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Over 80 Company profiles, containing information about key personnel, company histories, core activities, new developments, a SWOT analysis and full

    Research for Libraries

    Offering to

    C.A.U.L Members

    2010 2011

Research for Libraries

    Research for Libraries is the academic arm of Datamonitor a leading global market analysis

    company and is considered as one of the top super brand in this field. We bring together

    business and market intelligence from the world's leading market analysis companies to give your

    students and users an instant supply of up-to-the minute online information.

    This fully comprehensive information resource is widely used by major corporations worldwide

    and is also a proven valuable aid to students and users whether researching for qualifications,

    jobs or business.

    Research for Libraries would like to offer the bellow databases to CAUL members for 2010


    1. MarketLine (General / Business)

    2. Business Insights (Business/ Financial / Consumer Goods / Technology / Healthcare /


    3. Butler Group (IT / Technology)

    4. Product Launch Analytics (Marketing / New Product Development)

    5. Access Asia (General / Business)

    6. Life Science Analytics (Healthcare / Bio technology)

    7. Reuters Health (Healthcare news)

    8. Recession & Recovery

    There are also options this year to purchase back catalogue of certain databases for a one off

    fee(no recurring subscription cost). Please contact us for further details.


1. MarketLine (General / Business)

     MarketLine’s coverage is comprehensive, containing information on every major industry sector.

    Providing the perfect way to investigate new markets, assess the growth potential of new

    products and research and compare historical trends, our easy-to-use industry tools will help you

    and your users to gain an in-depth knowledge of whatever industry or sub sector you are

    interested in.

MarketLine provides:

    ? Profiles: company, industry and country

    ? Standardized data for easy market comparison

    ? Market size, segmentation, share and distribution data for 150 consumer

     products in 55 countries

    ? Coverage of approximately 200 non-consumer industries/markets, across 25 of the

    world’s largest economies

    ? Industry-standard analysis framework Porter’s Five Forces

    ? Future industry event calendars

    ? Industry resource details

2. Business Insights (Business/ Financial / Consumer Goods /

    Technology / Healthcare / Energy)

     Business Insights provides strategic management reports which cover 5 core industries:

    Consumer Markets, Energy, Financial services, Healthcare and Technology. Each report is

    based upon unique market research and provides detailed analyses of major markets.

    ? Consumer Markets

    Alcoholic Drinks




    Chilled and Frozen

    Food Retailing




    Soft Drinks


    ? Energy industry

    Gas Power

    Green Energy





    ? Financial Services industry






    Wealth Management

    ? Healthcare industry

    Biotech and R&D




    CNS and Pain





    ? Technology industry


    IT Services




    eCommerce Strategies


3. Butler Group (IT / Technology)

     Their products and services cover every aspect of the increasingly important impact Information Technology has on every business, from product purchase decisions to developing effective high-level strategy. They range from the visionary looking up to five years ahead to the current

    practical use of technology.

A variety of products, including:

    ? Technology Evaluation and Comparison Reports

    ? IT Management and Strategy Reports

    ? Butler Group Computergram

    ? Butler Group Weekly Reviews

    ? Butler Group MarketWatch

    ? Butler Group CIO Agenda

    ? Butler Group Directions

    ? Technology Audits

    ? White Papers

    ? End User Surveys

    ? Market Lifecycle Ratings


    ? Butler Group Review

    ? Information Economics Journal

    ? TECHwatch

    ? OpinionWire

4. Product Launch Analytics (Marketing / New product development)

As the world's largest online database of new consumer packaged goods,

    Product Launch Analytics provides you and your library users with a unique global awareness

    tool of new product launches.

    Spanning food, beverages, health and beauty aids, household, pet and tobacco products,

    Productscan Online is the world's largest online database of consumer products. With over two

    decades of global new product information on over 145 categories.

    ? The largest database of global information

    ? Over two decades of history

    ? Detailed descriptions

    ? Graphing and chart features

    ? Sophisticated searching tools

    ? Product pictures

    ? Print advertising

    5. Access Asia (General / Business)

     Access Asia has published more than 350 reports. These reports have been authored by analysts and consultants based in Asia to ensure that the information and knowledge delivered to you is

    the most factually accurate, current, and incisive possible.

    The content is divided into 3 types of report. 1. Market Sector reports

    Over 170 market sector reports, analysing in detail the size, trends and key players in consumer

    products, consumer services and industrial markets in China, Japan and Taiwan

2. Company profiles

    Over 80 Company profiles, containing information about key personnel, company histories, core

    activities, new developments, a SWOT analysis and full financial results analysis for at least two


3. Big Boss Profiles


Over 100 leading personality profiles, including leading industrialists, organisers, politicians and

    personalities shaping the world of business in Asia

    6. Life Science Analytics Report Center (Healthcare / Bio technology)

     Life Science Analytics’ Report Center is the number one resource for up-to-the minute biomedical

    corporate intelligence, tracking nearly 2,300 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biomedical

    companies worldwide.

    The Life Science Analytics’ Report Center is a first-stop research

    store that puts accurate market data and authoritative analysis and information at your fingertips.

    The Report Center consolidates all of Life Science Analytics’ global biomedical company reports

    into a single easily searchable online resource, allowing you and your users to find information

    quickly and simply.

    Subscribe to the Life Science Analytics’ Report Center and gain access to:

    ? Over 4,000 company reports that provide an unbiased, accurate, independent approach

    to company analysis

    ? Full reportage of company, pipeline, financial, competitor, clinical trials and deals and

    alliances information

    ? New content updated daily

    ? A wide breadth of intelligence and intuitive search functionality

    7. Reuters Health (Healthcare News)

     Covering the global healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, the Reuters Health

    Information team publish approximately 75-100 news stories each day. Each news story is written

    by our specialised, dedicated in-house team of journalists providing your users with up-to-the-

    minute news and breaking stories on company developments in more than 12 key therapy areas

    of the pharmaceutical market.

What's included?

    ? Health eLine

    The consumer-friendly news service for readers interested in wellness, healthcare and

    the latest medical treatments.


    ? Daily Medical News

    Ideal for keeping physicians and other medical professionals informed of developments in

    their field

    ? Reuters Health Industry Briefing

    The latest news on the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and diagnostics

    industries, updated every 15 minutes.

    This news service will save your users valuable time when sourcing information, allowing them to

    be better informed and understand more quickly a range of medical and healthcare issues.

    Some examples of areas covered in this service are:

    ? Oncology

    ? Neurology

    ? Respiratory

    ? Women's Health

    ? Infectious Diseases

    ? Rheumatology

    ? Oncology

    ? Neurology

    ? Respiratory

    ? Cardiology

    ? Mental Health

    ? Gastroenterology

    ? Men's Health

    ? Orthopaedics

7. Recession & Recovery

    This service will provide exclusive access to consumer and shopper research, industry opinion

    and the latest macro-economic stats and policy specific to the current recession and expected

    recovery. Its exclusive content includes:

    ? Detailed analysis of a rolling survey totalling 64,800 consumers across key markets,

    including Australia

    ? Longitudinal trend patterns from consumer diary tracking

    ? Case studies and excerpts from in-depth interviews with key opinion leaders

    ? The latest macro economic and demographic indicators

    ? News, opinion and analysis from our in-house Recession & Recovery team


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