a road not taken

By Pedro Woods,2014-06-22 13:07
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    The Enlightenment I Have Learned from the Road not Taken

    In this poem, I can see that the poet is skilled in utilizing the most common things to reflect profound philosophy. His words are usually plain, humorous, and easy for people to understand. The writing features can be seen in the whole poem which I think should be divided into two parts.

    In the first part, it mainly discusses that there are two different roads in front of him. And he chooses the desolate one. From this part, the poet depicts a kind of complicated psychological activity. Faced with two choices, he feels sorry that he can not choose both. Thus, he stands at the fork for a while, hesitating and thinking. One road is so wide, clear and smooth that he can see the end. The other is extremely quiet and desolate, which is full of temptation for people to explore. And finally, he chooses the desolate one, thinking about leaving the other one to be explored in the future.

    However, the second part tells the authors deep regrets several years later. He chooses

    the desolate one and ever since his destiny is confirmed.

    From the whole poem, we can learn that everyone is confronted with different choices all our life and what we choose will make a big difference to our fate. How a person spends his life mainly depends on the choice he or she makes at the fork. Consequently, different choices make different destiny. Though, sometimes we hesitate, thinking about the road we take again and again, the final decision is to be made definitely. We can see deep intension in this poem, which leaves a lot for readers to imagine. In this way, we are touched and sink into deep thinking. But I think the choices and decisions are all ours.

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