LOFT (Local Organic Food Team) Co-op Inc - Canadian Organic Growers

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LOFT (Local Organic Food Team) Co-op Inc - Canadian Organic Growers


    Local AND Organic Directory

This directory lists certified organic prodcuers, CSAs, and retailers in the Perth, Waterloo

    and Wellington areas. Buy local and organic and support a bio-regional food system that

    curbs CO2 emissions and climate change, cuts transportation costs and polluton, builds

    local economies and promotes greater regional food self-reliance.


Perth County and London Area

Ann Slater

    157030 15th Line, Zorra Twp RR1 Lakeside, N0M 2G0


    In-season vegetables

    Available at St. Mary’s Market May to November

    CSA pick-up on Tuesday

Dinsmore Farm

    Elizabeth Grant, Don Mills 34200 Granton Line, Granton, N0M 1V0



    home delivery

Encounter Farm Enterprise

    Pat England

    35829 Second Line RR1, Southworld, N0l 2G0


    Japanese Greens, Gourmet Vegetables

    Restaurants and Special Deliveries


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

    Eshcol Farm Stewart Slater

    157030 15th Line of Zorra Twp



    at St. Mary’s Farmers Market and Lyn-Dys, London

Fieldstone Farms

    Bruce and Nancy Hunter

    3776 West Perth Rd 145, Mitchell, N0N 1N0 519-393-6649;

    Certified Organic Farm and Bed and Breakfast - Pork, sweet corn. squash, apples

    Call First

Harmony Organic Dairy

    4993 Road 168 Bornholm, N0K 1A0


Hoover's Maple Syrup

    Dianna and Terry Hoover

    5896 Line 78, RR 1, Atwood, N0G 1B0


    Maple syrup, maple syrup products, certified organic beef, appointment or by chance

    Hungry Hollow Organic Ike and Beartix Entre 1343 Elmtree Dr. RR2, Parkhill, N0M 2K0 519-232-9458

    beef and pork

Locust Grove Farm

    Jane and Louisa Zavita 45585 Sparta Line RR4, St. Thomas, N5P 3S8 519-775-2296;

    hay,feed grains and strawberries

    McSmiths Organic Farm Cathy and Gary McSmith

    42828 Shorelea Line RR6, St. Thomas, N5P 3T1 519-631-0279

    chicken, beef, pork, eggs, potatoes, beans, beets and tomatoes


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

Orchard Hill Farm

    Ken and Martha Laing

    45415 Fruit Ridge Line RR5, St. Thomas, N2P 3S5 519-775-2670

    Certified Organic farm and CSA, Christmas trees, flowers, in season vegetables

Organic Oasis Farm Store

    Jessie Young

    2301 Perth Line 43, RR1, Stratford, N5A 6S2 519-625-1177

    beef and pork, eggs, vegetables, strawberries and raspberries

    Store open year round Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-6pm, Fridays 10am-7 and

    Saturdays 10am-4pm

    Passmore Family Farm Bob and Carol Martin

    4495 Line 3, RR3, St. Mary’s, N4X 1C6


    beef and pork

    Delivery Available

    Saunders Family Farm Harold and Margret Saunders 24085 Wonderland Rd. N RR2, Denfield, N0M 1P0 519-666-0705,

    herbs, plants, seeds, in-season vegetables

Sleger Organic Greenhouse

    Pauline and Jo Sleger

    #7496 Calvert Dve, Strathroy, N7G 3H5


    Organic Greens all year round, Store open Friday and Saturday

    Distributor of organic fruit, vegetables and other

    Soiled Reputation Anthony John

    4129 RD 130, Sebringville, N0K1X0

    519 393-6497;

    In-Season Vegetables

    open all season Friday, Saturday and Sunday


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

Sunnivue Farm Inc.

    Pat and Alex Nurnberg, Seiboth Dagmar 27093 New Ontario rd. RR1, Ailsa Craig, N0M 1A0 519-232-9096

    beef, pork. bread

    The Hahnderosa Bruce and Diane Hanh

    55657 Line 55 Monkton N0K 1P0


    open year round, by appointment or by chance

    Wisnoski Family Farm Angela and Daniel Wisnoski

    3194 Elmtree Dr. RR5, Parkhill, N0M 2K0 519-232-9150

    beef, veal, pork, in-season vegetables Distributor of Organic Groceries, small and large orders welcomes

Waterloo Region

    Baer’s Organic Beef Dennis Baer

    2669 Carmel Koch Rd, Baden


    Beef, spelt

Bowman's Organic Produce

    Ellen Alma and Sam Bowman

    6391 Sideroad 19, RR#1, Wallenstein 519-698-2960

    in season vegetables, plants and eggs

Burkhart's Greenhouse

    Lena and John Burkhart

    4352 Ament Line, Hawkesville


    Vegetables transplants, fruit and plants


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

Diversity Gardens

    Canadian Organic Growers

    1528 Notre Dame Drive, St. Agatha


    in season vegetables, email orders

    farm tours, C.R.A.F.T. internships, demonstration gardens

Donbar Farms

    Beth and Doug McRuer

    5139 Trussler Rd, Ayr


    potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce and other garden veggies, fruit, freezer orders for beef

Janlan Farms

    Jane and Danny Jantzi

    4106 Sandhills Rd, Baden


    black angus beef and summer sausage

Laepple Organic Farm

    Linda Laepple

    2298 Bleams Rd, Shingletown


    beef, wheat, potatoes, rye, and spelt

Oak Manor Farms

    Perry Reibling

    756907 Oxford County Rd #5, RRS#1,Tavistock 519-634-5587

    spelt flour, grains, beef and baking supplies

Pfenning's Organic Vegetables

    Jenn and Ekkehard Pfenning 1209 Waterloo St, Baden


    In season vegetables, off season imported fruit, also a distributor

Stone Lane Farm

    Richard, Matthew and Andrea St. Jean 1140 Tye Rd, New Hamburg




    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

Unfactory Farm

    June and Nelson Gerber 5415 Streicher Line, Crosshill 519-656-2691

    eggs, beef, turkey and pork, maple syrup and honey

Wellington County

Mapletons Organic Dairy

    Ineke Booy and Martin de Groot 8548 Wellington Road #, RR#1, Moorefield, N0G 2K0


    Organic dairy, ice cream, eggs

Organic Meadow

    RR#5, Guelph, ON N1H 6J2


    milk, butter, cream, cheese, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, eggs, frozen vegetables

Trout Lily

    Vera Top

    5877 4th Line, Rockwood, N0B 2K0 519-856-2333;

    Herbs, flowers and seedlings

CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)/ FOOD


Perth County

Ann Slater, Fresh Organic Vegetables

    Ann Slater

    R.R. 1 Lakeside ON N0M 2G0


    In-season vegetables and herbs


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

Armtree CSA

    Susanna Reid

    RR #2 Mitchell N0K 1N0


    Biodynamic farm

Dianne Heise-Bennett

    RR#1 Newton, ON N0K 1R0


    fruits, vegetables

Waterloo Region

Fertile Ground CSA

    Angie Koch

    2-21 Guelph St. Kitchener, ON N2H 5W5


    market garden and 25-share CSA on 2 acres located just west of Waterloo at 1560

    Carmel-Koch Rd, St. Agatha.

    also available at the Kitchener Farmers Market

    LOFT (Local Organic Food Team) Co-op Inc. Food Box Martha Gay Scroggins


Wellington County


    Gavin Dandy & Karen Campbell

    PO box 29 Hillsburgh, Ontario N0B 1Z0


    Everdale is a certified organic CSA and Environmental Learning Centre.

    Farm Membership Program: By becoming a Farm Member we provide you with a weekly

    supply of fresh, organic produce for your family. Members pay a flat rate for the season

    and come to the farm weekly to receive an amazing variety of the highest quality



    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

Fourfold Farm

    Sandra Moerschfelder and Mark Ross

    RR#2, Elora, ON., N0B 1S0


    large variety of vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers Demeter-certified, biodynamic farm. A 100-household CSA and sales at a farmers

    market, including goods from our on-site bakery. Food boxes are available for pick-up in

    Guelph. Produce is also available at the Guelph Farmer’s market.

Heartwood Farm CSA

    Kris Dimnik

    5438 2nd Line Erin, Acton, Ontario L7J 2L9


    vegetables, herbs, edible and cut flowers

Ignatius Farm and CSA

    Heather Lekx

    Box 1238 Guelph, ON N1H 6N6

    519-824-1250 x275

    CSA vegetables, farm store with honey and apple products

Reroot Organic CSA

    Caitlin Hall

    8548 Wellington Rd #7, R.R. #1 Moorefield, ON, N0G 2K0 519-820-1891

    We provide certified organic, locally-grown produce to a number of families who visit the

    farm or another drop-off location, weekly to collect their share in the harvest. More than

    50 types of vegetables, herbs and cut flowers are started in our greenhouse and grown

    on land located at Mapleton's Organic Dairy.


Perth County and London area

Bijou Restaurant

    Aaron and Browlyn Linley

    105 Erie Street, Stratford, N5A 2M5


    French restaurant using in-season local and organic vegetables and meat


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

    Veg Out 24 Erie Street, Stratford, N5A 2M5


    Vegan Restaurant using in-season local and organic vegetables, organic beer and wine


Westover Inn

    300 Thomas Street PO Box 280 St. Marys, N4X 1B1 519-284-2977

    Uses a variety of in-season local and organic products

Woolfy’s at Wildwood

    Chris and Mary Woolf

    RR#2 St. Mary’s, N4X 1C5


    Uses a variety of local certified organic food

Waterloo Region

Exhbit café

    10 King St. West, Kitchener, N2G 1A3


    local and organic juices, salads, rice bowls, snacks and more

    Dinner By You Valerie McIntyre

    A3-550 Parkside Dr, Waterloo


    Home meal business with some in-season organic vegetables

Divinely Raw



    519- 579-7927

    Home meal provider with some organic in-season products

Scoops and Sweets

    Main St., Cambridge, ON

    serves Mapleton’s Organic icecream


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

Seven Shores - Urban Market and Cafe

    8 Regina Street North, Unit 5, Waterloo, N2J 2Z8


    Serves local and organic bakery goods

Valentino's Organic Pizza

    255 Highview Drive, Kitchener


    organic pizzas with glutin and dairy free options - local ingrediants used where


Zen Raw Organic Health Bar

    Joanie Karen 51 King Street North, Waterloo, N2J 2W9 519-885-3205;

    Juice bar, most fruits and vegetables are organic

Wellington County

Alex's Kitchen

    Alex Sgrio

    12 Mill Street East, Elora N0B 1S0 519-846-1104

Artisinale Café/Bistro

    Yasser Qahawish, Chef

    41 Quebec Street, Guelph N1H 2T1

Woolwich Arms (The Arrow Neighbourhood Pub Group)

    176 Woolwich Street, Guelph, N1H 3V5 519-836-2875

With the Grain

    294 Woolwich Street, Guelph N1H 3W3 519-827-1424


    1528 Notre Dame Drive ? St. Agatha ? Ontario ? N0B 2L0

    Tel: 519-885-9584 ? E-mail:

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