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the introduction of the Great Wall

    Construction of the Great Wall has a long history of the majestic immensity of the world rare miracle. Great Wall was less than non-hero. Great Wall north-south staggered things, stretching in our great motherland vast land. It seems like a dragon, crossing the Towering mountains and through the vast grassland, crossed the vastness of the desert, plunging toward the ocean. According to historical literature, there are over 20 countries the feudal

    monarchy and the nobility, to the Great Wall, if the construction of the Great Wall various times combined, about 10 Miles above. Of the Qin, Han and Ming dynasties three of the required length of the Great Wall are more than 1 Miles. Currently, China's Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Henan, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have the Great Wall, a relic of Taiwan-fire. Of which only the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the Great Wall, to more than 30,000.

    Ming in the "outside" of the Great Wall, the construction of the "edge" Great Wall and the "three " The Great Wall. "Guan" to the Great Wall built by the Northern Qi Dynasty basis, starting from Inner Mongolia and Shanxi Pianguan at the junction of the west, the East via Yanmenguan, Ping-all related to Hebei, and then discount to the northeast the source, Fangshan, Changping

    Zhuxian, Direct Juyongguan, and then from the north and east, Huairou to the four customs, and the "outside" Great Wall connecting to Zijinguan as the center, a generally north-south. "Three-" The Great Wall in many places and "edge" Great Wall parallel, in some places, separated only two scores in the city. In addition, the construction of a large number of "heavy City." Yanmenguan area "heavy city" has as many as 24!

    Great Wall was China's ancient miracle created by the working people. Since Qin Shihuang, the construction of the Great Wall has been a major project. According to records, the emperor used to build the Great Wall nearly 1 million labor force, the country's population of 1 / 20! There was no machinery, in addition to transport soil, the blocks can be transported by donkey, goats can mountaineering livestock, all have to rely on human labor, and the working environment is mountains, cliffs Shenhe. One can imagine that a lot of people did not take painstaking labor, it is impossible to complete this enormous project.

    The works of the Great Wall, according to a rough estimate, only the construction of the Ming Dynasty as an example, if the brick, earthworks built with a 1 m thick, high-five meters of the wall, around the Earth more than a week. If built to a width of 5 metres, 35 cm thick in the road, it will be able to orbit the earth in the 34 weeks. If all dynasties of the required total to 10 Miles,

    then this long wall, and orbit the earth 10 weeks of this road, and orbit the earth 34 weeks.

    "Because of the topography, with the risk of Cypriot" is the construction of the Great Wall, which is an important experience, the emperor of the time it is certainly down, Sima Qian it into the "Historical Records" are. Every subsequent construction of the Great Wall are a dynasty in accordance with the principles of this. All are built Guan City Pass merits in the choice between two mountain valleys, or at the turn of the river. Pingchuan or the necessary contacts, such险要can control, but also save manpower and materials, in

    order to meet the "one husband when customs million Fumo open the" effect. Build castles or towers also choose "to the Department Sigu" As for the construction of walls, but also to make use of the terrain, as if Juyongguan, Badaling Great Wall are on the back along the mountain building, and some lots from the walls looking very dangerous lateral and medial Zeshen was smooth, or "easy to defend and hard to attack" effect. Liaoning in the territory of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall Liaodong there is a town called Mountain dangerous walls, Pishan wall is steep wall of a cliff, a little on the cliff Piqiao to become the Great Wall. Many places use exclusively cliff cliffs, rivers, lakes, as a natural barrier, can be said to be true of the south pointing carriage

    Great Wall, as one of the great works as a precious heritage of the Chinese nation.

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