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     PERMIT ISSUE No ……………………………


REGISTERED DISIBILTY No (if applicable) No

    payment required


    During term


    POSTCODE Contact Tel No

    Permits are to be collected from Campus Office Please nominate campus office : FCH Pittville Oxstalls Park (please tick)

     FULL TIME PART TIME STUDENT (tick box) (tick box)

    Course name Are you a resident student in Halls? (in full please)

     See note 5 Yes No

    Student No S Are you also a member of staff?

If so please fill in staff application only

    Semester 1 Annual Semester 2 Permit applying for 1.9.08-31.1.09 ?50.00 1.1.09-30.6.09 (please tick box) ?30.00 ?30.00

     If you change car details a new application must be submitted. An administrative charge of ?5.00 must be paid. Enclose old permit with application and send to Park Security, Park Campus. Change of details (please tick box)



     Car 1

     Car 2

     Car 3 I confirm I have read and accept the University Car Parking Guidance notes

    Signed ……………………………………… Date ………………………….

    Internal Office Use Only :Code REO 1634

    Essential User Confirmation Value Cash payment Work order Project Cheque No Cost Code Date Finance Stamp HOD Signature

     1. There are a limited number of car parking spaces on each Campus. Staff, Students & Visitors are strongly advised to use alternative methods of travelling to the University. 2. The University operates a free intersite bus service between all campuses. The timetables are available on request from all main receptions and the University intranet. FREE PARKING is available at Cheltenham Racecourse and the intersite bus service runs regularly from this car park to all Campuses. Details available on GUIDANCE NOTES FOR ISSUE OF A UNIVERSITY CAR PARKING PERMIT 2008/2009 3. Staff and Students can gain discounted access to bus services throughout Gloucestershire with their University ID card. Further details available on the University website: 4. There are cycling initiatives, providing cycle paths around both Cheltenham and Gloucester. All campuses have shower facilities. Cycles and motorcycles do not require a permit but must not occupy a car parking space. Motor cycles details should however be registered with Security at Park Campus. 5. Students in hall of residence are not allowed to bring vehicles to University unless given prior authorisation in writing by Accommodation Dept. 6. Overnight parking is not permitted on any Campus without prior permission from Security. Any unauthorised vehicle parked after 05.00 am will be subject to a warning. If the vehicle is found on campus again without a valid permit, it will be subject to a civil penalty notice. 7. Only holders displaying a current University Parking permit are entitled to Park on Campus during the hours of 08.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday. It is important to note that a permit does not guarantee a parking space. 8. All vehicles used for attending University must be registered. The permit must clearly be displayed on the front windscreen. 9. Refunds will not be provided and lost permits cannot be replaced. 10. University Security Officers will monitor the usage and Security of the car parks. Failure to adhere to Parking Restrictions (e.g. blocking fire exits, unauthorised use of disabled or reserved spaces, parking on lawns/grounds, double yellow lines and unauthorised overnight parking) may result in the vehicle receiving a warning notice and subsequent offenders will receive a civil penalty notice of ?60.00 (reduced to ?40.00 if paid within 7 days). 11. The University accepts no responsibility for any vehicle or it’s contents whilst within the University grounds, however caused. Vehicles are parked entirely at the owners risk. 12. Permit holder are permitted to park in University Pay & Display Car Parks at no additional costs. 13. If any part of the form is not completed, or the correct payment is not included, the application form will not be processed. Please complete all sections in block capitals, All information held by the University is governed by the Data Protection Act. COSTS AND HOW TO APPLY FOR A CAR PARKING PERMIT

    APPLICANT ANNUAL SIX MONTHLY DAILY Disabled Badge Holders FREE FREE FREE Staff / Visitor Daily (pay and display or scratch card) ?1.00 Staff Salary ?29700 or less ?50.00 ?30.00 ?1.00 Staff Salary ?29701to ?60300 ?100.00 ?60.00 ?1.00 Staff Salary In excess of ?60300 ?150.00 ?90.00 ?1.00 Carshare ?45.00 ?30.00 ?1.00

    APPLICANT ANNUAL SEMESTER DAILY Student ?50.00 ?30.00 ?1.00

     By post Send application form and cheque to FCH Finance Office, University of Gloucestershire, Swindon Road, Cheltenham, GL50 4AZ. By hand Application forms with payment can be handed into relevant Campus Finance Office. Cheques must be made payable to: University of Gloucestershire, please ensure car registration number(s) of vehicle(s) are printed on the back of the cheque. Online Applications can be made by visiting the on line shop at payment can be made by bank or credit card.. Online applications will receive a 10% discount off the full price of the permit. (does not apply to scratch cards) Permits will be processed within 48 hours and either posted to the address on application form or sent to the specified campus office for collection as indicated on the application. Please display your receipt in the vehicle until permit received Daily parking can be purchased using the pay and display machines on site (this facility is not available at FCH) or pre purchase of scratch cards online Disabled persons are entitled to a permit free of charge upon receipt of a disability number. Change of vehicle details: Should your vehicle details change, complete a new application form. There is a ?5.00 administrative charge payable at any Finance or Campus Office. Ensure to attach the existing permit so a replacement can be supplied. Show receipt in vehicle until new permit received Point of Enquiry Please contact Park Security on 01242 714402 (internal ex 4402) or email to if you have any queries.

    V3. October 2008

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