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    Supporting Documents and Lists of Consultations


Some of the key documents that have been referred to during the drafting of the Feasibility

    Study Report are:

? 14 19 Green Paper: extending opportunities, raising standards

    ? Ramsden Report

    ? Ouseley Report

    ? Looking Further and Higher

    ? FE Political Landscape

    ? HE Political Landscape

    ? Bradford Post 16 Education Area Inspection Report

    ? HEIST Marketing Project Report

    ? BDP Estates Visioning Project Report

These are all available via the Project Web Site at


During the course of the Feasibility Study, the Project Team has consulted many individuals

    and organisations both formally and informally. The following shows the main formal

    meetings held. We are grateful to all those listed, and to others who have also contributed

    to the Study.


    ? Grace Alderson, Senior Pro-Vice-? Nicky Hayes, Applied Social Sciences

    Chancellor ? Graham Hill, Director Management ? Nick Andrew, Registrar & Secretary Information Services ? Tom Ashdown, Pro-Chancellor + ? Alan Hodgson, Principal

    Chair of Council ? Stan Houghton, Director of Learning ? Ian Bailey, Management Accountant Support Services ? Leslie Brown, Director of Human ? Chris Ide, Chair of Standing Committee

    Resources of Assembly ? Paul Bunting, Director of Personnel & ? Tom Johnston, Head of Department of

    Deputy Registrar Management & Hospitality Studies ? Malcolm Chalmers, Department of ? Sue Kershaw, Finance Director

    Peace Studies ? Geoff Layer, Dean, School of Lifelong ? Alison Darnbrough, Director of Education & Development

    Marketing & Corporate ? Colin Mellors, Advisor to the Vice-

    Communication Chancellor ? Colin Fairweather, Director of Estates ? Lynn McVey, Senior Assistant Registrar,

    & Facilities Academic Standards & Support Unit ? Barbara Fawcett, Head of Applied ? Carole Moss, Head of Student Services

    Social Sciences

    ? Jon O'Neill, Chair of Corporation, Bradford ? John Russell, Head of Department of

    College Modern Languages ? Kath Oldale, Director of Information ? Pete Sayers, Staff Development

    Services Adviser ? Donna Pankhurst, Department of Peace ? Martyn Spence, Head of Public

    Studies Relations ? Adrian Pearce, Dean of Students ? Peter Steward, Estates Manager ? Nigel Phillips, Senior Assistant Registrar ? Doug Stott, Finance Director

    Planning Office ? Chris Taylor, Vice-Chancellor ? Mark Pollard, PVC Research ? Simon Thorpe, Head of Department Art, ? Vivienne Rivis, Assistant Director of Design & Textiles

    Academic Planning ? Keith Waddingham, Deputy Finance ? Fiona Robertson, Assistant Registrar Director

    Planning Office ? Alan Waton, Adviser to the Vice-? Paul Rogers, Department of Peace Studies Chancellor? Ian Rowe, Head of Business Services and

    Regional Development

Meetings held specifically for the Study

    ? Academic Vision Working Group ? School of Management Executive ? Academic Vision Development Meeting Board ? Away Day Brainstorming re Academic Vision ? School of Management Special ? Away Day Non-Academic Heads of Strategy Review Meeting for School

    Department Assembly ? Course Representatives and Students Union ? School of Social & International

    Executive Studies Assembly ? Deans (University) ? Strategic Report Group (Design & ? Heads of Department (College) Informatics) ? Human Resources Strategy meeting ? Strategic Report Group (Teacher ? Joint Trades Union Representatives Education, Community Education & ? Research & Innovation Strategy Committee Lifelong Learning) ? Department of Art, Design and Textiles ? Strategic Report Group (Engineering)

    Assembly ? Strategic Report Group (Pure & Life ? Department of Computing & Business Sciences)

    Services Assembly ? Strategic Report Group (Humanities, ? Department of Education Assembly Social Science & Health Studies) ? School of Archaeological & Environmental ? Strategic Report Group (Business &

    Sciences Assembly Management) ? School of Engineering Assembly ? Students’ Union Executive

    ? School of Informatics Management Board ? Students’ Union Course

    and Assembly Representatives ? School of Life Sciences Assembly

Presentations to established groupings

    ? College & University Strategic Partnership ? Council ? Vice-Chancellor's Advisory Group ? Senate ? Senior Management Group ? Directorate ? University Assembly ? Academic Board ? Corporation

External Stakeholders

? Jane Campbell (Director of Operations) Careers Bradford

    ? Martyn Chesters, Yorkshire Forward, Schools & Learning Team

    ? Margaret Coleman (Executive Director) Learning & Skills Council (LSC) West Yorkshire

    ? Angela Dobson (Bradford Officer) Learning & Skills Council

    ? Margaret Eaton (Leader of Council) Bradford Council

    ? Gavin Elliott + Peter Shuttleworth, Building Design Partnership (BDP)

    ? Sandy Finnigan (Chief Executive) Careers Bradford

    ? Phil Green (Director of Education & Schools), Bradford Council

    ? David Kennedy (Asst. Chief Executive Officer) Bradford Council

    ? Amanda Nevill (Director) National Museum of Photography, Film & Television

    ? Roger Lewis (Regional Consultant) Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)

    ? Learning & Skills Council Board Meeting

    ? Mike Lowe (Operations Director) Learning & Skills Council

    ? Professor Jeff Lucas - with the Vice-Chancellor - informed the Chief Executive of the West

    Yorkshire Workforce Development Confederation for the NHS (Graham Saunders)

    ? Mark Pattison (Chief Executive) Education & Schools, Bradford Council

    ? David Roberts and Karen Innis, Heist

    ? Graham Saunders, NHS

    ? Ian Stewart, Chief Executive, Bradford Council

Personal contributions and responses to the briefing paper submitted by:-

    ? Nick Andrew ? Gwyn Llewellyn ? John Baruch ? Eleanor Marshall, Policy ? Linda Broadley (on behalf of UNISON) Department Yorkshire Forward ? Alan Carling ? Davina Miller ? Malcolm Chalmers ? Donna Pankhurst ? Roberto Espindola ? Mark Pollard ? Barbara Fawcett (on behalf of the ? Paul Rogers

    Departments of Applied Social Studies ? Steve Teasdale

    and Interdisciplinary Human Studies) ? Simon Thorpe (on behalf of the ? Arthur Francis Department of Art, Design & Textiles ? Tom Gallagher ? Department of Public Relations and ? Lester Hall Marketing ? Nicky Hayes ? Finance Directorate ? Kevin Ho ? School of Informatics Assembly ? Chris Ide ? School of Social and International ? Tom Johnston (on behalf of the Studies Assembly

    Department of Management &

    Hospitality Studies)

Open Surgeries

    These were held in the project office on 4 occasions and a number of staff attended to raise specific questions with the team.

Project Steering Group

    A steering group was formally constituted and met on 5 occasions. It included members from both institutions and acted as a source of advice and guidance for the Project Team. It has approved the final report as fulfilling the remit of the study. The contents of the report remain the responsibility of the Project Team. The members of the Project Steering Group were:

? Dr Leslie Brown, Bradford College Director of Human Resources

    ? Mr Paul Bunting, University of Bradford Deputy Registrar

    ? Ms Sue Kershaw, University of Bradford Director of Finance

    ? Dr Gordon Lakin, Champion for Bradford College (Chair)

    ? Prof Geoff Layer, University of Bradford Dean - School of Lifelong Learning and Development ? Prof Jeff Lucas, Champion for University of Bradford (Chair)

    ? Ms Tracy Marshall, Project Manager (secretariat)

    ? Ms Kath Oldale, Bradford College Director of Systems and Information Services ? Dr Jim Port, External Consultant

    ? Mr Doug Stott, Bradford College Director of Finance

    ? Mr Alan Waton, University of Bradford Advisor to the Vice Chancellor

Project Team

    The Project Team was constituted in February 2002 and worked on the project throughout. Its members were:

? Jim Port, External Consultant

    ? Gordon Lakin, Bradford College Champion

    ? Jeff Lucas, University of Bradford Champion

    ? Tracy Baxter, Project Manager

    ? Fiona Stewart, Project Secretary

    The Project Team are grateful to all those listed above for their advice and assistance during the study.

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