Schedule of Minor Changes to the AAP October 2008 Representation No

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Car parking standards are set out in Appendix 3. Birmingham City Council's Car Park Design Guide will apply. Car park management plans to be prepared to


The following minor changes have been put forward by the Councils, and

    should be made in the interests of clarification.

    LPAs’ AAP Existing AAP text Proposed change(s) Information proposal / (Changes are Source paragraph underlined) Schedule of Minor Paragraph

    Services for visiting Changes to the 3.52 Proposal

    members of the public AAP October LC3

    (e.g. dentists, 2008 Additional

    launderettes, betting (Representation pullet point to

    offices) where these do No. 516 / 008 be added

    not impinge on the viability CPRE) (p.25)

    of the centre. Schedule of Minor Paragraph It will include facilities It will include facilities Changes October 3.48 3rd accessible to the accessible to the 2008 - sentence to general/public including a general/public including a Representation no be amended library and library and 22/001- Sport (p.24). recreational/sports recreational/sports England facilities/resources facilities/resources, which

     will be achieved through

     appropriate legal

     agreements. Schedule of Minor Paragraph Health centre, day Health centre, day Changes October 3.106 second nursery, place of worship nursery, place of worship 2008 - Minor bullet (p.32) (Class D2) to be located (Class D2 D1) to be amendments and at the northern end of the located at the northern corrections. Also site. end of the site. CPRE Representation


    Additional Minor Paragraph Highway improvements in Highway improvements in Changes to the 3.142 - the Area Action Plan the Area Action Plan area- AAP relating to Proposal T8 area- comprising highway comprising highway Transportation (p.39) and/or junction and/or junction November 2008 improvements on the A38 improvements on the A38

    Bristol Road south, Bristol Road south, Lickey

    Lickey Road, Lowhill Road, Lowhill Lane,

    Lane, Longbridge Lane, Longbridge Lane, and

    and Groveley Lane. Groveley Lane. These

    These measures will measures will include

    include signal controlled signal controlled junctions,

    junctions, bus priority bus priority measures,

    measures, access points, access points, bridge

    bridge work, landscaping, work, landscaping, tree

    tree planting, pedestrian, planting, pedestrian, bus

    bus and cycle facilities as and cycle facilities as

    appropriate. appropriate. All

    improvements will be

    designed to be attractive

    to pedestrians and


    Additional Minor Paragraph Car parking- A multi Car parking- A multi

    Changes to the 3.143 - storey car park is storey car park is

    AAP relating to Proposal T9 proposed to serve the proposed to serve the

    Transportation (p.39) local centre. The car park local centre. The car park

    November 2008 to be well designed with to be well designed with

    attractive elevations attractive elevations

    wherever possible and wherever possible and

    measures to minimise measures to minimise

    impact on nearby impact on nearby

    residents. The majority of residents. The majority of

    the parking spaces for the the parking spaces for the

    Regional Investment Site Regional Investment Site

    are to be located in multi-are to be located in multi-

    storey car parks. Across storey car parks. Across

    the AAP area there will the AAP area there will be

    be no site extensive no site extensive surface

    surface car parking and car parking and parking

    parking should not should not normally be

    normally be visible from visible from the public

    the public realm. Car realm. Car parking

    parking standards are set standards are set out in

    out in Appendix 3. Appendix 3. Birmingham

    Birmingham City City Council’s Car Park

    Council’s Car Park Design Guide will apply.

    Design Guide will apply. Planning conditions will

    Car park management require car park

    plans to be prepared to management plans to be

    promote shared use of prepared to promote

    car parking to include shared use of car parking

    appropriate charges to to include appropriate

    encourage modal shift. charges to encourage

     modal shift.

    Schedule of Minor Paragraph Access points the main

    Access points the main Changes - 3.144- road access points into

    road access points into October 2008 Proposal T10 the new development are the new development are Representations- (p.39) shown on the Movement shown on the Movement No 516/005 CPRE Strategy Plan and will be Strategy Plan and will be No 552/001 constructed to an constructed to an Nanjing appropriate standard. An

    appropriate standard. Automobile adoption regime will be

    Further ‘minor road Corporation, agreed.

    access’ points will also be No 335/001 Roger

    required. An adoption King (Road

    regime will be agreed. Haulage


    Schedule of Minor Paragraph

    Traffic management Changes 3.149 - Traffic management

    measures, residents’ October 2008 Proposal T15 measures, residents’

    parking zones, and other (Representation no (p.39) parking zones, outside

    measures such as 516/002 and the AAP areas needed as

    signage outside the AAP 516/006 CPRE) a result of the

    areas needed as a result development

    of the development.”

    Schedule of Minor Open space Open Space Map The Changes October map (p.40) plan title should be

    2008 - Minor Title Environment, Open Space

    amendments and and Landscape Strategy corrections Plan

    Additional Minor Paragraph Negotiated Elements Negotiated Elements

    Changes to the 4.11 Heading Section 106 Agreements AAP Relating to (p.47)

    Delivery and


    26 November 2008

    Affordable Housing Paragraph The key negotiated The key negotiated Minor Changes 4.11 (p.47) elements of the scheme elements of the scheme Paper 14 to include: elements of the scheme

    October 2008 for negotiations to include: There is a range of There is a range of Affordable Housing Glossary of affordable housing affordable housing Minor Changes terms including including Affordable Paper 14 Definition housing to include the October 2008 Affordable st following: Housing 1line (p.66)

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