The Wall Street

By Dustin Elliott,2014-12-05 13:37
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The Wall Street

    The Wall Street: money never mian "is a classic movies in 1987 war for the Wall Street journal sequel. Film mainly introduces Gordon Kells a series of life

    trivias after prison .

    The film tells the financial magnate Gordon kell (Michael Douglas) who has been releaseed after years of prison life because of insider trading,and he prepared to join in the business of Wall Street. But he soon was helpless to find himself already behind the time and tendency, the Wall Street now is more fierce , much greeder and dangerous than his existence before. He warned people the danger of economy may come at any time, but no one take him seriously. Gordon had to go to your own family, trying to repair the relationship with his daughter (kerry ? mourinho Reagan), and hoping to get back to the business circle which had once turned away from him.So he was in the edge of the dilemma in choosing.

    Gordon’s daughter has affection with a young man on Wall Street, stocks traders Jack Moore (ahiah - labeouf) and they were going to marry. Moore hoped Gordon can

    help him deal with a bank boss (josh - bodil lorraine diggs)manipulating global stock markets in

    investment,who led to his tutor’s death of suicide(frank

    orchid grameen) and indirectly ruined his career.

    At last they all successed in what they wanted, but they still fight on the business patchwork, which inflect s the titlemoney never sleeps. But, money was licked by love and family kinship.

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