APCLink Product Vision 2001_04

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APCLink Product Vision 2001_04


APCLink? is a suite of products including a product development environment, that together provide Brooks Automation customers

    with a wide range of open and expandable APC capabilities. The following is a product vision that includes a partial list of the envisioned product suite. All of these products are on the Brooks Automation roadmap. The “Description” column provides a

    description of the line item. The “Availability” column provides an indication of when the item will be available. Products in boldface are available today. Products in italics are currently available in Beta Release form. A target beta release date is indicated for the

    remaining items. The “Vision” column provides indication of long-term directions for this product.

Document Version 1.2, 07 April 2001

Brooks Automation Software Corp. APCLink? Product Vision SummaryConfidential


The Brooks Automation APCLink Product Suite: Last Update 04/2001

    1 Open standard platform housing APC plug-in applications, Today An open and scalable solution to support APCFoundation control business rules, data management, and data / the wide variety of APC scenarios Platform communications brokering; Separate Control, Current Data, throughout the semiconductor, memory

    Historical Data and Model Data Databases or Database and display manufacturing industries.

    partitions; SQL-based control rules interface; fully distributed


    2 Avaialble Library of Drivers for Interfacing to APCLink solutions; Today Expanding library including contributions rdAPCFoundation Drivers interfaces to TCP/IP, GEM-SECS, CORBA and DCOM from 3 parties. Driver validation. available; driver development services also available

    3 Future APCFoundation MBX, TIB, FactoryWorks, StationWorks, Sentinal etc., under Contact your Brooks Expanding library including contributions rdDrivers development. Automation from 3 parties. Driver validation. Representative rd4 Communication Driver Software package and training for 3 party APCLink 4Q2001 Expansion of in-house capability. Development Package communication driver development

    5 Comprehensive configurable R2R control application plug-in; Today Increase warehouse of models, Matlab R2R Plug-in

    models available for a number of processes; includes interface.

    metrology data filtering, limits monitoring, alarms

    management, control algorithm configuration, PM event

    compensation, and full data logging and browsing capabilities

    6 Lithography Run -to-Run Plug-in specialized for Lithography run-to-run control. Today-Beta Library for interfacing to variety of

    Control Plug-in Includes metrology data translation and analysis component, Lithography and Lithography metrology

    available separately. Supports target adjustment, recipe tools. Standard control rule scenarios for

    adjustment and re-work scenarios. Lithography (re-work, etc.). 7 FDC Plug -in Today Incorporation of full Sentinal + SMC data Client application plug-in that utilizes Patterns? FDC engine visualization and FDC soluion; FDC + R2R to provide FDC in APCLink environment demonstration, FDC templates for various

    processes; comprehensive data visulation

    and control solution library for various

    processes. 8 SPC Plug -in Plug-in application supporting configurable SPC of I/O data 3Q2001 (or earlier


    9 Limits Monitoring and Plug-in provides for monitoring of data with respect to control Today-Beta Library for relation of limits violation to

    Alarms Plug-in and spec. limits, and linking to alarm actions at tool or MES. supported actions in various tools and MES

    Fully configurable solutions. 10 Metrology Data Filter Plug-in supplied with R2R plug-in bundle that screens Today Expanded screening algorithms; Library of

    Plug-in metrology data for outliers configurations for common metrology tools 11 Metrology Deconvolver Plug-in that deconvolves metrology data into radial and Under Development, Wide-spread acceptance in industry; stand-

    Plug-in gradient non-uniformity components; improves CMP radial 3Q2001 alone and integrated / plug-in versions;

    uniformity control capability and provides for dual use of data access module library for array of

    metrology data to determine gradient non-uniformity thickness metrology tools.

    magnitude for PM scheduling at CVD

    12 Matlab R2R -Module Plug-in application that will allow the user to develop R2R 3Q2001 Library of Matlab R2R algorithms.

    Brooks Automation Software Corp. APCLink? Product Vision SummaryConfidential


Control Algorithm control algorithm solutions in Matlab; useful especially as tool

    Development Package to test algorithms and algorithm upgrades, and for rapid

    prototyping of R2R solutions.

    13 Other Plug -in’s An expanding library of off-the-shelf APC capabilities. Will Under Design or Comprehensive and expanding library of rdinclude Maintenance scheduling and management, OEE Development; plug-in’s, to include 3 party developed monitor, Yield monitoring and management, FFL-E Contact your Brooks plug-in’s. Plug-in conformance testing to (feedforward, lithography to etch), other feedforward, etc. Automation interface and behavioral specifications (see Representative below). 14 Plug -in Interface Object oriented open interface specifications. Allows user to R2R and Litho-R2R Comprehensive and expanding library of

    Specifications develop and interchange plug-in capabilities, e.g., allows user available today. open interface specifications.

    to develop and interchange R2R algorithm capabilities Others under


    15 R2R Control Module Object oriented open interface specification for Control Expanding library of control modules; Today Interface Specification Module of R2R plug-in; allows users to integrate their own support for fuzzy and neural network model R2R control algorithm solutions into the existing R2R plug-in types. module (to leverage the comprehensive capabilities of the

    plug-in such as data logging and visualization, data

    screening, and limits monitoring).

    16 Third Party Plug -in Software development package and training. Will aid users 3Q2001(in-house Plug-in development package to support

    Development Package and vendors in developing (and owning as desired) their own beta-solution expansion of the APCLink (GCC) concept

    APC applications. available today) in realms outside of APC. 17 Control Business Rules Currently control business rules set can be modified as Today-Beta Development Package necessary utilizing SQL. This product will support this

    process through database Forms user friendly interface

    18 Forms” Based Control Update to SQL development package that will allow non-3Q2001 Will support error checking, rule

    Rules Development database professionals to develop and maintain control rules consistency, and dynamic rule update; will

    Package in APCLink; incorporate patented learning mechanism

    for automatic rule adaptation; will provide

    library of “common” rule sets (e.g., lot

    splits, re-work). 19 Web -based Front End Web-based Front-End support for plug-in’s; will allow 2002 As desired by customer, fully browser-

    Concept for Plug-in User browser-based user interface integration; easy and dynamic based solution; fully integration with e-

    Interface Integration remote user access; and interface to e-diagnostics solutions diagnostics; interface capability to EES. 20 Training Training available on APCFoundation use and configuration, Today Dedicated to a comprehensive training

    APCFoundation plug-in development, Control business rules program to support the entire APCLink

    development, R2R plug-in configuration and use, FDC plug-in product suite.

    configuration and use

    21 Seminars and Courses Provide a comprehensive APC tutorial including book and Today Will continue to update this course with the

    course material latest information on APC innovation 22 Services APCFoundation deployment and customization, control Today Will continue to provide a strong service

    business rule development, integration, plug-in development capability to support all aspects of APCLink


Brooks Automation Software Corp. APCLink? Product Vision SummaryConfidential

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