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9 Feb 2005 Coveted by automotive manufacturers, the Drivers' Choice Awards enjoy the prestige, not only for the artistic design and sculptural


    February 9, 2005 Lisa A. Shenkle, VERB! Communications

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    MotorWeek Names Ford Mustang 2005 Best of the Year

    2005 Drivers’ Choice Awards announced at Chicago Auto Show

    CHICAGO MotorWeek, television‟s first and last word on the automotive world, today announced the selection of the

    Ford Mustang as “Best of the Year” for the 2005 MotorWeek Drivers‟ Choice Awards. Coveted by automotive

    manufacturers, the Drivers‟ Choice Awards enjoy the prestige, not only for the artistic design and sculptural

    distinctiveness of the trophy, but for the more than two decades of journalistic insight into the automotive industry

    accompanying it. The awards have served consumers as well, distinguishing solid vehicle triumphs from fleeting

    automotive trends. This year‟s Drivers‟ Choice Awards are presented by The Stanley Works, which sponsors the weekly

    series on PBS and Speed Channel.

     “Unanimously selecting the 2005 Ford Mustang as the „Best of the Year‟ was all about nostalgia for a time when American cars were the envy of the world,” said John Davis, host of MotorWeek. “With the new Ford Mustang, they are again. The new Mustang embodies the looks, the total performance, and the quality for an amazingly affordable price that

    warrants the envy of the world. Ten years from now, when car enthusiasts are asked what significant new cars were

    introduced in 2005, we think the redesigned Ford Mustang will be first on their list.”

    This year a team of 15 judges, comprised of the writers, producers and crew of MotorWeek evaluated more than 150 cars and trucks, looking for superior performance, technology, practicality and dollar value. The resulting 13

    categories reflect the current buying trends in a market flush with outstanding vehicles. Those chosen for a 2005 Drivers‟ Choice Award made it through the grueling gauntlet of tests, representing what MotorWeek considers the best of the best and the most pleasurable to drive. This year‟s winners are:

    1. Best Small Car - Mazda3*

    2. Best Family Sedan - Chrysler 300

    3. Best Station Wagon - Subaru Legacy/Subaru Outback

    4. Best Minivan - Honda Odyssey

    5. Best Convertible - Mini Cooper Convertible

    6. Best Luxury Sedan - Audi A6

    7. Best Sport Sedan - Cadillac CTS-V

    8. Best Performance Car - Ford Mustang

    9. Best Sport-Utility Vehicle - Jeep Wrangler/Jeep Liberty/Jeep Grand Cherokee

    10. Best Full-Size Pickup Truck - Ford F-150*

    11. Best Mid-Size Pickup Truck - Nissan Frontier

    12. Best Eco-Friendly - Ford Escape Hybrid

    13. Best Dream Machines - Chevrolet Corvette

    Lotus Elise

    Porsche Carrera GT

     *Denotes repeat winner from 2004

    MotorWeek has the enviable position of putting their quality brand to work for consumers, and their Drivers‟ Choice Awards reflect such a mark of excellence,” said Scott Bannell, director of corporate marketing for Stanley. As

    a like-minded company involved at all levels of the automotive world, Stanley is honored to present the 2005 MotorWeek

    Drivers‟ Choice Awards.


MotorWeek Drivers‟ Choice Awards

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    The Drivers‟ Choice Award trophy was created by noted automotive artist Dennis Simon, whose illustrations

    have been seen on the pages of Road & Track, Sports Car International, Automobile and Vintage Motorsport magazines. Simon‟s commissioned trophy design evokes the passion of driving, an underlying principle of the Drivers‟ Choice Awards.

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    MotorWeek is produced by Maryland Public Television and sponsored by The Stanley Works. For more

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