OPC-3 Retail System

By Lloyd Wallace,2014-05-17 09:21
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OPC-3 Retail System

    OPC-3 Retail System


    1) Increase retail sales by 100% or more.

    2) Kick off your business and change from a “Stable” or “Waiting” distributor to a “Go Now” distributor.

    3) Retail to recruit new business partners.

    Food for Thought

    1) Choose one major and one minor with Market America. Otherwise you spread yourself too thin. Your

    major may be OPC-3 and the retailing system and your minor may be anti-aging or Transitions, etc. This

    system enables you to find new partners. Think about it, if you put someone’s auto-immune challenge or

    disease into remission (with OPC-3), you will have a customer for life or a new business partner.

    2) Many health challenges can be helped with OPC-3. It’s like Roto-Rooter it goes into your system, cleans

    out your blood and helps the body heal itself.

    Getting Started

    1) Be a product of the product.

    2) Take the Health Awareness Survey so you are familiar with the tool.

    3) Have enough OPC-3 available (1-2 cases at all times).

    4) Create a list of 20 people you will contact; preferably people in your warm circle of influence.

    5) Ask them: “Who do you know who has…aches & pains, MS, Arthritis, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, allergies,

    auto-immune challenges, IBS, Diverticulitis, Asthma, Crohn’s Disease?” 6) Purchase a daytimer.

    7) Make a 90-day commitment. The first 30 days may seem slow, the next 30 days will start to pick up

    momentum and by the last 30 days you will have so much going on.

    Materials You Need to Get Started

    1) Health Survey download from Go to: forms > health survey front.pdf and health

    survey back.pdf (listed alphabetically). Print on high-quality paper in high-quality print mode (and in color,

    if possible) so it looks professional. Remember: This survey represents you and our company’s

    commitment to a quality product before they see the product.

    2) OPC-3 Brochure from MA, code #288

    3) Isotonic Brochure from MA, code #159

    4) download science for OPC-3 and have printouts made for your packets.

    5) OPCs: Harvesting Nature’s Anti-Aging Bounty booklet from MA, code #773 OR Live Better, Longer: The

    Science Behind the Amazing Health Benefits of OPCs book from MA, code #778

    6) Clear plastic folders with a tie string or Velcro top (approx. size 12” x 10”)

    Health Survey

    1) Use the survey to help build your business. Also a great tool for follow-up.

    2) Goal is to get five new surveys filled out every week.

    3) Questions are on one side spot for you, family or friend. The bottom section has a question that reads

    “Would you be willing to use a product that would address these concerns?” If they answer yes to this

    question you have a 90-95% chance of getting the sale. This box is key.

    4) ALWAYS, always, always have surveys with you, wherever you go briefcase, car, truck, purse. 5) Always dress professionally when you distribute this survey since the prospective customer actually “buys

    you” first before buying the product. Be a professional and look professional – and earn a professional


    6) Practice these scripts over and over. Role play with a business partner so you are confident and prepared

    when an opportunity presents itself. When it does, step out of your comfort zone and go for it!

    Approaches to get Completed Surveys

    First ask: “Are you will to do me a favor?” or “Would you be willing to help me out?” Then say:

“I (or say my spouse, husband, wife, mother, father) just partnered with a product brokerage company and they

    are doing some research, and collecting data on nutritional supplements. I’d like to know what you know about my number one supplement. But before I can tell you about it, would you be willing to fill out this survey?”


“My company has asked me to get these surveys filled out to find out how much people know about free

    radicals and their effect on the body. Would you be willing to fill out a survey?”


“I’d like to know what you know about my number one selling product. Would you be willing to fill out this


    Survey Opportunities

    1) After interviewing a prospect about the business, tell them about our number one selling product, and ask

    them to fill out a survey.

    2) Kick-Offs have all guest fill out a survey

    3) Product Parties a great time to fill out the survey

    4) Transitions Overview give survey, use as part of classes to collect health history information

    5) Consider using survey as a drawing incentive at Product Parties.

    Now What?

    Survey is filled out, you respond with something like this to get conversation flowing:

“Wow, Mary, I see you or (someone they indicated) is struggling with _____________, or has _____________

    concerns. Share with me what this means to you.”

    If they checked “yes” in the bottom box, it’s time to share the OPC-3 information packet with them. Try one of these approaches:

“I want to share this information packet with you that I believe will be very beneficial in helping you with your

    health challenge/concerns.” Mention that you need it back in 48-hours. THEN be sure to mark your daytimer and follow up when you tell them you will.

    No Survey Approaches

    If you aren’t comfortable using the survey, try one of these conversational approaches.

“Hi, Mary, are you still having challenges with your ___________? Listen, I found a product that I’ve seen

    help a lot of people with your exact same situation. I’m going to send you (or give you or drop off) information

    for you to check out. Then I’ll give you a call in a couple of days to see if you want to try it.”

    Note: The key is that you are telling them what you are going to do, not asking them. It’s key to say that: I’m going to drop off some information and I’m going to call you.

Note: If you have been in the business and already have Preferred Customers, go back to them. Ask them to fill

    out the survey. You will learn a lot about them and their family and friends. You can use a $5 referral discount

    as an incentive. Your existing Preferred Customer will receive a $5 discount for everyone they refer to you who

    purchases a 90-serving bottle of OPC-3.

    What to Include in the Information Packets

    1) OPC-3 info sheets

    2) Testimonials have a file folder always on hand. Have it sorted by the various auto-immune disorders.

    Include the appropriate testimonials in the packet for your potential customer.

    3) Live Longer book or Harvesting Nature’s Bounty book. Choose appropriate book based on your customer. Live Longer book is simpler and a quick read. Harvesting book is more scientific and may be more appropriate for a nurse or doctor.

    4) Include articles specific to potential customer, as appropriate, such as, athletes, gym owners, etc. If they

    indicate on the Health survey that weight is an issue, include a Transitions flyer.

    Information Packets Follow-up

    Give packet then wait 48-hours to follow-up. Use the following:

    “Hi Mary, did you look over the information packet I gave you?”

If No

    “Wow, you must be very busy! Mary, how many days do you need to review the material?” Confirm

    number of days and stress how important it is to get it back and then promptly write that date in your


If Yes

    “Wow, amazing isn’t it? OPC-3 is the most powerful antioxidant on the market. It’s 20 times more

    powerful than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E as a free radical scavenger. Based on

    the challenges you told me you have, you’ll want to get started on it, don’t you think?”

If No

    “Really? You really don’t want to try it? Well, thank you anyway.” No need to be pushy, move on.

If Yes

    Ask them to commit to trying the product for 90-days. 30 days is not enough time to see results, 60 days

    may show results, but by 90 days they can see a real difference. Don’t sell unless they commit to trying it

    for 90 days.

    “OK, Mary, I know you agreed to try this product and that’s really great. But before we move

    forward I need you to give me your commitment that you will stay on this product for 90 days? Are

    we in agreement?” If no, don’t sell the product.

    Note: At the time of sale, or when you drop it off, if at all possible, demonstrate how to take the

    product. If you are shipping it, instruct them to go to your portal and watch the OPC-3 product


    Customer Follow-Up Schedule (schedule dates in your daytimer)

    1) Day 1 call to make sure they’ve started the supplement, check to see if they are taking it correctly

    (measuring powder, amount of water). Encourage them to take it every day, consistently.

    2) Day 3 call and ask if they are having any challenges, noticing any differences?

    3) Day 7 Measure, monitor, adjust, control check in, see if they have questions. 4) Now, leave them alone and write in your planner when they will need a new bottle.

    5) When you deliver next product, include a plastic cup. Also “newspaper clippings” which you can

    purchase for $.20 each by calling 1-800-370-4057. The purpose is to provide on-going information.

    6) Send a thank you card to every new customer!

    7) When a customer experiences success, ask for a written testimonial.

    8) Share about the $5 referral discount for everyone they refer who buys a 90-serving bottle of OPC-3.

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