Time will never come again

By Norma Fisher,2014-06-22 18:28
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    Time will never come again

     We must hold the chance as to value the time. If you miss the important chance, it will cause a big hurt.

     A long time ago, a village was swallowed up by flood. Everyone was worried. Some escaped to the roof, some shouted for help except a young man. He actually sat on the tree and played a trick on birds. He looked free and clam. After a while, a boat came by, an old man in the boat said to him: Dont wait, step on my boat,

    because you dont know how long it will take. Whats more, the

    flood is very dangerous. The young man said: I show respect to

    the god, I believe the god can save me and will not let me die. Why I should worried; Upon that, the boat left.

    Later, the old man rowed the boat and persuaded him again. But the young man said angry: It is none of your business. The god is my relative and I have ten lives. At this time, the flood grew higher

    and higher. It has already covered the young mans neck, so the old

    man had to leave helplessly. At the end, the young man couldnt hold

    the two chances and he was drowned.

     By this story, It tells us do not waste our time and chance, because we are the golden age of learning. So we must value our study chances, Study hard and make progress every day. In a word, opportunity knocks but once.

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