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2006Introduction ... SEO Proposal

    Improving Website Performance and Profitability for ArcSoft, Inc.

A Search Engine Marketing Proposal

    Prepared For ArcSoft Inc.

March 22, 2006

    摩比斯網路行銷顧問有限公司 台北市忠孝路三段483308 TEL:(02)8772-7295 FAX:(02)2771-0370


    Thank you for the opportunity to present this search engine marketing proposal to ARCSOFT Inc. Mobius believes that its team can deliver substantial value to your company, address key business issues and improve your long-term results.

Strategy and Recommendations

    Based on the results of our preliminary assessment, we recommend a two-phase approach to implementing an effective search engine marketing strategy for ARCSOFT.

    Phase I: 23 months

    During the first phase, we will work with ARCSOFT to develop strategy and implement key changes that will deliver immediate results and enable the success of the second phase. Our recommendations for the first phase include:

     nd; Business Assessment(1st 2 week):

    we will meet with and interview ARCSOFT’s key members to validate assumptions and establish

    clear business goals. According to the understanding from the meeting, we will develop a

    preliminary keyword strategy. rd; Keyword Strategy (2nd 3 week):

    we will define 3 the most important keywords to be our primary search terms. We will also select

    20 to 30 supporting keywords to be our keyword strategy. We will review the keyword strategy

    with ARCSOFT to ensure that the most relevant terms are selected. The Keyword Strategy will

    be our SEO guideline and the standard for evaluation.

    ; Website Review (3rd 4th week):

    our technical experts will review the current Website’s application architecture, navigation

    systems, scripts, and layout to identify any required corrections or opportunities to improve

    performance. After reviewing ARCSOFTs website, we will have a blueprint for SEO

    implementation. th; Search Engine Optimization (4th 10 week):

    This is the main part of our work. At this stage we will implement SEO technique into Following works will be delivered:

    1. Improve document coding structure including title, meta description, meta keywords

    and all other SEO related coding.

    2. Replace script for main navigation. (current navigation is not optimized for search


    3. Implement keyword into images ALT (HTML argument) and links title.

    4. Design new CSS for Heading (h1, h2) and implement heading into pages.

    5. Landing pages - we will develop and integrate into the Website 1520 pages that are

    optimized to rank well search engines. Existing content will be used whenever possible.

    6. Link building review and structure outbound links and internal links. th; Directory Submissions (10th 12 week):

    we will conduct a search for relevant general and vertical Web directories, and submit appropriate

    listings to approximately 25 directories.

    ; Search Engine Ranking Track:

    According to keyword strategy, we will provide Search Engine Ranking Report for fast tracking

    of search engine ranking performance.

    摩比斯網路行銷顧問有限公司 台北市忠孝路三段483308 TEL:(02)8772-7295 FAX:(02)2771-0370

Optional (but recommended) activities for Phase I:

    ; Tracking Systems Implementation: Its recommended that an appropriate tracking system is

    implemented to allow campaign performance to be measured, tracked, and reported. Phase II: 36 months

    Once the initial campaign setup is complete, the team from Mobius will work with ARCSOFT to refine the strategy, improve results further, and conduct training with key staff to allow ARCSOFT to take over the routine maintenance and management of the campaign. Phase II activities include:

    ; Assess and Refine: within three months we will begin to see early results from the Nature search

    engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

    ; Training and Documentation: our training team will work with ARCSOFT to develop

    documentation and training programs to ensure that ARCSOFT members can be brought into the

    search engine marketing process. A 2 hour training program will be scheduled at this stage.


    Mobius recommends quarterly business reviews after the above two-phase strategy has been completed. Our participation in these reviews will ensure that ARCSOFT’s search engine strategy remains on track

    over time.

    These reviews can be set up under a contract (retainer), or called for by ARCSOFT as needed. The need for other ongoing activities (such as training) that ARCSOFT does not wish to carry out in-house can also be met by Mobius under the same flexible arrangements.

Estimated Cost of Work

    Phase I:

    SEO implementation

    NT. 50000/ month.

    3 month cost: NT. 150000

Phase II:

    Adjustment, Documentation and Training

    NT. 10000

Total cost: NT. 160000

Future cost:

    Consulting or training: NT. 2000/hr.

    Search Engine Ranking Report: NT. 8000/yr

    (Search Engine Ranking Report will be provided without charge within first year) 摩比斯網路行銷顧問有限公司 台北市忠孝路三段483308 TEL:(02)8772-7295 FAX:(02)2771-0370

Desired Results

    Based on our preliminary assessment, we believe that the following improvements are possible, and should achieve the business results that ARCSOFT needs to justify the effort:

    ; The integral improvement of Search Engine Optimization performance on

    ; At least 35% of the target keywords will rank on the first three pages of the Google or Yahoo

    nature search result.

    ; An obvious increase in traffic from Nature search listings

    As noted in our discussion of strategy, additional opportunities may be made by enhancing the usability of the Website itself. Mobius will assist ARCSOFT in developing a final strategy that balances all of the opportunities against the available budget.


    The entire Mobius team would like to thank everyone at ARCSOFT for their willingness to share information, and the opportunity to present this proposal. If our proposal is accepted, we can begin work on your campaign within 2 weeks, once a contract has been signed.

摩比斯網路行銷顧問有限公司 台北市忠孝路三段483308 TEL:(02)8772-7295 FAX:(02)2771-0370

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