2004 Business Plan

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2004 Business Plan

2005 Business Plan


1. Introduction

    2. Aims and Corporate Goals

    3. Resource Allocation

    4. Programme Allocations

    5. Service Delivery

    6. Service Delivery Targets


     to achieve the aims set out in the 1.1 This Plan focuses on our use of resources in 2005-06

    Heritage Lottery Fund’s Strategic Plan 2002-07 published in May 2002.

    1.2 This Plan covers the fourth year of our Strategic Plan 2002-07.

    1.3 The Plan covers both the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF).

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    2.1 The National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) was established by Parliament in 1980. In 1993, NHMF was appointed as the distributor of the share of the Lottery proceeds devoted to the Heritage. This Plan sets out the way in which we will use Government grant in aid and National Lottery resources to meet the aims of the two Funds, which are set out below.

National Heritage Memorial Fund

    2.2 As a memorial to those who have died for the United Kingdom, the aim of the National Heritage Memorial Fund is to defend the most outstanding parts of our national heritage which are at risk.

Heritage Lottery Fund

    2.3 We have three core aims for the Heritage Lottery Fund, which define in broad terms how we are trying to improve quality of life through the heritage and, flowing on from these, six subsidiary purposes on which our grant making and other activities focus.

    to encourageto promote a

    communities togreater appreciation

    identify, look after andof the value and

    celebrate their ownimportance of heritage for

    heritageour future well-being and

    sense of identity

    to open up

    to promoteheritage