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By Stephanie Smith,2014-06-22 13:50
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    In some western countries,there is a principle guiding a penal court:The court must eliminate any reasonable doubt to prove the accuseds guilt.In other words,the accused should be considered as

    innocent before being proved guilty.Reasonable doubt refers to the doubt that comes from the accuseds guilt existing in the mind of an ordinary,fair,honest,sensible and cautious person. In the theory,the concept of thinking the accused innocent until being proved guilty makes sure that the case is not misjudged and that an innocent person is not unjustly treated.In the one-act play Twelve Angry Men,No.8 juror used the concept to save the boy.He put up with one reasonable doubt after another until other jurors agreed that there was no evidence to prove that boy was guilty.

    However,in other circumstances,the principle may be helpful for criminals to get away from punishments.If a criminal is rich, he can employ a very competent lawyer to defend him.If his lawyers are experienced,master of law,willing to defend anyone for money,its easy for them to

    find holes from the witnesses testimonies and raise reasonabledoubts.Even the lawyer is trained

    to ignore the questions of right and wrong or guilt and innocence ,and try to keep his clients out of prison and out of jail.

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