Sometime in the next century

By Dorothy Hernandez,2014-01-27 11:42
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Sometime in the next century

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    Sometime in the next century, the familiar early-newspaper on the front porch(

    )will disappear. And instead of reading your newspaper, it will read to you. You’ll get up and turn on the computer newspaper just like switching on the TV. An electronic voice will distribute stories about the latest events, guided by a program that selects the type of news you want. You’ll even get to choose the kind of voice you want to hear. Want more information on the brief story? A simple touch makes the entire text appear. Save it in your own personal computer if you like. These are among the predictions(预言)from communication experts working on the newspapers of the future. Pictured as part of broader home based media and entertainment systems, computer newspapers would unite print and broadcast reporting, offering news and analysis with video images of news events.

    Most of the technology is available(可用的)now, but convincing(说服)more people

    that they don’t need paper to read a newspaper is the next step. But resistance to computer newspaper may be stronger from within journalism. Since it is such a cultural change, it may be that the present generation of journalists and publishers will have to die off before the next generation realize that the newspaper industry is no longer a newspaper industry. Technology is making the end of traditional newspapers unavoidable.

    Despite technological advances, it could take decades to replace newsprint with computer screens. It might take 30 to 40 years to complete the changeover because people need to buy computers and because newspapers have established financial(

    经的)interests in the paper industry.

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