Local Installer - West Anglia Insulation - Welcome to Forest Heath

By Derek Davis,2014-08-17 14:24
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Local Installer - West Anglia Insulation - Welcome to Forest Heath


    If your home is not energy THE MOST OF THE

    efficient you could be wasting If you are in receipt of certain ENERGY IN YOUR

    money day after day. state benefits you may be

    HOME? entitled to

    The majority of your home’s

    heat is lost through the walls FREE INSULATION

     and the roof.

    For further information on With the help of an insulation

    grant for cavity wall and/or this offer and energy

    loft insulation, you can reduce efficiency in the home, please

     this heat loss and save money. contact us on


    0800 137761 Working in association with West Anglia Insulation Ltd

     or email West Anglia Insulation Ltd has been installing loft and cavity wall insulation for

    over 25 years, carrying out work for many

    local authorities and housing associations


     Simply by insulating your

    home you could save up to To find out more,

     ?200 each year on your fuel West Anglia Insulation Ltd please contact bills. What can you do today?

    The typical costs to insulate

    your home are:

    West Anglia Insulation Ltd

     Cavity wall insulation

     0800 137761 Flat, semi/terraced

    bungalow or house From: ?259 Quoting reference:

     Detached property From: ?269 LWA02

     Loft insulation Lines are open: You can help REDUCE heat 8am 5pm Mon Fri loss and your heating bills 250mm From: ?259 by installing: 200mm From: ?269 ; Cavity wall insulation Approximate savings based on a gas heated ; Loft insulation semi-detached house with 3 bedrooms.

    Source EST website 2007. ; Hot water tank jackets Grants are only available to homeowners and Other Energy providers also offer discounted private rented tenants. All prices quoted are insulation schemes. Details of these can be subject to a free technical survey & include all obtained from them directly. We cannot guarantee applicable grant discounts. that this scheme offers the cheapest deal to all


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