LOFT Committee

By Sue Baker,2014-08-17 14:26
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LOFT Committee



    Minutes of May 5, 2008

North Conference Room 4:00 p.m.

    Members Present: Patti Cigan, Rob Mattison, Erin O’Brien, Lonnie Kolar

    Staff Present: Dagmar Beckel-Machyckova

    Meeting was called to order by staff person Dagmar Beckel-Machyckova at 4:00 p.m.


    Ms. Beckel-Machyckova welcomed everyone and emphasized how popular downtown living is today and the implied importance of this committee. She then showed the new DECI website and the section dedicated to downtown living.


    Mr. Mattison presented the downtown living video. Ms. O’Brien said it was a wonderful marketing tool, but suggested taking it to the next level by introducing it to realtors and building owners that do not currently have lofts in their buildings.


    Ms. Beckel-Machyckova asked the committee what they see as next steps. Ms.O’Brien asked that an interior designer category be added to the DECI website rather then them being listed under Building and Improvements. Ms. Beckel-Machyckova agreed to change the category. In discussion regarding the loft tour Mr. Mattison explained that the major drawback was the timeline since it would take 6-7 months to prepare, he suggested that the tour be limited to only two or three nice locations to show what downtown is about, creating a “meet’n’greet” rather than tour.

    Ms. O’Brien asked who our target group would be for marketing. Ms. Cigan explained that in the International Harvester apartments tenants range from 20s to 80s. She also emphasized, that it is the various sizes of the apartments that attract diversity.

    Mr.Kolar asked if it would be possible to create a forum, where building owners could find out specific details about their intended projects. His building has an entirely vacant second story and he’d like to find out cost and ideas for improvement.

    Mr.Mattison mentioned that there is a statewide façade loan program and he will send more information to DECI staff.


    The committee brainstorm ideas of other potential members: landlord owners: Mark Nelson, Marty Fisher-Blakeley, Dave Strobel, Autumn Hill place owners, John Mogenson, Joe Kozuch, Sam Seymour (info from Erin), any media would be good include VolumeOne. DECI staff will contact potential new members and all original committee members to find out their interest in the committee.

    The committee agreed that a meeting time around 5 p.m. would be preferred by most.


    Ms. Beckel-Machyckova gave an update on North Barstow and West Bank Redevelopment

    Mr. Mattison offered to create a 30 second commercial for each apartment building / designer to promote online.

    A short discussion followed regarding the name of the committee and logos designed by Susan Jakober of Interior Arts. No conclusion was reached but names discussed included: Urban Lifestyle, Urban Living, and Loft Living.

There being no further action the meeting adjourned at 5.25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dagmar Beckel-Machyckova

     Business Assistance Specialist

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