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Local Star Class Newsletter

Volume 3, No. 6 June,


    stndthStar Class Newsletter for the 1, 2 and 12 Districts

    JUNE REGATTA SCHEDULE or contact Stephen Braverman at 781-874-0506 or

    . shb@ma.ultranet.com1st District

    June 22-23 Arms-White, Mid

    nd2 District

    June 1-2 Lippincott Memorial, AYC ndJune 22-23 2 District Championship, MRYC

    June 29 SSA Keelboat

    th5 District

    June 1-2 Cal Race Week/Green Star, CYC

    th12 District

    June 1-2 Tomahawk Regatta, LH

    June 7-14 2002 North American’s, Lake Sunapee thJune 11-13 12 District Regatta, SL


    The 2002 New England Championship

    The 2002 New England Championship will be a series, which includes the scores of all races of the Arms White,

    Ned Hay, and Bedford Pitcher regattas. These regattas

    have been excellent events, should make this an exciting series.

    Arms White, Milford CT, June 22-23

    Ned Hay, Rockport, MA, July 20-21

    Bedford Pitcher, Westport CT, September 7-8

    The New England Championship was given to the First District to highlight one or more regattas in our District. In the recent past, The Championship has included events sailed away from normal fleet waters, such as Marblehead, and Newport.

    Ken Allen, Luke Buxton and Sergey Leonidov won the 2001 Series, which was a combination of the Ned Hay and Secretary’s Cup regattas.

    Different regattas will compose the 2003 New England Championship Series, perhaps including different locations, and multi-class events.

    For more information on the New England Championship, view the First District website at


    STARDUST June,


    comebacks and usually dominated from start to finish. Iain 2002 Spring Silver Star Championship

    Tampa, Florida Percy and Steve Mitchell (GBR) won two races, finished

    April 24-30, 2002 second overall, and confirmed that they belong at the top of

    By Magnus Liljedahl the Class. Rookie Rick Merriman, sailing with veteran crew

    Billy Bennett also sailed very strong, got a few nice breaks The Springs were held on Hillsborough Bay, located inside when they needed them the most, and finished third overall. Tampa Bay, during an extremely hot last week of April. The event, which usually alternates between Nassau, New Orleans and Tampa, is one of the major regattas in the Star Class. The winner earns a Silver Star, which should replace the standard Red Star displayed on the main sail. This year's event had a few more participants than normal, the reason being that the World’s will be held in Los Angeles later this summer and several foreigners took the opportunity to participate before shipping their boats out west.

    My race reports usually include a tack-for-tack portrayal of every race, but in this regatta there were too many shifts to remember. Most of us knew that we were in for a light wind regatta in "lake-like" conditions, but I at least didn't realize how challenging this place can be. The breeze would usually blow pretty good in the morning, but only last until about noon. Then there would be a waiting game until late afternoon, when hopefully the sea breeze would fill in. Hillsborough Bay, surrounded by land, provided more "lake breeze" then anything else. The race committee appropriately moved to a 10AM start for some of the days. Located about ten minutes from the starting line (nothing is far away on Hillsborough Bay), the clubhouse had the air-conditioning cranking and water fountain flowing. The swimming pool provided another valuable retreat in between races as well as at the end of the day.

    One significant change at this event was that it marked the first regatta in the U.S. where the new skipper/crew weight rule was in effect. I managed to lose 35 pounds in 45 days and I feel better than I have in many years. Most of my colleagues have lost similar amounts of excess body fat, and as a group, we now look more like what most people would associate as "athletes" than ever before. Some of the crew are even stacking up more girlfriends due to their slimmed down shape. The opening ceremony hors d'eouvres table reflected the new, all healthy, attitude. Veggies and fruit were dominant, while the potato chip bowl was left untouched.

    Mark and I had a tough time on the water. Our 17th place overall finish reflects that statement pretty accurately. My usual on-the-water input "higher and faster" was replaced by "they are lifted" and "they have now rounded the mark". We usually feel pretty "lucky" on the racecourse and "things" generally work out in our favor. However, this time was very different, as we seemed headed on every tack.

    The conditions in themselves were by no means an excuse for our poor performance. Somehow the best team always wins at the end, and this time was no exception. Paul Cayard and Phil Trinter sailed an unbelievable regatta, finishing top three in four of the five races. They never had to make any gigantic


    STARDUST June,


    Augie Diaz continues to impress, and sailing with reigning 2002 Spring Silver Star Results Pl. Sail Name Skipper Crew Fleet R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Total 1 8088 Paul Cayard Phil Trinter WSFB 1 3 2 2 8 8 2 8025 Iain Percy Steve Mitchell GBR 8 11 1 4 1 14 3 8082 Max Rick Merriman Bill Bennett SDB 19 2 4 1 9 16 4 7995 Danilu Augie Diaz Christian Finnsgard BisB 4 16 8 3 3 18 5 7631 George Szabo Austin Sperry SDB 17 9 3 8 2 22 6 7673 Mark Mansfield Killian Collins IRL 7 4 13 6 ocs 30 7 7876 Betsy Ross Douglas Schofield Robert Schofield AN 3 10 20 13 5 31 8 8094 Jose van der Ploeg Domingo Marique Bar 26 1 21 7 7 36 9 8059 Peter Vessella Brian Fatih WSFB 13 13 6 9 10 38 10 7581 Roberto Bermúdez Juan Pinacho Bar 2 28 11 21 6 40 11 7950 Brillo Jimmie Lowe Andrew Higgs N 14 5 12 39 12 43 12 7862 ISM John Virtue Scott Pack NH 6 12 26 23 4 45 13 7999 Carlo Loos Markus Mehlen Glu 29 8 9 15 16 48 14 7802 Hans Fogh Ryan Smith LOC 20 19 5 5 26 49 15 8068 Erin John MacCausland Rick Peters CR 10 7 25 20 14 51 16 7844 Foss Miller Paul Jester PS 21 17 10 16 13 56 17 8067 Mark Reynolds Magnus Liljedahl SDB 30 6 17 11 ocs 64 18 8043 Jock Kohlhas Alec Belomyltsev BisB 9 21 28 17 19 66 19 8045 Larry Whipple Darin Jensen PS 12 25 22 14 18 66 20 7670 Cuba Bat Gene McCarthy Glen McCarthy PPL 11 14 19 32 23 67 21 7986 Bill Allen Stephen Braverman WH 24 26 7 30 11 68 22 7830 Poison Andrew Ivey John Nichol Sun 15 22 14 18 22 69 23 7847 Southern Cross Jacob Fiumara Joe Chambers CA 23 18 23 12 20 73 24 8038 John Vanderhoff Rowan Perkins NCB 25 23 31 10 21 79 25 7626 Badger James A Freeman Keith Gardner SL 22 15 32 25 17 79 26 7568 Arthur Anosov Gennady Korolkov TaB 18 24 15 28 28 85 27 7784 Rachel Andrew MacDonald Phil Ramming NH 5 36 24 33 25 87 28 7425 Ice Blue Barbara Vosbury Trapper Lippincott AN 33 27 27 29 15 98 29 7369 No Bozos Steve Haarstick Rick Burgess SL 28 30 16 24 30 98 30 7932 Ursula Kyle P Henehan Chris Doolittle SDB 16 34 18 35 37 103 31 7965 Tony Herrmann Matt Pederson WLM 31 35 29 26 24 110 32 7793 Remarc Brian Cramer Peter Carson LOC 35 29 33 19 32 113 33 7098 Claude Bonnanni Phillip Sinner TaB 39 20 dnf 22 ocs 120 34 X986 Brillo Joe Zambella Peter Costa BH 36 39 30 31 27 124 35 7866 My Folly Dierk Thomsen Lars Thomsen Glu 32 32 34 27 33 124 36 7512 Robert A Teitge Adam Dorcjsza DR 27 31 35 37 34 127 37 7970 No Sniveling Nelson Stephenson Terence Glackin CLIS 34 37 36 36 31 137 38 7998 David Cutler Brad Anderson GrL 37 33 39 34 ocs 143

    world champion crew Christian Finnsgard (SWE) they

    continue to improve their results. Rounding off the top five,

    George Szabo and the "all positive" Austin Sperry showed

    moments of brilliance and ended up on the podium.

    This event made me appreciate the Star Class in a big way.

    Not that I haven't realized this before, but for the most part,

    we battle for top honors and that usually provides all the

    satisfaction I need. There are so many interesting characters

    in our class - highly successful individuals in a broad

    spectrum of professions. This makes it a joy to cruise the boat

    parking lot and chat with the population on a variety of

    subjects. The class contains top doctors, lawyers, bankers,

    insurance agents, researchers and businessmen (and women)

    in general. There are a lot of different personalities who make

    it worth while going to a regatta, whether you win or lose.

    Thank you all for coming to these events, you make the Star

    class the best class in the world.






    Delta Manufacturing, originally of Brooklyn, NY and then of

    Southold, NY, began to build Star kits in the 1920’s. The first kits could be bought for $43. Of course, you had to buy the planking, keel, rigging and sails as well, but $43 to get you started on a Star boat sounds pretty good. By 1946 inflation struck and you had to pay an exorbitant sum of $59.

    Shown here are the ads placed in the 1927 and 1946 Logs. Building your own Star boat, either from scratch or from a kit, was fairly standard practice during the wood boat era. One of the more

    successful home builders was Bill Buchan with his Frolic, #4260.





    STARDUST June, 2002

    unique ads is the one which ran in the 1924 Log. It shows COLIN ERNEST RATSEY

    1927-2002 the firm’s loft on City Island, New York City.) Colin Ernest Ratsey, one of the most prominent yachtsmen of his generation, died in Vero Beach, Florida, after a brief illness. He was 75. Mr. Ratsey, who was born in New Rochelle in 1927, was the first American-born member of his family to serve as president of the venerable Ratsey & Lapthorn Sailmakers. The firm, whose sails adorned Lord Nelson's fleet at Trafalgar as well as numerous Americas Cup contenders, was founded in England in 1690. Mr. Ratsey was the sixth generation of his family to work at the company loft.

    In addition running to the traditional family business, Mr. Ratsey was an acclaimed competitor. Among his achievements were winning the prestigious Bermuda Race, completing numerous Trans-Atlantic races and serving as a crew member when the 12-meter Columbia successfully defended the Americas Cup in 1958. Mr. Ratsey also served as Commodore of the American Yacht Club and was a member of the New York Yacht Club and Storm Trysail Club.

    Mr. Ratsey is survived by his children, Scott Ratsey of Vero Beach, Florida, Cynthia Ratsey Young of Rye, New York, Colin David Ratsey and Jane Ratsey Williams of Greenport, New York and 8 grandchildren. He is also survived by his sister, Joan Ratsey Darling, of Weston, Vermont. (Editor’s note: the above obituary is included in Stardust Joy trying out the experimental rig in 1929 because of Colin E. Ratsey’s family legacy in the Star Class. His grandfather, George Ratsey, his father Ernest and his uncle Colin were active Star sailors in the 1920’s

    and 1930’s. His father was sometimes referred to as the American Ratsey because he ran the New York sail loft and his uncle was referred to as the English Ratsey because he ran the English loft.

    Ernest Ratsey had a succession of Stars named Irex and captured various honors, his highest being a Silver Star by winning the first Mid-Winter Silver Star Championship in 1926. When it was proposed that the Star Class have a monthly newsletter it was Ernest Ratsey who suggested the name “Starlights” for it.

    Uncle Colin Ratsey, among other accomplishments in the Star Class, came in second at the 1931 World’s and a year later came in second while representing England in the Star Class at the 1932 Olympics.

    In 1929 both brothers were involved in working with Franics Sweisguth in changing the Star rig to the tall rig still use today by the Star Class. In 1929 the experimental tall rig was tried out on Colin Ratsey’s Joy, #361, as shown in the photo above right.

    For many years the firm of Ratsey & Lapthorn ran advertisements in the Star Class Logs. One of the more





    STARDUST June, 2002

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT having met me for about 10 minutes. He knew virtually

    by A.J. Jakubowska nothing about me or my sailing skills. We had a blast!!

    and will be sailing again, together, at Seneca in July. I joined the Star Class several months ago. My Star #7060 Thanks, Craddock, for a fantastic time, for your patience is, in fact, the first sailboat I have ever owned. I am also and sense of humor! one of a handful of women involved in the Class. I

    recently read Paul Cayard's comments on the Bacardi Cup, Thanks to Paul Cayard for his gracious comments in the in the April issue of Stardust. They have prompted me to April issue. They confirmed everything I felt about the share some of my own thoughts with you, the thoughts of Bacardi Cup. Maybe one day I will work up enough nerve a novice. to actually speak to him!

    The last few months have been a terrific adventure for me. See you on the race course!

    I fell in love with the Star fast and hard. In one fell swoop, I left behind "big boats" on which I crewed for some time. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I have not looked back. I do not think I ever will. Star Class videos available: the following videos are Just a few weeks after buying #7060, I decided to race in available through the Central Office: “Star Class Tuning the Bacardi Cup, with the encouragement of my great Guide”, Class promotional video “Fine Tuned for friends from the LOC Fleet, Jennifer Conway, Brian Excellence”, 1999 World's: “The World of the Stars”, McKay, Dave Craddock and John Finch. Talk about a 1987 World's: “Sail against the Best.” Also available from learning curve!!! I could not decide before the Regatta the Central Office are Stan Ogilvy’s book “A History of whether I was more excited or terrified. I kept thinking of the Star Class” and a biography about Durward Knowles, all the new and shiny Stars I was going to see at Miami. I “Driven by the Stars”. For further information on these kept thinking about all of the great sailors with whom I items of Star Class merchandise plus an order form please would be tackling the starting line. I was really, really contact Diane Dorr at the Central Office: scared. I was also giggling with anticipation.

    About half-way to Miami, I realized that I had left some ISCYRA key gear, including my sheets, in Toronto. Could it get 1545 Waukegan Rd. any more stressful? Once we arrived in Miami, with my Glenview, IL 60025-2185 boat covered with salt and dirt from the trip, I watched the Fax: 847 729 0718 / Office: 847 729 0630 swaying palm-tops with apprehension. How would I

     manage all of this? New stuff, new boat, new pressures,

    new people? Would I pass the test I put to myself? STAR CLASS HISTORICAL MATERIAL

    To my great relief and surprise, much of the pressure Three items which deal with historical information about began to dissipate almost immediately. Help, support and the Star Class are now available: encouragement came from all directions. My hull was

    “Forty Years Among the Star” by George Elder $20 scrubbed clean, the mast was stepped, I had sheets and a

    “A Pictorial History of the Star Class” $12 mast ram. I cannot mention everyone who helped by name,

    “Complete Results of the World’s, North American’s, there are too many of you!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

     and Olympics” $12 Within several hours of arriving at Miami, what I had

    heard was confirmed - the Star Class is full of generous, Complete set of all three books: $40 encouraging, fun-loving, humorous, and hospitable sailors.

    Shipping and handling extra. Order from: Yes, I did feel somewhat intimidated until the very end,

    but that was because of the pressure I applied to myself, to David Bolles Tel: 203 882 9428 sail the best I could, and not because it came from others. 133 Castle Lane When it blew hard, and it did, I stayed in. I was very Milford, CT 06460 much aware of my limited experience and skill, and my

    E-mail: weight limitations. No one questioned my decision to do

    so. It was treated with respect. I felt I could do things at my own pace. The social aspects of the Regatta were also ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; fantastic. The generosity of the Bacardis was

    overwhelming. Everyone mingled freely. It did not matter STAR CLASS MEMORABILIA who you were or how long you had sailed a Star. If you have anything which you think should be in the I could not have done any of this without my skipper, Star Class Archives at Mystic Seaport Museum please Dave Craddock, who agreed to drive my boat at Bacardi contact either the editor ( (203


    STARDUST June, 2002

    882 9428) or Joe Knowles ( Anything In the U.S. contact Joe Zambella: 617 839 0992 from a single photograph to a collection of Star-Rigg Service Alexander Hagen: correspondence, program notes, or anything else related to e-mail: the Star Class and its activities would be most welcomed.

    Spar Tech: FOR SALE / WANTED In the U.S. contact John MacCausland: 856 428 9094

    6000 series boats in various conditions for sale. Boats are th45 ANNUAL TOMAHAWK REGATTA located at Milford Y.C., Milford CT. Contact Dick Hovey.

    NEW JERSEY STATE STAR CHAMPIONSHIPS Tel: 203 795 3008 / e-mail: (9-

    nd01) DATE June 1st June 2 2002

    6567 Mader, 1980. Complete with trailer. Two suits of LAUNCHING: Friday PM and early Saturday. Tie sails. $1500. Contact Jim Kerns, 203 339 4888 (work), between six 100’ docks. Bring plenty of line. 203 209 2646 (home). ENTRY FEE $45.00 per boat. Trophies Tomahawk st7174 Mader, 1986. Boat is in good condition. Complete skipper and crew series. Masters skipper, series 1. package; SparTech F section mast and two suits of sails Includes bag lunch for skipper and crew on Saturday.

    and much more. This is a solid boat which is still very SOCIAL Saturday optional cookout available at LHYC competitive at fleet level and would make an excellent featuring outstanding complementary hors-d’oeuvres. starter boat/fleet racer. Boat located in Milford, CT. $6000.

    LOCATION From East: Take Route 80 West to Exit Contact Alan Pritchard, 203 853 6310 / abpritchard- (4-02) 30(Mt. Arlington). Turn Right off ramp. From West:

    Take Route 80 East to Exit 30(Mt. Arlington). Turn left 7731 Folli, 1993. Balbi trailer, keel faired, excellent off ramp. Follow road 1? mile (through traffic light, up condition, practice sails: $14,500. John Chiarella 800 530 hill). About 100 yards after Tappan Liquors, turn left on 9381(day), 603 763 2208 (evening) Oneida Ave. At end of road (bottom of big hill), turn right.

     Bear left at 1st intersection and follow road out causeway

    onto Bertrand Island. Through stone gates, take first right, UNDER 7000 BOATS WANTED then first left. Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club is on the right.

    If you have or know of an under 7000 boat which wants to LODGING get out onto the racecourse again please Ed Sprague at Hotels Mt. Arlington Sheraton (973) 770 2000 (619 224 8454). (4-01)

    Mt. Arlington Comfort Suites (973) 770-7880 INFORMATION Brian Murphy (973) 599 9387 or NEW BOATS AND SAILS

    Web sites for new boats and sails which are presently up and running:

    Mader Boats:

    In the U.S. contact John MacCausland: 856 428 9094

    Fritz Sails:

    North Sails:

    Quantum Sails:

    Other contacts:

    Emmeti Spars:


    Folli Boats, Lariovela Boatyard:


    Lillia Boatyard:





    George Corry, Father of the Stars

    (from the 1931 Log)


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