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The following schedule reflects payments due on the total amount of contracted space:

    ? 50% due on signing and submission of contract. Please note that no final booth assignments

     can be made prior to receipt of both contract and initial payment.

    ? 100% due by Aug 10, 2004. Failure to adhere to this payment schedule could result in changes made by show management in the size, location or status of your booth assignment.

Cancellation and Reduction of Space Policy

    Space cancellation or reduction fees will be charged on the net cost of the original space according to the following schedule:

    Prior to July 31, 2004 0%

    After July 31, 2004 and before Aug 10, 2004 50%

    After Aug 10, 2004 100%

Payment Instructions

Please sign and mail completed contract along with payment to:

    Anti-Ageing Conference London (AACL 2004)

    Attention of Zulya Maizetova

    PO Box 50622

    London SW6 2YP UK

    For any questions, please call Zulya Maizetova at +44 20 7581 69 62,

    fax +44 207 589 12 73 or e-mail

Acceptance of Terms, Rules, and Regulations

    By signing this contract, applicant agrees to abide by the above and the Rules and Regulations that accompany this contract.

Authorized Signature: _____________________________________________

    COMPANY INFORMATION Please Fax completed contract & payment schedule to Zulya Maizetova +44 207 589 1273 or Email Company______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Exhibiting company as (if different from above) ______________________________________________________________________ Contact _________________Title___________________________________________ Mailing address _________________________________________________________ City/Province _________________State/Country _______________ Post code_______ Telephone _______________________________________ Fax __________________ E-mail _________________________________________________ Web site _______________________________________________

    BOOTH INFORMATION Booth selection: Booths come in square meters 1’x2’, 1’x3’, 2’x2’, 2’x3’ or 3’x3’ units or multiples thereof. 1st Choice ______________________________________ 2nd Choice ______________________________________ 3rd Choice ______________________________________ Preferred dimensions: ____________ m. x __________ m. Total Square Footage _________________________sq. m.

    COST ?500 x ________________1’x2’ booths = Cost ? _________________ ?750 x ________________1’x3’ booths = Cost ? _________________ ?950 x ________________2’x2’ booths = Cost ? _________________ ?1500x________________2’x3’ booth = Cost ? ____________________ ?1800 x _______________3’x3’ booths = Cost ? ________________ 50% Deposit ? ___________ Balance ? ____________

    *If none of the above choices are available, you will be assigned the best available booth, based on your desired square footage.

    Workshop Information Chose prefered time for workshop: Friday September 10th 8:30-9:00 _________ 13:00-13:30___________13:30-14:00 Saturday September 11th 9:00-9:30_____________13:00-13:30________13:30-14:00 Cost ?950 per 30 min workshop session Exhibiting +Workshop Cost of the booth(select) ?500_____________?750_______________?950_____________?1500______________?1800_____________ cost of the workshop ?950 Total _____________ Discount 20%____________-

     PAYMENT INFORMATION Cheque payable to Anti-Ageing International Ltd._______________________ Credit Card Type: __ VISA __ MasterCard __ Switch/Solo Name on the Credit Card (print): ___________________________________ Credit Card Number: ____________________________________________ Start Date: _____________________ Exp. Date: _____________________ Security Number (three last digits on the back of the card): ______________ Deposit Amount ? _______________________________________________ Date _________________________________________________________ Authorized Signature: ____________________________________________

     I authorize Anti-Ageing International to charge my credit card .I have provided the amount indicated above. I also agree to pay Above total amount according to my card issuer agreement.


     September 10-11 • RCO, • London, UK, Anti-aging International Ltd.

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