Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

    Robert J. Neal

    Certified Public Accountant





Our Philosophy

    When it comes to choosing your accounting firm, quality, style, talent, and creativity should determine which firm is right for you and your business.

    Robert J. Neal, CPA is a talented group of individuals who have joined together in a highly regarded firm to offer you quality, professional accounting services.

    ? Innovative in the way our professional staff deliver results

    ? Responsive to the constantly changing needs of all our clients

    ? Committed to only the highest professional standards and deliverables

    Your CPA

    Your certified public accountant has become one of the most valuable assets to top management in all forms of business, whether small, large, not-for-profit, start up or other. In addition to professional accounting, auditing, income tax matters, financial planning, management consulting services or litigation support, your CPA may act as a catalyst (partner) in the business decision making process, as well as being a personal counselor.

    We Want to Help

    Whether it is planning strategies, arranging financing, budgeting operations, spotting tax savings, preparing financial statements to simply answering questions, we want to do those things, which will help your business to prosper. In order to better and more efficiently serve our clients, we maintain full service offices in Washington.

    Robert J. Neal, CPA is dedicated to assisting our clients and satisfying their needs, to be responsive in a timely rendering of services and bringing together individuals who have pertinent experience to assist in financial areas.

    Our Firm

    Robert J. Neal, CPA is a regional certified public accounting firm with offices in Washington. We provide professional accounting, auditing, tax and management consulting services.

    Our expectations are for continued growth, both short and long-term to keep pace with the needs of our clients. Our people are our most valuable asset. We are dedicated to developing people to the highest professional caliber. Our directors and staff frequently participate in selected training courses, seminars and workshops offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Insistence on

    professionalism, together with an emphasis on increasing a broad general business perspective in our people, will assure that we will continue to improve service to our clients and management of our own business.

    We offer audit and accounting-related services, together with sound business and financial advice and a full range of tax planning and management consulting services. We believe we will deliver a maximum value to our clients by approaching our work from a multi-discipline perspective.

Professional Membership

    ? American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

    ? Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants

    Fee for Services Rendered

    Concern about the level of fees for accounting services pervades most sectors of the financial community. We are sensitive to this concern and would be committed to ensure that all appropriate actions are taken to maintain our fees at reasonable levels throughout our association.

    Our fees based upon actual hours worked by various members of the engagement teams and billed on a monthly basis. Additional time required during the first year of an engagement for familiarization with operations, accounting systems and procedures and to obtain historical financial information is not included in our fees as we consider them an investment in a lasting relationship.

    Sounding boards for your ideas

    Our experienced personnel will discuss with you, in confidence, your ideas for:

    ? Planning for changes

    ? Evaluating business opportunities

    ? Compensation planning

    ? Structuring transactions

    ? Financing assistance

    ? Work simplification

    ? Improving cash flow

    ? Organization of the financial function

    ? Continuing and controlling growth

    ? Increasing profits

    ? Ownership transaction planning

    We know the tax laws

    Creativity and aggressiveness are the characteristics of a good tax management program. We would never jeopardize a client's position by bending the tax code, but we do exploit its opportunities to help you finance your business and accumulate family wealth.



    Tax services include advance planning in connection with proposed business transactions and new business ventures, and assistance in complying with tax laws and administrative procedures. Our tax personnel keep abreast of new statures, regulations and judicial interpretations in order to provide a full range of tax services including:

    ? Year-end income tax planning and projections

    ? Evaluations of various tax elections and alternatives

    ? Structuring of specific transactions

    ? Compensation planning

    ? Pension and profit sharing plans

    ? Representation before government tax agencies

    ? Preparation of tax returns and reports

    ? Providing assistance in planning and evaluating estate and financial programs.

    ? Analysis and recommendations concerning valuations of closely-held business interest.


    Accounting services include direct assistance and advice in the:

    ? Preparation of financial statements

    ? Preparation of projections and budgets

    ? Assistance in developing and implementing business plans

    ? Analysis of financial statement effects of proposed transactions

    ? Accounting for leases

    ? Accounting for mergers and acquisitions

    ? Assistance in the development and presentation of financial information to lenders. ? Presentation of supplementary financial and operating information to managements Auditing

    Auditing is the independent verification of financial data for management and outside parties and includes:

    ? Independent examinations of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing


    ? Performance of audit, review, and complication services

    ? Recommendation letters to management based upon the results of independent examinations ? Reports based on agreed upon procedures

    ? Special purpose examinations and reports

    ? Reviews of internal controls and accounting procedures

    ? Investigations of possible mergers and acquisitions

    ? Litigation support

    Management & Advisory Services

    Management advisory services include consultation on business matters and design and installation of

    financial controls. Management functions of analysis, planning and controlling:

    ? Profit planning

    ? Cash management

    ? Preparation of operating budgets and cash flow projections

    ? Accounting and financial management systems

    ? Cost accounting systems

    ? Cost analysis and controls

    ? Litigation support

    ? Bankruptcy services

    Introduction of New Ideas, Concepts and Methods:

    ? Work simplification

    ? Forms, records and reports design

    ? Production control

    ? Inventory management

    ? Forecasting and simulation

    Organizational Relationships:

    ? Organization of the financial function

    ? Compensation planning

? Performance evaluation

    Financial Assistance:

    ? Developing financial arrangements

    ? Review of operating and cash flow information with lenders

    ? Internal measures to generate cash

    ? Establishing banking relationships

    Computers & Data Processing:

    ? Feasibility studies

    ? Assist in selection of micro, mini and mainframe computer systems or alternative

    data processing methods

    ? Assist in interface of computer services

    Evaluation of Operations:

    ? Comparison of actual to planned results

    ? Sales in gross profit analysis by product lines

    ? Function breakdown of expenses

    ? Review and valuation of financial information with management

    ? Operation review

    ? Assistance in understanding financial data

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