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For the issues that have been identified in this SWOT Analysis, NACA seeks to maximize its strengths and opportunities and minimize weaknesses and emerging

    NACA Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan, prepared by the Nunavut Arts and Crafts

    Association (NACA) in July 2009, provides a direction for what

    the Association “should do” based on existing realities and

    emerging trends. A key strength of Strategic Planning is that it

    deals with the organization as a “whole”. When properly

    implemented, the process opens the door for ownership and of

    the selected direction. Within the Strategic Plan we use phrases

    such as existing realities and the willed future. These terms need

    to be understood.

Existing Realities

    ? Describes present strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

    and threats, as well as emerging political, environmental,

    social and technological trends

Willed Future

    ? Describes the position and capabilities determined to be

    appropriate to achieve NACA’s “vision” for the future

As part of the work associated with developing the strategic plan

    we asked the following types of questions?

    ? What NACA activities should be emphasized / entered /


    ? What services should be offered?

    ? Who should be NACA’s clients?

    ? How should NACA’s services be made available to artists?

    ? What resource capabilities should NACA continue to

    maintain and acquire?

    ? How should NACA’s resources be managed?

    ? How should NACA communicate with its various target

    audiences and “stakeholders”?

    ? What management processes should be designed to ensure


    ? What are the relevant standards of success?

The initiatives identified in the Strategic Plan provide the logical

    framework for identifying projects most relevant to the NACA’s

priorities. Projects are ranked according to their contribution to

    identified organizational priorities, allowing resource (money)

    decisions to be considered and time constraints to be factored

    into decision-making. Following development and approval of the

    Strategic Plan NACA needs to develop a set of Key Initiatives that

    will work to drive the plan forward as well as issues that might

    present possible roadblocks.

Key Initiatives

    ? Identify the major actions that must be accomplished to

    successfully resolve important NACA issues and transform

    the organization


    ? Describe the primary factors that act to block or promote

    the transformation of NACA from its present state to the

    “willed future”

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT


For the issues that have been identified in this SWOT Analysis,

    NACA seeks to maximize its strengths and opportunities and

    minimize weaknesses and emerging threats.


    ? NACA has a solid foundation from which to build

    ? Artist groups support and are working with NACA

    ? NACA has an experienced and reputable Board of


    ? NACA has effective relationships with funding agencies


    ? Communication with artists is difficult due to distances

    ? Airfare costs and distances create a situation where the 2

    Board does not have sufficient time to be together and

    develop more meaningful relationships

    ? Lack of presence within the communities is a challenge

    for NACA

    ? Lack of direction in the past has been an issuewith this

    Strategic Plan this weakness will be addressed ? NACA policies, bylaws and procedures need to be

    updated and strengthened

    ? NACA has had some difficulties in the past and this

    history continues to be with us to some degree


? Clean slate to move forward and “go for it!” with funders

    ? 2010 Vancouver Olympics represents an opportunity to

    showcase Inuit arts and crafts on a world stage ? Additional money is available from Indian and Northern

    Affairs Canada (INAC) for a variety of economic

    development opportunities

    ? Opportunity currently exists with the Government of

    Canada to access $90 million over five years for the

    North, allocated to the three territories. This money is

    labeled under the heading of Strategic Investments for

    Northern Economic Development. Funds are to be used

    for innovative ideas, targeted ideas and to help with job

    creation and employmentthere will be an additional $5

    million this year and next year

    ? Funding is available for an officer to manage projects ? Art and Crafts Strategy developed by the Government of

    Nunavut known as Sanaugait represents an

    opportunityit provides a possible funding platform for


    ? Nunavut Brand coordinated look represents an

    opportunity for Inuit artists to obtain recognition and


    ? The Government of Canada is focusing on the North at

    the present time

    ? Arts and Crafts Development Fund represents an

    opportunity for NACA

    ? The growing use of the Internet represents an

    opportunity for artists to sell their arts and craftsa new

    marketing channel 3

    ? Development of the Artist Database represents an

    opportunity to understand the significant contribution of

    the Inuit arts and crafts industry

    ? The opportunity exists to integrate the history of Inuit

    arts and crafts as well as lessons and instruction into the

    school curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and

    into community colleges

    ? Under the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, stones can

    be quarried without a permitthis represents an



    ? NACA needs to act now and take advantage of

    opportunities or else the Association’s reputation will be


    ? NACA needs to act now or the current favorable political

    will may evaporate

    ? AMMPA restricts trade of all marine animal products ? European markets are very difficult at this time due to

    the ban on seal products

    ? H1N1 and its potential spread represents a threat

    ? Cost of travel creates a barrier to exporting Inuit arts

    and crafts and to inbound tourism

    ? Lack of a sustainable industry in Nunavut represents a

    threat for NACA if the economy is not doing well it

    creates a challenging environment for the arts

    ? Despite having an artist community of more than 4,000

    the Nunavut arts and crafts industry continues to

    operate below capacity

    ? Funding

    o Changing priorities

    o Due dates too close

    o Translation timing and costs are always an issue

    o Flexibility ? Lack of information related to arts and crafts within

    communities represents a threat

    ? Application forms for grants and other types of funding

    are not always clear

    Political, Environmental, Social and Technological Analysis

    (PEST Analysis)

    Political 4

? Currently NACA enjoys a situation where it has a

    considerable amount of support

    ? Another federal election could be looming and this will

    have the effect of delaying Government of Canada

    funding and initiatives

    ? The Harper Government has cut the arts in the past and

    this remains a potential threat


    ? US and Europe represent challenging markets for Inuit

    arts and crafts due to perceptions related to “seals”

    ? Distances between communities and the separation of

    artists from each other is a challenging environmental

    factor that NACA deals with constantly

    ? Lack of stone for carvers and art supplies for those

    working in other media represents an environmental


    ? Climate change issues, locating and mining soapstone,

    as well as sealskin harvesting are all environmental



    ? Fewer young people are choosing to be artists (depends

    on community)

    ? Recognition of value of art, being sold for what artists

    need now rather than recognizing the value of their time

    and the actual costs is a social issue

    ? Language barriers are always an issue


    ? Availability of tools is a significant issue

    ? Lack of financial institutions in the North creates a

    situation where it becomes difficult to purchase / order

    tools from southern retailers and distributors

    Willed Future


    Key for assigning priority levels and year of


    - Priority LevelA, B, or C st- Fiscal-year 1, 2, 31 is current year ended March 31 st2010, 2 is year ended March 31 2011 - N/R No direct involvement by NACA required

    - Where there is a direct linkage to Sanaugait the

    Government of Nunavut’s Arts and Crafts Strategy this is


    Helping Artists

    A. 1 Artists have better access to carving tools and art


    ? Artists in each community have good access to high

    quality carving tools and other arts supplies they require

    ? To assist retailers, NACA conducts a survey of its

    membership to compile specific requirements of artists

    for tools

    ? NACA helps artists with the process of ordering tools and


    ? NACA sends letters and in some cases visits tool and art

    supply retailers to help facilitate connections. Letters are

    sent to manufacturers, distributors and retailers on what

    they should carry to effectively serve artists in


    ? NACA works to encourage tool distributors and art

    supply dealers to visit communities and talk to artists

    A. 2-4 Artist associations exist in each community

    • Local associations of artists exist in each community

    (Funding available through SanaugaitArts and

    Crafts Government of Nunavut, Fiscal Year 2010-

    2011: Fund shared studios to create affordable

    workspaces that are conducive to sharing new ideas, 6

    fostering learning and mentoring skills development

    within a safe environment promotional activities

    (including online direct sales) to further develop

    Nunavut art markets and cultural events)

    ? Visual artists working in all media are provided support

    by local associations

    ? Local associations connect to regional associations and

    in turn to the Territorial Association (NACA) ? Individual attention, mentoring, knowledge and skills

    transfer is provided to each artist

    ? Local associations lead marketing efforts to coordinate

    activities with visiting cruise ships

    ? Marketing training is provided including direct marketing


    ? Associations help to facilitate tours for artists to go

    south to display their works in shows and connect with

    dealers and gallery owners

    ? Associations organize local artist events and promote


    A. 2-5 NACA supports improved arts training for youth

    ? NACA supports improved arts and crafts training for

    youth so that knowledge is transferred and skills are

    passed down

    ? NACA applies to the Canada Council for Mentorship

    funding in support of training for youth

    B. 2 Knowledge transfer and artist training

    ? NACA facilitates access to grants for local artists ? Carving tools and other arts and crafts supplies are

    available with which to train youth

    ? Stone and other art supplies are available for training

    B. 3 Regional youth visual arts awards program exists

    ? Three regional youth awards are established ? Young artists are featured in galleries


B. 3 Recognition and awards for artists

    ? Better recognition exist for the truly great visual artists

    of the Territory perhaps with involvement from the Inuit

    Arts Foundation or in conjunction with the

    Commissioners Award Program

B. 3-4 Kindergarten to Grade 12 an on to community

    college teach Inuit art history, art classes and


    ? NACA assists the Government of Nunavut determine the

    feasibility of an augmented arts skills curriculum from

    kindergarten to the community college level that focuses

    on Inuit Arts and Crafts

    (Funding available through SanaugaitArts and

    Crafts Government of Nunavut, Fiscal year 2009-

    2010: Determine the feasibility of an augmented arts

    skills curriculum from kindergarten to the community

    college level)


A.1 Biographies of artists

     • Biographies for all artists are available in four languages

A.1 Marketing training for Nunavut artists

    ? Training is provided to artists so they are completely

    familiar with direct marketing, as well as have the know-

    how to effectively market and sell their arts and crafts

    using alternative marketing channelsdirect to tourists,

    online sales to southern markets, direct sales to galleries

    in the south and other direct mechanisms

    (Funding available through SanaugaitArts and 8

    Crafts Government of Nunavut, Fiscal year 2009-

    2010: Work with NACA to create a database for artists

    and buyers alike and increase the artists’ direct

    marketing skills and abilities)

    A. 1 Effective communications

? NACA provides effective communications to each


    o Timely communications

    o Focused messagesthe right information

    o Appropriate languages are always used in

    communicating messages

    o Correct media are always used, perfect for the

    contextlocal radio, print, online

    o Produces podcasts with CARFAC on its programs

    providing support for artists such as information

    on copyright law

? NACA deals with News North and Nunatsiaq News to link

    to the news media’s visual arts articles and the

    Association repurposes this information via an online

    NACA art news website

    A. 1 Brandingsupporting the new Nunavut Brand

? An effective partnership exists with the Igloo Tag

    Branding Program

    ? The Nunavut Brand is regarded as a solid, authentic

    symbol for marketing and communicating the value of

    Inuit art

    ? Nunavut brand is sought after by buyers

    ? Buy-in exists across the territory from all artists

    ? Nunavut Brand becomes similar to the “Nike of shoes”

    ? NACA encourages the Government of Nunavut to

    administer the brand properly and maintain it so that it

    holds its authenticity

    (Funding available through SanaugaitArts and

    Crafts Government of Nunavut, Fiscal year 2012-9

    2013: Assist GN in advocating on behalf of the Inuit

    artists of NunavutKeep Igloo Tag Program Alive

    Fiscal year 1012-2013: Secure market share through

    international brand recognitionall Nunavut exports to

    share a common brand based on the excellence of their

    arts and the traditions on the land)

    A. 1 Effective communications and relations with art

    dealers and art galleries and other relevant


? Consistent and effective communications are maintained

    with buyers, galleries, and other relevant organizations

    in the south

    ? NACA works to create closer ties with the Inuit Art

    Foundation (IAF). A joint board meeting is held at the

    next possible opportunity to discuss projects where

    NACA and IAF can collaborate

    ? NACA acts as a coordinator, rather than buyer, deals

    with patrons and facilitates art going to shows and then

    into galleries (NACA will work out the mechanics)

    ? Artists associations in each community and eventually

    an artists’ retail outlet in each community will be a

    bridge to the Art Dealer and Art Gallery Network

    ? Working with NDC, NACA develops an effective online

    marketplace for dealers, galleries and others to buy

    Inuit arts and crafts.

    (Funding available through SanaugaitArts and

    Crafts Government of Nunavut, Fiscal year 2009-

    2010: NDC’s website development serves as a third-party payment

    processor to allow on-line billing

    Fiscal year 2010-2011: Including an Internet shop in

    conjunction with NACA)

? NACA works on a joint exhibition in England with NDC

    and the Narwhal Gallery to promote Inuit art in the UK

    A. 2 Retail outlets for Inuit arts and crafts exist in each



    ? NACA advocates for the establishment of retail outlets in

    each community featuring Inuit Arts and Crafts

    ? Flea markets exist in each community

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