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学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    Unit 2 The United Kingdom

    Part 1 Teaching Design

    第一部分 教学设计

    Period 3 A sample lesson plan for Using Language



    Language is learned to be used in and for communication. So in this period we shall have the students warmed up by watching a video show, listening about London, reading a passage entitled Sightseeing in London, underlining and copying useful expressions, listening and ticking and speaking and writing.


    ? To help students read the passage Sightseeing in London on page 13

    ? To help students use the language by listening, speaking and writing as well Procedures

    1. Warming up by watching a video show

    Hello, class! I am your travel guide today. We shall go to visit London for this weekend. Now let’s watch a video show about London attractions first. You may also read the caption in English.

     BBC BFI London Banqueting Battersea Park Big Ben - Buckingham

    Experience Imax House Houses of Palace

    Cinema Parliament

Cabinet Changing Cleopatra's Clink Cutty Sark Dr Johnson's

    优课轩资源网http://www.enteach.net未经授权;本站资源禁止用于任何商业目的 1 3

学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    War of the Needle Exhibition House

    Rooms Guard

Eltham Golden HMS Belfast Hyde Park Kensington Kew Gardens

    Palace Hinde Palace

London London Eye London London Wetland London Zoo Madame

    Aquarium Planetarium Centre Tussaud's

    2. Listening about London

    To better enjoy our trip to London listen to the recording of the article SIGHTSEEING IN

    LONDON on page 13. Take notes of the main facts of the attractions talked about in the article.

    3. Reading and completing

    Skim the text for information to complete the form below.

    Facts of Sites in London

    Built by…, Queen’s jewels… The Tower

    Built after…, looking…, contains… St Paul’s Cathedral

    Old ships, famous clock, the longitude line… Greenwich

     Karl Marx’s statue

     Windsor Castle

    4. Underlining and copying

    To learn more from this article, you are next to go over it to underline all the useful collocations.

    After class write a short passage, making use of them. 优课轩资源网http://www.enteach.net未经授权;本站资源禁止用于任何商业目的 2 3

学英语报社 全新课标理念;优质课程资源

    Expressions from Sightseeing in London

    make a list of…, remain standing for…, expand around…, remain part of…, find…guarded by…,

    on special occasions, wear the uniform, there follows…, look splendid, in memory of…, ring out…, finish the day by…, divide the eastern and western halves of the worlds, pass through…, have a photo taken, develop communism, be thrilled by…, be displayed in…, feel proud of…, fall


    5. Listening and ticking

    You did a nice job just now. Next let’s go to page 15. Listen to the tape and tick the English Kings or Queens you hear about.

    6. Speaking and writing

    In pairs choose an interesting building or attraction in your hometown. Act as a tour guide for your partner. Show him around and tell him about it. The best pairs will be invited to present their imagined tour in front of class.

    7. Closing down by writing a local tour guide

    To invite more classmates to visit your local sightseeing attractions you shall set about collecting information and putting it into a short local tour guide entitled WHY NOT VISIT OUR LOCAL


    Tomorrow you will read your tour guide to your group members. Let’s wait and see whose guide will be most convincing.

    优课轩资源网http://www.enteach.net未经授权;本站资源禁止用于任何商业目的 3 3

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