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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源


    China has its own English language newspaper, China Daily, which is published in Beijing. It appears from Monday to Saturday with a Sunday edition of Business Weekly each week. It has all the usual sections of a newspaper, including Home News -- news about China, International News, news from abroad, Business News, Travel News and Sports News.

     There are plenty of pictures, and a weather report every day. There are reports on new plays, movies, books, new restaurants and so on. There are also longer articles about businesses, or people 'with interesting jobs, or about different areas of China. Every Saturday there is a section about things to do at the weekend and the TV programmes in the coming week.

     China Daily has plenty of advertisements, which help to cut the costs of making the newspaper. There are advertisements for computer companies, businesses, hotels, airlines, travel companies, jobs and so on.

     Many foreigners like to read this newspaper. It is also popular with students of English, who read it in order to improve their English. Sun Yao, a student of English in Beijing, said, "I like reading China Daily. Learning new words and useful expressions is very important for me, so I read it every day. I can see how English is used in everyday life as well. Besides, I enjoy learning about new things from politics to sports and music."

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