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    Easy English Stories

    Eight Famous Stories

    Aesop's Fables

    Greek Myths and Bible Stories

    1. The Dog In The Manger

     Once a dog was taking a nap in the manger of an ox. It was full

    of hay. But soon the ox came back from his work to the manger. He

    wanted to eat his own hay then the dog awoke, stood up and barked

    at the ox. The ox said to the dog, “Do you want to eat this hay,


     “Of course not,” said the dog.

    “Then, go away and let me eat my own hay.”

     “Oh, no. You go away and let me sleep.” “What a selfish dog! He will neither eat the hay himself, nor let me

    eat it !” said the ox to himself.

    2. The Lion, The Bear And The Fox

     Long ago a lion and a bear saw a kid. They sprang upon it at the same time. The lion said to the bear, “I caught this kid first, and

    so this is mine.”

     “No, no, “ said the bear, “I found it earlier than you, so this is mine.” And they fought long and fiercely. At last both of them got

    very tired and could no longer fight.

    A fox who hid himself behind a tree not far away and was watching

    the fight between the lion and the bear, came out and walked in

    between them, and ran off with the kid. The lion and the bear both

    saw the fox, but they could not even catch the fox. The lion said to

    the bear, “we have fought for nothing. That sly fox has got the kid


3. The Boys And The Frogs

    4. The Two Travelers

    Many years ago two men were traveling together They were

    walking along a road in the wood Then they found a beautiful ax on

    the ground. One of them picked it up and said, “Look here have

    found an ax.” “Don’t say I, but we have found the ax,” said the

    other “We are friends. We ought to share it between us.” “No,” said

the first one, “I found the ax, so it is mine.” Soon after they heard

    someone running after them. They looked back. They found He

    called out, “Stop, thieves! Stop, thieves !” The first traveler said, “What shall we do? He is running after us. We shall be caught by

    him.” “Don’t say we, but I shall be caught. You found the ax, and

    you say it is yours,” said the other, and left him alone. The first

    traveler tried to hide the ax, but he did not know where to hide it.

    And at last he was caught by the owner of the ax.

    5. The Ant And The Dove

    One day a little ant was walking along the bank of a stream. His foot slipped and he fell into the water. “Oh, help, help!” cried the ant. A dove was sitting on a branch of a tree over the stream and heard his cry of help. “Oh, poor ant!” said the dove. “I will help the ant.” The dove pulled off a leaf and dropped it near the ant. “Here is a leaf. Climb on it,” said the dove. The ant climbed on it at once

    and floated to the bank. A few days after this a hunter found the dove and was going to shoot her. Just then the ant passed by and said to himself, “this time I must help the dove.” The ant ran to the hunter and bit his foot hard. The hunter sprang up and missed to shoot the dove. The dove said to the ant, “thank you very much, my little friend. You have saved my life,” and she could fly away happily.

    6. The Cock And The Jewel

    One fine morning, a cock said to the hens and chickens, “Come, let us go out to find some food. We have not had our breakfast yet.”

    Then the cock began to dig the soft earth. Suddenly he cried, “Look,

    look! I have found something strange. I wonder what it is. It is like

    a ball. But it is not a stone. It may be an egg of some bird.” The

    hens heard his cry and came around him. One of them said, “Dear

    me! This is not an egg, but a jewel. Someone has lost it.” A chicken

    asked, “Can we eat it?” “No,” said the hen, “it is very precious to

    human beings, but it is of no use to us; we cannot eat it. Throw it

away and try to find some worms. I want to have one worm than all

    the jewels in the world.”




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