Schedule ERW group 211E Case 2 ADHD

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Schedule ERW group 211E Case 2 ADHD

    Schedule ERW group 211E Case 2 Engineering for the real world Coach: Eva Sammels

Date Tasks

    Week 9 Write the Draft + interview (if this is not been done


    Week 10 Workshop 29/11 10-Work in team to the draft version, bring all your 12h V05.05 material (laptop, articles …)

    Discussion with the coach about the interview (how

    did it go…)

Deadline submitting draft via EVERYTHING needs to be present in the draft !!!

    email: Wednesday 1/12 14h Follow the structure according to the ppt ‘How to

    write a good report’ on toledo and make sure that

    every part is written.

    Make sure that the references are included correctly

    (use Zotero and follow the guidelines!) !!!

Week 11 Workshop Monday Individual feedback on the draft, team per team.

    6/12 V05.05 Schedule :

    10.00u: Team 1 (Song-Yafei-Boyang-Aizhi)

    10.25u: Team 2 (Jianlei-Xing-Yan-Sun)

    10.50u: Team 3 (Lingii-Bo-Leon-Xiuchuan)

    11.15u: Team 4 (Suihong-Yu-Yalcin-Sander)

    11.40u: Team 5 (Weiwei-Qi-Hongzhu-Cui)

    => Make adaptations to the report according to the

    comments and feedback

Deadline submitting final I will send all reports to everyone on saturday 11/12.

    report via email: Then everyone has a week to carefully read all other Friday 10/12 18h reports (of the other teams). Each student makes In Week 12 there is NO individually a document (=> deadline submitting

    workshop. these documents via email: Friday 17/12 14u).

    The last seminar will be given Every student sends thus 4 documents (about the

    in this week. reports of the other 4 teams). Mark your name clearly

    in each document in the footer.

    The document contains for each report:

    a) A summary of the solutions that the team

    proposes (about 50 words). Also mention the

    reasons why the team chose for these solutions.

    Keep this part objective.

    b) Comment on the proposed solutions (about 150

    words). Do you agree or not? Are the reasons

    convincing to you or not? Motivate your

    opinion. You can refer to your own research,

    and to the theoretical models (TAM, TPB,


    c) Make a list of questions which you would like to

    ask to the team, or comments you would like

    them to respond on (about 5 questions or

    comments). You may confront the other team

    with your own solutions.

Week 13 Workshop Monday Discussion

    20/12 V05.05 10-12h

Week 14 Final Test

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