses to read the letter.

    41. They are going to put on the play next week. 42. He put out the light and went out.

    43. We put out 200,000 tons of steel every year.

    44. Put up your hand if you have any questions.

    45. They are putting up several new houses on our street.

    46. He’s never late for school.

    47. Have you ever been late for class? 48. I was late in getting up this morning.

    49. He left here as late as May.

    50. Do you get along well with your classmates? 51. How are you getting along with your English study?

    52. She seems to be a little afraid. 53. The hat is a little too large for me. 54. I understood little of his speech.

    55. Give me a little of that wine.

    56. He knows a little French.

    57. I’m not a little hungry.

    58. It has caused me not a little anxiety. 59. I have little time for reading.

    60. There is little bread left.

    61. These little children are all clever.

    62. There are many little sheep on the hill. 63. I’m not a bit tired.(not at all)

    64. I’m not a little tired.(very much)

    65. Id rather you come tomorrow than today. 66. I decided to write rather than to telephone.

    67. Now the meal is over; it’s time to talk business. 68. I think its time we had a serious talk. 69. There is too much talk, and not enough work.

70. Please think about how to tell her the bad news.

    71. She carefully thought about what I said.

    Go for it grade 9 unit 3-4 四川省剑州中学 蒲永恺

72. He always thinks of others more than himself.

    73. I thought of the old days in the country.

    74. You’d better think it over before you do it.

    75. Let’s think over the problem to see who can work it out first.

    Page 2

    76. She looks honest.

    77. These flowers smell very sweet.

    78. She felt very sad when she thought of her grandmothers death. 79. Mary’s songs sound nice.

80. I looked but saw nothing.

    81. He is looking at a picture.

    82. He looked me up and down.

    83. Let me have a look at your new car.

    84. A look of pleasure came to her face.

85. ? The box is too big for me to carry.

     ? The box is so big that I cant carry it. 86. ? The ice is too thin for you to skate on.

     ? The ice is so thin that you cant skate on it. 87. She’s too (=very) willing to help you.

    88. Im too happy to do it.

    89. Beginners are too easy to make such mistakes.

    ? too good /glad/happy/kind /easy/ready/eager/willing/anxious

90. I’ve studied English for three years.

    91. Ive been studying English for three years.

    92. He has been working in this factory since he graduated from school.

    93. I have lived here for twenty years. I am moving away now. 94. I have been living here for twenty years. I love living here.



? 1 wearing 2 wearing 3 dress 4 put on 5 in 6 has

    ? 1 as well 2 too 3 also 4 either

    ? 1 worried 2worrying

    ? 1 have to 2 have to 3 must

    ? 1 real/true 2 real 3 true

    Practice makes perfect

    Go for it grade 9 unit 3-4 四川省剑州中学 蒲永恺 Page3

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