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Using Professional Skincare Could Do More

    Than Just Soften Your Wrinkles…It could Save

    Your Life!!! New Reports Just In Shows Botox


Welcome to your Free Report .We hope you’ll not only

    find this information interesting and vital but it may also

    save your life….

What your about to read will scare many of you, and

    although that’s a bad thing, its also a good thing when

    you can be shown, Safer, Cheaper and Healthier


    Your Skin ,Your Health And Definitely Your Life are

    not things you should gamble with.

Botox as we all know has been a huge phenomenon in

    the quest for Anti-Aging and Eternal Youth that the

    exhilarating benefits have always clouded the judgement

    to gloss over the risks. Now in this report we are about to

show you there is a lot more than only Droopy Eyebrows

    as a side effect to worry about…………

This information is straight from the AGE World paper

    delivered by Fairfax.

    Warning over Botox side-effects

     ? September 1, 2008

     Months after US authorities sounded the alarm, European officials are warning of dangerous possible side-effects from the wrinkle-smoothing injection Botox, according to a German news report.

     The London-based European Medicines Agency had by August 2007 recorded more than 600 cases of negative effects potentially linked to the popular cosmetic treatment, Focus news weekly reported in its issue to be released tomorrow.

     In 28 cases Botox users died.

     In Germany the Federal Institute for Medication and Medical Products has received 210 reports with a suspected link to Botox, which is used by millions around the world to iron out wrinkles. Five cases were lethal, Focus said.

     Botulinum toxins including Botox are approved in many countries, including Australia, to treat a variety of conditions including spasms of the eyelids or neck, the easing of facial lines or excessive sweating.

     The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned in February that using Botox can have serious side-effects including death, but stopped short of banning them.

     It stressed at the time that no patients who had used Botox for cosmetic purposes were among the fatalities, but urged vigilance.

     The botulinum toxin is a natural poison found in decomposing food that is 40 million times more powerful than cyanide.

     When injected, tiny doses paralyse a muscle and prevent it from contracting for between four and six months - ideal for temporarily eliminating worry lines but potentially deadly if it affects the wrong muscles, authorities said.

    Botox and Botox Cosmetic warn on their labels of the possibility of adverse

    reactions near the site of the injection for each product's approved uses, Although stated that no-one has died directly YET from according to the FDA, and of "the rare potential of distant side effects"

    including severe difficulty swallowing and breathing when the products are Cosmetic Use,they are advising vigilance. And in my

    used on patients with neuromuscular disorders. count that is 33 deaths in 810 users…

=1 in 24 people DIED.

    Just a little extra information regarding just what effects cyanide has,and take note Botox is 40 Million Times MORE Powerful than Cyanide,this information should change your perspective of having such a strong TOXIC Chemical put into YOUR Face, right next to YOUR Brain.

    Information sourced straight from Agency For Toxic Substances & Disease Registry.

     Exposure to high levels of cyanide harms the brain and heart, and may cause coma and death. Exposure to lower levels may result

     in breathing difficulties, heart pains, vomiting, blood changes,

     headaches, and enlargement of the thyroid gland.

    There is no doubt that Botox has given good cosmetic results to men and women, even me……… but when so many legitimate risks are involved, and these are short term studies, why risk the long term effects or being 1 in 24 that could DIE FOR BEAUTY???

    So Beauticians Choice Cosmetics have scanned the planet for ingredients that can topically give comparative results to Botox with enhanced benefits. Our products have 3 Main Ingredients


    this is a breakthrough ingredient of natural reoccurring amino acids from France with studies on women aged between 34-72 having significant reduction in wrinkle depth-documented changes of up to 68%.

    The study also showing the longer they used it the better they looked.

    Matrxyl has demonstrated positive measurable effects for decreasing

    *Wrinkle Volume

    *Wrinkle Density

    *Wrinkle Depth

    *Surface areas of wrinkles

    *Skin Roughness


    This is one of the worlds Best Moisturisers. Hyaluronic Acid delivers water back to the skin cells that are depleted from age and environmental aggravations. Having your cells moisturised to the extreme point of saturation will make your skin look and feel firm ,tight and younger.


    This is a trademarked ingredient from Spain that has been proven to reduce wrinkle depth, especially in the delicate skin around your eyes and forehead. This can help prevent apparent facial aging.

    So what we are saying is there is a time and place for everything but what our products can do for you a little more gradually.

    ? Produce Similar Visible Results

    ? Eliminate Painful Injections

    ? Save You Money

    ? Save You Time

    ? Eliminate Putting Your Health or Life At Risk

    ? Be Applied in Approx 37 Seconds

    ? Deliver Superior World Class Ingredients Into Your


    ? Diminish The Appearance Of Fine Lines &


    ? Firm, Tighten & Tone

    ? Moisturise

    ? Treat Your Whole Face & Neck (Not Just Sections

    Of Your Face)

    ? Give You Ongoing Results

    ? Make You The Envy Of Your Friends

    ? Be Delivered To Your Door

    ? And Repeating That One Again Just In Case You

    Missed It


    ? With A 30 Day Money Back


    If you have decided that you would like to dive into

    looking and feeling amazing ,the healthier and safer

    way, please call us on 1300 570 171to place your risk

    free order, or order online at our website

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