unit 1-2 for go for it of grade 9 and answers

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go for it

    Units 1 & 2 Practice for Go for it!

    四川省剑州中学 蒲永恺

    Translation +


2 我们学习英语。

3 我们经常

    4 英语晚会一首英语歌一首著名的钢琴曲

5 他们玩电脑游戏4个小时。

6 你的运气好,

7 医生那人已死。

8 他英语讲得很流利,但他的

9 她的话。

    Go for it Grade 9 English Review

10 那枯枝一条蛇。

11 奇迹才能救他。


13 阻止她的话,她可能早就跳了。

14 星期六我现在我不再去了。

15 我们湖边,并往里跳。

16 当我们是小孩子时,我们

17 她也告诉我甚至我父亲和我们在一起了我父亲此时正看着我。

18 上高中我父母1万元。

19 上大学将10万元的费用。

    Go for it Grade 9 English Review

    20 学生为买牛津高阶英汉双解词典99元。

    21 我们学校用许多钱优生的生活费和学费。

    22 我帮了汤姆的忙,她帮了汤姆的忙。

23 她帮了我的忙,帮了汤姆的忙。

24 这孩子健康活泼。

    ? :英语学习有三大基础。打好基础,才能更加高效地


    而且还能反过来提高学习者的语感和自信心。三最口腔肌肉训练法: 三最,即


    ? There is an English saying. It says, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man

    healthy, wealthy and wise.” Have you ever heard it before? It means that we

    should go to bed early and get up early. If we do, we shall be healthy. People must

    have enough time to sleep. We should sleep for 8 hours every day. So we must do

    our homework quickly and go to bed before 10 p.m. Proverbs can always give us

    some enlightenment. To know some proverbs is good for us.

    Comparison of vocabularies


     1.Dont __________in the sun.

    2. He often ______TV at night.

    3. Look! She ______at us.

    4. I’m ill. I should ____ the doctor.

    some time/some times/sometime/sometimes

     1.Don’t worry. We have _______.

    2. My family________ go to Hong Kong for vacation.

    3. We are going to the Great Wall______ this year.

    Go for it Grade 9 English Review

4. I have been to Hong Kong_____________.

    for example/such as/like

     1.________, air is invisible.

    2. Some of the European languages come from Latin __________ French, Italian and Spanish.

    3. Some warm-blooded animals’ _________ the cat, the dog or the wolf, do not need to hibernate.

    find out/look for/find

     1.Jim _________his sister here and there, and at last he found her at her corner of the street. 2. When Edison was a child, he liked to __________how things worked.

    3. I _________ myself lying in the hospital when I woke up.


     1.The old man __________ with him friendly yesterday.

    2. He says “I can ________English.

    3. The children _______us the way to the Post Office.

    4. Comrade Wang ______East or West, home is best.


     1.I ________ my pen in the library.

    2. I ________her name.

    each other/one another

     1.Tom and Jane love and help______________.

    2. The five boys couldnt agree with __________________.

    3. The children are speaking English to_________________.


     1.They’re all places of great __________in china.

    2. This is an ____________book.

    3. Even before he was ten, he became ___________in science.

    4. The story is very _______________.

    5. Your story ______________me.

    few/a few/little/a little

    1. There are___ __________people living there.

    2. I know ____________Japanese.

    3. I met _____________of my friends at the party.

    4. There is _____________milk in the bottle.

    Reading Comprehension

    The Internet is becoming important in our life. How much do you know about it?

    What is the Internet?

    The Internet is a large, worldwide collection of computer networks. A network is a small group of

    computers put together. The Internet is many different networks from all over the world. These

    networks are called the Internet. Once you have learned to use the Internet, you can have a lot of

    interest on the World Wide Web.

    What is the World Wide Web?

    The World Wide Web has been the most popular development of the Internet. The web is like a big

    Go for it Grade 9 English Review

electronic book with millions of pages. These pages are called home pages.

    You can find information about almost anything in the world on these pages. For example, you

    can use the Internet instead of a library to find information for your homework. You can also find

    information about your favorite sports of film stars, talk to your friends or even do some shopping

    on the pages. Most pages have words, pictures and even sound or music.

    What is e-mail?

    Electronic mail (e-mail) is a way of sending messages to other people. It’s much quicker and

    cheaper than sending a letter.

    If you want to use e-mail, you must have an e-mail address. This address must have letters and

    dots and an “@” (meaning “at”). This is what and address looks write a message, type in the person’s e-mail address, then send the message across the Internet. Quick,

    easy and interesting—that’s the Internet!

    1. The Internet is .

    A. a big computer B. a small group of computers

    C. lots of computer networks D. the World Wide Web

    2. The World Wide Web is like___________________.

    A. an electronic book B. homepages C. an electronic page D. an interesting


    3. What does “talk to your friends on the pages” mean? It means ________________.

    A. you can talk to your friends face to face

    B. you can type your words in your computer and then send them to your friends

    across the Internet

    C. you talk to your friends through the same computer

    D. you go to your friends’ houses to talk to them 4. People like to use e-mail to send messages to their friends and family because


    A. they don’t have to pay any money

    B. it’s faster and cheaper

    C. they don’t need to have stamps, envelopes or messages D. sending e-mail is interesting

    5. The “e” in e-mail means ________________.

    A. easy B. electrical C. electronic D. enjoyable

    Go for it Grade 9 English Review

    Key answers for go for it (Grade 9)


    1. He listened carefully, but heard nothing.

    2. We study English by listening to the tapes.

    3. We usually ask our teachers for help.

    4. The English party began with and an English song, and ended up with a well-known piano


    5. They played computer games four hours on end.

    6. You were lucky to learn English from the teacher.

    7. The doctor pronounced the man dead.

    8. He speaks English fluently, but his pronunciation is poor.

    9. I mistook what she said.

    10. I mistook that stick for a snake.

    11. Nothing, unless a miracle, can save him.

    12. Unless you start at once, you’ll be late. 13. If I didnt stop her, she would have jumped.

    14. I used to go on Saturday, but now I no longer do so.

    15. We would run down to the lake and jump in.

    16. We used to swim every day when we were children.

    17. She also told me that even my father was no longer with us, but he was watching me.

    18. My going to high school cost my parents 10,000 Yuan.

    19. We will pay 100,000 Yuan for my going to college.

    20. It took students 100 Yuan to have Oxford Advanced English-Chinese Dictionary.

    21. Our school spends plenty of money on excellent students tuition and living expenses.

    22. She helped Tom as well as I.

    23. She helped Tom as well as me.

    24. The child is lively as well as healthy.

    Comparison of vocabularies? read /watches /is looking/ see

    ? some time/ sometimes/ sometime/ some times

    ? For example/such as/like or such a

    ? looked for /find out /found

    ? talked/speak/told/said or /says

    ? left/forget

    ? eath other/one another/each other

    ? interest/interesting/interested/interesting/interests

    ? few or a few/little/a few/a little

    Reading comprehension 1C 2A 3 B 4 B 5 C

    Go for it Grade 9 English Review

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