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This information will guide the partnership in designing a qualification which is (i.e. for HLVC ? Engineering and for HITC ? Automotive Engineering),

PMI2 Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: Successful Measure 1 09/10 Bids

U.A.E Bids

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Brighton & Hove ACES (Assisting Curriculum UAE Castle College Nottingham and Greenwich Community College

    Enhancements) for Industry

    ? In light of the need for VET colleges in the UAE to broaden their curriculum to meet the governments‟ intention to expand their industrial footprint

    away from petrochemicals, the project will provide our consortium‟s expertise and assistance to CERT in the areas of: Quality Assurance of systems,

    processes and qualifications, Curriculum development and benchmarking, Employer Engagement, Development of Work Based

    Learning/Apprenticeship opportunities, Teacher Training, English Language Training (for Teachers)

China Bids

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Harrow College Developing skills for enterprise and China N/A

    employability for the global economy

    through active learning using an

    Enterprise Passport.

    ? The project will involve the joint development, piloting and use of an Enterprise Passport that will enable learners in China and London to focus on the

    skills, qualities and attributes that link to entrepreneurship, employability and enterprise.

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Kirklees College Work Related Personal Professional China Doncaster College

    Development (WR-PPD) for Graphic

    Design & Animation Students

    ? The WR-PPD Programme will focus on improving the employability of graduates studying Graphic Design and Animation courses initially in

    Hangzhou, China through the development of industrial skills and professional capacity of individual students.


    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Walsall College Sichuan-European Vocational Travel China Guildford College

    and Tourism Education Partnership

    ? The Partnership of Walsall College and Guildford College plus the three colleges in China, will work together to develop the Vocational Tourism

    Education Partnership to maintain a “Support Partnership Model” of co-operation between English and Chinese vocational colleges and universities.

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s)

     Elmwood College Golf Management Development China N/A


    ? This project entails working with the College/s in China to develop a 3 year full time vocational diploma in Golf Management. Year 1 will be an

    introductory year with years 2 and 3 being at a similar level to the Higher National Diploma in the UK.

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Bridgwater College Sharing best practice of quality China N/A

    assurance in FE and HE on Train the

    Trainers vocational training for the

    development of better employability

    skills in two major areas recognised

    as Centres of Vocational Excellence

    (Cove) at Bridgwater College: Early

    Years and Automotive.

    ? This project will establish a key strategic sector specific training between Bridgwater College and the three teacher training universities and their

    allocated colleges, more specifically in the Early Years and Automotive sectors. As per the criteria of the project there is a great need to develop

    higher level of technical skills for teaching graduates to improve their vocational skills to achieve their career progression. We offer to share our

    systems and experience through training and work placements to apply the national standards at FE and HE level and to share best practice of

    quality assurance for Chinese undergraduates as well as graduates.

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Sutton Coldfield College Developing joint delivery National China Matthew Boulton College

    Diplomas in Tourism and Design.


    ? The purpose of this project is to develop a joint delivery mechanism for a level 3 National Diploma in Design with our Chinese partner, Wuxi Institute

    of Commerce

India Bids

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Doncaster College Doncaster College Arch Academy India N/A

    of Design Partnership

    ? The project involves staff from Doncaster College and Arch Academy of Design and forms the starting point for developing a sustainable partnership.

    Doncaster College is keen to position itself in India and Abu Dhabi Men‟s College wishes to establish a partnership in the UK with the view to

    exploring opportunities to improve vocational education through shared practice and joint accreditation, enhance the curriculum through staff

    development embedded quality assurance systems and provide choice and wider opportunity in progression routes.

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Walsall College Joint Software and product India N/A

    development training in Jalandhar.

    ? Walsall College will work with India to develop IT skills at two Levels in order to combat the skills gap in IT and Computing as identified during the first

    PMI2 exploratory visit.

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) West Nottinghamshire College Joint International Curriculum India N/A

    Development of Industry ready

    short Vocational courses leading

    towards a Diploma in Automobile

    Dealership Management

    ? The aim of the project is for „West Nottinghamshire College - Engine as a Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) specialising in Advanced Design

    and Manufacture‟ is to work with Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya Polytechnic College, Coimbatore, India to develop a fit for purpose joint short

    vocational courses in Automobile dealership management to be delivered in Coimbatore, India and Mansfield, UK.


Saudi Arabia Bids

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Greenwich Community College UK Jeddah community college Saudi City College Brighton and Hove

    partnership Arabia

    ? This proposal results from on-going discussion between the partners on the provision of knowledge transfer and capacity building designed to enable

    Jeddah Community College (JCC) to enhance its staff Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and to up-skill its teaching and management staff

    in order to take forward its mission to be a Centre of Excellence for Technical & Vocational Education and Training and achieve the college vision.

South Korea Bids

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Thanet College Partnership Pathways South N/A


    ? The project is designed to enhance an already established partnership between Thanet College and the Daejeon Health Sciences College, in South

    Korea. The development of this foundation link is seen as fundamental to the creation of a structure to offer vocational qualifications to partner college

    students. The major vocational areas feeding into the structure with the South Korean college are Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy, Catering and


Turkey Bids

    UK College Title Country UK Partner College(s) Hackney Community College Modernising English Teaching in Turkey City of Sunderland College

    Turkish High Vocational Colleges

    through Professional Development of

    Teacher Trainers (Continuation)

    ? Additional funding is sought to build on earlier work and will make a major contribution to supporting the development of the major 1 + 1 programme

    by: Delivering an introductory module to Turkish Vocational Teachers to improve their English Language Skills, Delivering the CLIL module to Turkish

    English teacher trainers to further develop their skills


Vietnam Bids

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

    South Tyneside College Maritime Skills Collaboration Vietnam N/A

    ? South Tyneside College‟s (STC) project will evaluate the current maritime education curriculum in Vietnam and map it against the current UK marine

    education requirements. This exercise will highlight the subject specialties within both countries, expose any gaps, and provide the basis for a

    partnership between the college and the University of Transport (UT-HCMC) in Vietnam to develop expertise and good practice. This will include an

    analysis of the maritime education sector to identify future opportunities for joint collaborative relationships.

PMI2 Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: Successful Measure 2 09/10 Bids

China Bids:

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Doncaster College YHTVET Consortium-Chengdu China Wakefield College, York College, Hull College, Kirklees College,

    Partnership Calderdale College, Leeds City College, Bradford College

    ? The main aim of this project is to build a long term partnership and to support Chinese and UK government policy in raising the quality and skills

    of our workforces. The objectives are to scope opportunities for collaboration in Enterprise and Employability skills, share best practice and

    methodologies, build capacity in colleges through staff professional development programmes, support government policy of up skilling people

    and preparing them for a global job market, raise the skill levels of graduates and undergraduates and improve their employability opportunities

    through the development of employability skills, improve vocational education through the embedding of entrepreneurial skills into the curriculum.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     College of North West London Embedding employability and China N/A

    entrepreneurship through

    collaboration in Beijing and London


    ? This project between CNWL and BEES aims to develop a sustainable partnership through four key curriculum areas (refrigeration and air-

    conditioning, Olympic volunteer programmes, English language teaching and teacher education). The project aims to meet the needs identified


    in both institutions through co-operation on innovative curriculum development, and development of employability and entrepreneurship via the

    transfer of skills and engagement of learners in cultural and knowledge exchange to support the goal of „global skills and world class learning‟.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     South Leicestershire College The establishment of further China EMFEC, East Midlands China Business Bureau, Boston College,

    education partnerships within the Castle College Nottingham, Derby College, Leicester College,

    East Midlands Sichuan twinning Lincoln College, Loughborough College, Moulton College, New

     College Nottingham, New College Stamford, West

    Nottinghamshire College

    ? The current PMI2 funding application is aimed at supporting financially in part a further outbound mission in November 2009 and a return inbound

    mission in the Spring of 2010. After repeated consultations with our Chinese partners, EMVET has determined a long list of priority projects and

    initiatives which will be of mutual benefit to both countries. The whole range of VET disciplines is included from Agriculture to Travel and Tourism.

    There are generic initiatives which centre upon CPD for teachers and managers, English for Special Purposes and Mandarin language training

    and Chinese cultural awareness. EMVET Colleges will also play a prominent role in the development of the VET Centre of Excellence to be

    established by the Chongqing Municipal Education Authorities.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Anniesland College Engineering, Electrics and China N/A


    ? The Project proposes to address employability and employer engagement with particular reference to automotive and mechanical engineering

    and electrical applications, priority areas in all three colleges. There is a recognised need for continuous professional development for staff so

    that students can learn to meet the ever-evolving needs of employers, both in the UK and China.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Bournemouth and Poole College Tourism - Progression to Overseas China N/A

    Studies and Employability

    ? This continuation project is based on the work originally started in 2007 and continued on thanks to support from PMI2. The intention in this follow

    up bid is to secure funding for the finalisation of the planning and recruitment to the 2+1+1 starting in September 2010, to incorporate a

    programme of short courses, and to establish a centre of excellence in the province for the benefit of other providers.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     North West Regional College NWRC-NEU Alliance China N/A


    ? To develop the links and to further deepen the collaboration between the two Colleges it is intended that in 2009-2010 the Alliance will build on

    the relationships and activities initiated through the project in 2008-2009 through developing the exchange model and joint development of

    material. This will be enabled through a two-way exchange i.e. two NEU Staff and 6 students from NEU to visit NWRC and a reciprocal visit by

    two staff from NWRC and 6 students to visit NEU. During the exchange visits staff from both colleges will work together to jointly develop shared

    modules in the area games development. Students will work together to further develop their skills in game development. Staff from both colleges

    will deliver to staff and students talks on e.g. game development and security topics.

    India Bids

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Dundee College Routes To Success India N/A

    ? The overall purpose of this pilot project is to maximise opportunities for employment for students wishing to enter the automotive industry in India.

    A need for professional upskilling for staff and the introduction of transferable employability skills have been identified as critical factors for the

    Indian automotive industry in a global competitive market. ITIs (Industrial Training Institutes) have been identified as a key vehicle for change

    and improvement in the VET system, and their progress towards Centre of Excellence status has been supported by the World Bank.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Bradford College E-Learning For Health and Beauty in India N/A

    Bollywood And Bradford

    ? The 2 key aims of the Bradford College /Juice Hair Academy of Mumbai ELHBBB were to establish a sustainable partnership between FE/HE

    providers in Hair & Beauty and to develop new methods of delivery for Work Based Learning at NVQ Level 3 for Hairdressing. Objectives

    included comparison of Indian and UK VET systems;transfer of best practice in Employer Engagement;creation of customised E- Learning

    packages for delivery of NVQ Units and joint training of staff in Quality Assurance procedures and Work Based Learning methods.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Edinburgh‟s Telford College India N/A HOST Hospitality TNE programme

    ? This project (3 year implementation plan) aims to fully develop and commence delivery of a transnational education model in hospitality

    management (1+1 HND programme) with the IIAS Group of Institutions in India (run by IIAS Charitable Trust). The first phase of the project was

    completed in June 2008. IIAS is now the approved learning partner for hospitality management in India. The second phase of the project (2008/9)

    did incorporate the first year of the partnership course delivery in India and met all planned objectives as detailed in PMI2 report August 2008.


    The third phase will be the completion of the programme in Edinburgh i.e. students completing the partnership HND Hospitality Management

    course followed by two years work experience and top-up to degree.

South Korea Bids:

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Westminster Kingsway College UK-Korea Passport to NVQs South City College Plymouth, Northumberland College, Lancaster and

    Korea Morecambe College

    ? Project aims to develop and deliver strategic partnerships and dialogue on education reform with Korean Junior Colleges and other agencies.

Sri Lanka Bids

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Bradford College Entrepreneurship, Personal Sri N/A

    Development Planning, Employer Lanka

    Engagement in Fashion and Design

    ? The proposed project looks at the process of „Backward and Forward Integration‟ in the process of education. Through this process it looks at

    offering students from both institutes the opportunity of career success and more focused pathways. Entrepreneurship, Personal Development

    Planning, Employer Engagement all are fundamental to the achievement of this objective.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Bournemouth and Poole College Raising the Bar - Hospitality and Sri Northumberland

    Tourism Sector Lanka

    ? The project is based on both the initial meetings with the Sri Lankan partners which took place during 2008 and the subsequent work that has

    been undertaken during the period of the first PMI2 bid. The focus continues to be on the development of educational infrastructure for the

    Hospitality and Tourism sector in Sri Lanka. It will continue to involve the same partners, both in the UK and in Sri Lanka. Both colleges have

    COVE awards in their respective areas.

Thailand Bids


UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Leeds City College Sharing Best Practice in UK and Thai Thailand N/A

    Food Manufacturing

    ? The second year of the project will allow the further development of the Young Enterprise Project investigated in 2008-09. The project will provide

    the opportunity for staff and student involvement in both the UK and Thailand. The first strand will be to provide the opportunity for UK and Thai

    students to pilot the transnational Young Enterprise Project which will involve UK and Thai students working together to develop and manufacture

    a new food product which could be retailed on the campuses of both Kasetsart and Leeds City College. Through the partnership approach and

    completion of the project, an opportunity will be provided for further discussions on the UK competence-based NVQ framework.

Vietnam Bids

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Wakefield College Vocational Education Bridge for Vietnam N/A

    Information Technology between UK

    and Vietnam

    ? The proposal for this final phase of the project is to further develop the successful partnership with Thai Nguyen University (TNU) in Vietnam,

    focusing on the development of a joint TNE programme in Computing. The programme will aim to provide an opportunity for significant numbers

    of Vietnamese students to achieve a UK HE qualification (HND or Foundation Degree, with the option of a „top up‟ degree), probably following a

    2+2 model of delivery. The project will sustain the outcomes achieved to date, eg by facilitating further sharing and development of good practice

    in teaching and learning, and leadership and management.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     The Manchester College Focussing and Embedding Teacher Vietnam N/A


    ? The proposed activities will involve staff from The Manchester College (TMC) working with a team of language and business staff from Hoa Sen

    University (HSU) identified as the team for the new three year business programme, to develop a student-centred, integrated approach to delivery.

    Building on the teacher training activities developed in Year One of the project, work will be undertaken to refine schemes of work and lesson

    plans, develop assignments, integrated assignments and further develop assessment methodologies. This will be underpinned with the

    introduction of Teaching and Learning Observations (TLOs).

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Bradford College Developing a vocational Diploma for Vietnam N/A


    Ophthalmic technicians in Vietnam

    ? Bradford College and Nguyen Tat Thanh College will consult and liaise with the Committee for Ophthalmic Training and those working in the

    industry especially equipment suppliers at the design stage of the project. In addition Faculty staff will visit the Central Ophthalmic hospital in

    Hanoi and the Ophthalmic department at Ho Chi Minh City hospital to learn about the training of opticians in Vietnam. This information will guide

    the partnership in designing a qualification which is both fit for purpose, meets the needs of employers and the professional bodies and ensures

    that there is buy-in and approval from the sector at the beginning of the project.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Anniesland College Engineering in Glasgow, Vungtau Vietnam N/A

    Province and Ho Chi Minh City

    ? Having regard to the profiles of the participating institutions and their stated priorities (i.e. for HLVC Engineering and for HITC Automotive

    Engineering), their mutuality of interests regarding the training of trainees in engineering trades and apprenticeships, the proposed project

    focuses on key aspects of professional development designed to enhance the knowledge, competence and teaching practices in a technological

    environment that meets the aspirations and expectations of employers both in Scotland and Vietnam.

UK College Title Country Partner College(s)

     Swansea College Swansea College and HITC - Vietnam N/A

    fashioning a joint vision for the future

    ? Swansea College has been running a highly successful fashion show for many years. Organizer, fashion lecturer, Susanne David, visited HITC in

    October 2008 and through lesson observations and interaction with both staff and students began to develop the concept of a joint project

    inspired by local culture. HITC at the same time identified that if their students were to break the mould, become more employable, and develop

    entrepreneurially, then there was a great need for them to be aware of the latest fashion styles and trends. Similarly, two employer partners of

    HITC stated to us that the College did produce students who could operate their machinery, but that in some cases they were looking for more

    creativity and forward thinking to develop and inspire product ranges.


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