An Analysis of College Student Association Problems and Development Strategies_1070

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An Analysis of College Student Association Problems and Development Strategies_1070

An Analysis of College Student Association Problems and

    Development Strategies

     Key Words paper Reflections on the development of community college


     Abstract College Student Association on campus culture plays an important

    role, but with the development of the times, its original management system, gradually becoming visible defects, then, how they carry out reforms in order to consolidate its status? In this paper, the status of today's community colleges and universities to

    develop to analyze the plight of society's development prospects and should be thinking about ideas.

     College students in the like-minded society is based on the voluntary component,

    and to represent and reflect the wishes and interests of the general membership of

    social groups. It is the students found themselves to show themselves, beyond the stage of self, but also college students to improve their overall quality, to enhance the ability of social practice, in order to enrich college life, in order to lay the foundation for the

    future into the forefront of the community. The healthy development of community college students is conducive to a rich campus culture are conducive to the expansion of the second class of students is conducive to correctly guide the students to develop good

    hobbies and social responsibility, should be subject to school leaders and the community support and attention.

     1. College Student Association functional

     According to incomplete statistics, the national average every forty to fifty a college

    student organizations have more than 60% of students in the school belong to one or a few communities, and 90% of students took part in an activity organized by the community. Looking at nationwide colleges and universities, the total number of

    student societies there is no exact statistics, but the basic scope of student organizations include the following eight kinds: cultural type, entertainment, sports type, professional, research, practice type, press-and service-oriented societies. Some schools

    to make five kinds of community type classification: literature and arts, academic science and technology classes, sports, fitness classes, public service category and press promotions. Student organizations through its own activities in higher education is

    playing an indispensable and irreplaceable role:

     1.1 The organizational capacity of exercise

     The formation of a society to the normal conduct of community activities, organizers need to play to plan, organize, motivate, coordinate, control a variety of capacities. Because society is made of student self-organized, often a lack of funding and space

    activities, support, community activities in the organization process, the organizers have to overcome difficult site, funding difficult problem, regardless of whether the result be able to overcome such problems, all of a society organizer is exercise.

     Cultivation of the sense of collective 1.2

     Colleges and universities across the country are carrying out the reform of the credit

    system, the traditional concept of class was gradually broken, thereby losing the original concept of a place of collective training, students have lost a collective sense of belonging. In this case, the student community will undoubtedly become a collective

    concept of students the best place. Student organizations through their activities, increase understanding, enhance friendship, through the development of a series of rules and regulations of the standardized management of community members,

    students can be a good idea of the collective.

     1.3 The emergence of innovative ideas

     As the members of student societies are built on this foundation of common interests and hobbies, so, relative to other student groups, community members to communicate

    more easily and thus maximize the students to mobilize and bring into play the subjective initiative of community activities for students to make plans, in the event emerged more creativity and new ideas. For example, a university student

    entertainment Economic Association, noted that fewer students will find ways to create an entertainment center, entered the premises, students are free to have a drink, listen to music, and then randomly located in the entertainment center to the "cost box"

    Village vote drinks costs, somewhat similar to the campus pub feeling. Although this idea a bit too romantic feeling, and ultimately failed due to space constraints, but the students of this idea can not be denied.

     1.4 the formation of campus culture

     A variety of community activities are an important part of campus culture, through community activities after school for students to be able to provide more room for living space, but also conducive to set up a good study, and school spirit, so as to make

    certain the building of campus culture, contribution. For example, through lectures, to have access to the latest cutting-edge interdisciplinary research; through a mock court

    activity, the students can develop awareness of the law; through the English Corner,

    you can train students in spoken English; through the sketch show, can increase the level of art appreciation students, and so on. All of these are complementary to other student activities on campus culture, building deficiencies.

     "Development is the last word." Society development is also the success of the school mirror. No schools do not want to be able to grow in student organizations. However, in the eyes of many, student unions and associations, compared to the nature of the

    difference is the "official" and "private" distinction. School leaders tend to be more

    attention and support student development, because it is the school for students to control and management of a machine, but for those of us "folk" societies seem to have

    been neglected. Slogan has always said "the community development and growth," called the very sound, but in practical action is always "thunder and little rain, light bloom did not result." Site, funding is difficult to protect, associations can only fight as

    a guerrilla; policy, management, though more relaxed, but in guiding and helping the development community is certainly not enough.

     2. Community work, they should pay attention to several problems

     2.1 focus on community activities to enhance level of the building of a society of cultural depth

     A variety of community activities with easy-to-surface organization and attractive

    features, it is the corporate culture an essential part of building depth, but also in quality education, student organizations play a role in the process of the conventional way, should unremittingly, However, activities should be avoided "as the activities of organized activity" of the mechanics of sexual characteristics and short-term behavior,

    we must work hard in a rational, focusing on the quality and effectiveness, to help with community associations to establish a mechanism for the activities of its own characteristics, so that community activities system of regular practice, for students in

    the activity constantly being influenced by subtle inspiration to further development of the consolidation of their own qualities.

     2.2 with full respect for the autonomy of communities

     In the work, we must pay attention to community governance and respect for the

    autonomy of both communities combination of respect for the autonomy of community association management should be the basic premise. In the management of work, can create a federation of student organizations to exercise management functions, to

    achieve community self-management, self-service and self-development; in

    management, the greater should be taken to encourage, guide, motivate, etc. to promote the further development of society, man-made interference in the internal affairs of

    society, often counterproductive.

     2.3 The widespread use of social forces to work, take the road of socialization

     Community colleges and universities should not be closed, the schools, the best for the community to provide support and convenience is limited, but relies on its own

    strength is not enough, have to rely on social forces, such as the joint between schools, and business cooperation , the community character, etc. This can ensure the smooth development of group activities, on the other through an extensive co-operation can

    increase the students and the community contacts, enhancing understanding and awareness of the community.

     2.4 The emphasis on community summary and assessment work

     Quality education under the conditions of student organizations is a long-term work,

    it requires us to continuously explore, to find a development path suited to its own

    characteristics. Through social work can accumulate a good job of summing up the experience, in order to lay the foundation for further work to better serve the quality of educational services at the same time, through community assessment, to be sure that the development of a good society and as a demonstration community building, promotion of their work experience, which is the development of other associations will be helpful.

     University College Student Association, as a special student organization, its prosperity and campus culture to enrich the students after-school life and improve the

    ability of individual students and so plays an important role. However, as society progresses, more and more students community members facing a crisis of confidence, problems continue to arise, college student organizations culture is a relative downturn. Be reformed, if not for its guidance, the work of student organizations will encounter great frustration. Well, college student organizations on how to reform it? The following article will make a few of their views on the reform of thought.

     3. College Student Association should change their ideas

     3.1 to establish a "people" principles-based

     The work carried out in the community in the final analysis of the role. College students in many societies, and have neglected the role of people as the main body, the

    members on the status of passive object, non-members to pay attention to the

    enthusiasm and creativity to the lack of independent thinking, lack of well-being of

    personality, this has led to community awareness of the lack of competition and innovation, inhibit the development of societies. Therefore, all student organizations should establish a "person" concept, pay attention to the main role of the members.

     3.2 The explicit nature of society to play its own advantages

     Student organizations responsible person should have in mind such a concept,

    student organizations are all the same interests and hobbies of students self-organized

    mass groups, its target is the high cultural quality of university students, then he should first be conducted to understand community the activities are in line with its own characteristics, in line with the aesthetic taste of university students, but should not as a club to carry out the various interactions are entertaining, there is no purpose at all, has not played in campus culture in its proper role. Therefore, the college student groups that should be changed before the indifferent attitude that as long as the activities carried out on the line, than to the fundamental interests of the members first, members of the ownership status has not been really all about.

     4. College Student Association should strengthen self-construction

     In fact, it is the how to develop a society, the most important decision-making or

    Associations, Associations of development in the community plays a central role.

    Therefore, the reform of student organizations is a core issue in the Council building.

     4.1 Associations governing the construction of the primary issue is the quality of


innovation. This innovation should include at least two aspects. First, the concept of

    innovation, and one ways to innovate. The concept of innovation is mainly to guide the development of the concept of community innovation, he had to have a sense of the times to go into the characteristics of the times, comply with the development of the

    times. Method Innovation refers to the innovative methods of work, this approach should integrate theory and practice, directors and members, community culture and school culture, society and social relationships such as co-ordinate together, there

    should be a kind of grasp the overall situation of the working methods. Such as photography Photography associations on theoretical knowledge can be combined with hands-on, while it can affect all levels of off-campus co-establish contact with a view to

    get their new theoretical guidance and support.

     7. From club activities start with a good grasp of key aspects of community development

     Many student organizations are now increasingly from a social trend of blindly to meet members of the lower part of the anecdote of the need to carry out a number of frequently incompatible with the nature of the entertainment and the community, while not truly reflect the characteristics of its own, can not really attract the active participation of members, nor did organizations in the campus culture to play its due role. Associations to carry out the work should be reflected in at least the following two aspects.

     7.1 reflects its own characteristics, while carrying out educational activities and

    cultural knowledge to improve students ability to manage a variety of cultural knowledge to improve the level of cultural knowledge

     7.2 to the membership in how a man of education, how to adapt to the community's education, to develop their noble moral character, good psychological quality, and establish a correct outlook on life, values, world views, in an effort to study scientific and technical knowledge, learn to be, truly act as a "Two Courses" complementary role of education

     8. The development of community college students should be consistent with both internal and external to the principle of school-based

     College student societies should and must be based on the school This truly can arouse the enthusiasm of members, the development of campus culture, develop its own

    characteristics, but the campus is part of the community, student organizations must implement an open, into society. This is conducive to intellectual superiority to play a University of radiation effects on society. An active social and cultural prosperity, but also to social learning, to action learning, promoting community self-construction. But

    here the trend of society, not only the students in all social organizations, but to refer to itself with a more fully the social development, and he has a certain limit can not be completely melted by society. If the present Peking University and Tsinghua universities, and many other student organizations have towards society, not only enrich their own, but also to promote the further development of societies. So, how college students in the end of the move toward society?

     8.1 with its own characteristics, related to all sectors of society to seek the guidance

and support

     For example Literary Society, he will be in conjunction with all levels of the text, Writers Association, school communities such as literature, strengthen ties, but also with the media around to maintain good relations; Environment Council can also work with environmental agencies links. If the College Student Association and the

    community which will be able to maintain the same student groups into society possible.

     8.2 the use of breed resources, seek social support for business

     As a reality, funding for community college students are very nervous, it is also

    restricted an important reason for the development of societies. Funding issue has been the expectation of many student organizations can be resolved. As the market economy and modern society, in order to solve this problem had been supported. At this point,

    many brand-name schools, student organizations have taken the lead. Such as literature advertising agency to provide language for business planning, drafting of documents and other services can also be used for their own publications to make

    certain services.

     8.3 The use of modern media's role in the community into the broader social

     In modern society, the network has developed rapidly as a society provides the conditions for the further out. The community can create their own web pages, you can

    also network with the outside world and further keep in touch.

     8.4 in moving toward a society we should also maintain its own purity

     Ya now popular in literary circles and the vulgar debate on the issue that is truly

    elegant literature, and folk literature is the market assimilation of literature, literature's "heresy." Although I do not agree with this view, but it reminds us, after all, should pay attention to how the market under the effect of improving itself, and

    how to maintain their purity, which is what we have to discuss the issue, which we should pay attention to the problem.

     First, should be towards society as a means of improving their own, rather than the ultimate aim.

     Secondly, should maintain their independence, rather than as a social group possessed.

     Third, students should be societies and social groups separately, can not be profitable as a fundamental purpose.

     Fourth, student organizations should maintain a good reputation. College Student

    Association exists as a school entity has its own necessity and possibility, it does in the school's education play an irreplaceable role, as generation after generation of the

continuous efforts of associations of people, society has been formed on a larger scale

    situation. However, as it continues to develop, a variety of problems after another appeared, while the face of these problems, we should have new ideas and new methods, not only to stay in their appearances, we should go deep into a deeper level

    through the phenomenon found in nature of the problem from the fundamental solution to these problems. The same time, the solution to these problems also requires the joint efforts of all community college students, so that student organizations to

    assume their true responsibilities and roles, making it truly become a member of the trust and rely on the warmth of home.


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