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22 Jan 2010Conduct SWOT analysis; Identify new Products and efficient processes; Delegate Responsibility; Train and Develop. Jointly conduct SWOT with


? Position and Title: Facilities Manager

    ? Reports to: Operations and Services Manager

    ? Key relationships: All Management, Primedia (Pty) Ltd, Cape Town Operations, My

    ? Closing Date: 22 January 2010

    PURPOSE: Support the Operations and Services Manager in all Operations of the Entire


    Co-ordinate all Facilities and Administrative Functions of the Business in an Efficient SCOPE:

    and cost effective manner


    Outcomes/ Performance Standards

     1. Facilities Management

     Plan all operations activities and report on them

    accordingly. ? Planning Carry out all tasks according to the specified ? Implementing schedule. ? Execute Execute all functions according to the Project plan ? Budgeting and Maintain all facilities on a regular basis. ? Compliancy Compliant with all operational activates.

    Assist the Chairman of the committee with all the 2. Comply with the OHSAct.

     necessary legislative requirements.

    Take minutes, distribute and allocate the respective ? Administrations of the Act. tasks to committee members ? Monitor Radiation Activity in and Has to be familiar with the COID, WCA and GPA around the Building principles. ? General Building Safety for Staff and Guests

    This is one of the Critical Non Negotiable functions 3. Disaster Recovery Plan (BCM) and

    of the Business and the continuous planning and Business Continuity Management

    executing of the relevant departments DRP in Jhb

    and CT. Full operations assistance not only on ? Full Operational Functions OPS and Services but the Entire Group.

Familiarise themselves with the E Procurement 4. E Procurement

    processes and formulate reports and process on a

    regular basis. Planning of reporting with Graphs,

    Calculations, Projections, Predictions etc. This is a

    critical tool in establishing our Strategy requirement

    and cost containment initiatives.

Support the Ops and Service Manager with all 5. Environment, Climate Change and

    activities identified and find new innovative ways in Energy Management

    greening the entire building, reducing our Carbon

    footprint and conservation of our energy


Jointly conduct SWOT with all department 6. Strategic Planning

    members and provide input in establishing clear

    goals ? Conduct SWOT analysis Record Critical Success factors ? Identify new Products and efficient Review Strategy on regular basis processes Transfer of Skills and Multiskilling ? Delegate Responsibility

    ? Train and Develop

    Maintain effective Security for all Staff and Guests ? 7. Security especially on air. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Full Security Requirements for a 24/7 current security situation at all times and training of Operation new staff on Strict Security Measures.


    Matric Qualifications:

    Facilities Management and Administration Diploma

     DRP Processes 2-3 years Experience

    Health Safety and Environment 3 years Experience:

    Managerial Experience 3 years

    Worked in Commercial Radio Environment will be an


    Budget, finance understanding

    Business skills


     1. Leadership

     ? Ability to lead Harness commitment of the individual and learn to ? Ability to plan deliver results ? Ability to follow through

    ? Understanding of strategy

    ? Goal orientated

    2. Managerial ? Experience Min 3 years ? Ability to see bigger picture Drive and value chain ? Ability to Execute strategy

    ? Maintain focus on Key Goals

    ? Set and manage deadlines

    ? Demonstrates good time management

    ? Multi Tasking

    ? Lead, Motivate and Inspire a Team

     3. Conceptual Ability

     ? Planning and Implementing of tasks according Link analytically obtained information from various to strict budget and time lines sources to solve problems. ? Ability to involve all role-players and designate

    tasks with clear outcomes

    ? Ability to prioritize and improvise, depending on

    the Project.

    4. Communication ? Strong verbal and written communication ability ? Ability to prepare all types of documentation, Establish understanding and acceptance to reach budgets, reports, letters. your objective. ? Ability to facilitate two way and group


5. Interpersonal ? Relate to all people at all levels and from diverse cultures Understanding human behaviour to mobilise ? Listen and interpret the needs of others people in reaching set objectives.

     Contribute to contribute overall strategy 6. Strategic

     ? To plan, prioritise and budget To envision and plan for the future to sustain ? Ability to look for new and innovative ways of company/ departmental unit growth conducting business

    ? Broad Business Principles

7. Technical Field ? Computer literate ? Understanding of Business processes and Job specification field principles

    ? Understanding Radio station activities


Suitable candidates will be selected in accordance with Primedia Broadcasting’s Employment

Equity Policy.

All interested applicants, please forward CV’s to:

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