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    Known as the “Chiropractor to the STARS” Dr.

    David Friedman, CEO/President, is a disciplined

    visionary and a man of action! He is a renowned educator

    and lecturer in the field of nutrition. He received post-

    doctorate certification from Harvard Medical School and

    is a former teacher of neurology. He is a member of the

    Naturopathic Medical Association and has been honored

    in the National Who’s Who directory for the past 7 years.

    Dr. Friedman has authored three books, appeared on

    numerous radio and television shows and his best selling

    CDs on nutrition have been heard by over a million

    people. Dr. Friedman is often called ―The Chiropractor to

    the stars‖ because his list of patients include some of

    today’s top celebrities and movie stars.

A decade ago, the nutritional industry was predominately filled with pills and capsules.

    Dr. Friedman lit the world on fire by putting liquid nutrition on the map. He became one

    of America’s top multi-million dollar income earners in the field of network marketing,

    earning an astounding six figures per week! In less than two years, his unique advertising

    campaign helped catapult a liquid nutritional company to over 20 million dollars in sales

    per month.

    After 20 years in practice, he became frustrated by the void he found in the world of

    nutrition and spent almost 3 years formulating and perfecting his revolutionary product,

    Chews-4-Health…the VERY FIRST full spectrum super fruit/sea vegetable and antioxidant chewable in the world!

    CHEWS 4 HEALTH is all about creating the LIFESTYLE that you have always dreamt about. Stop living pay check to pay check and let the CHEWS 4 HEALTH

    opportunity change your bank balance and your ZIP code.

DARE TO DREAM - If money was not a concern what is the first thing you would do?

    Where would you have homes? What kind of cars would you drive?

    Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki ENDORSE Network Marketing!

    NETWORK MARKETING It’s an Asset, Not a Job

    By Robert Kiyosaki, Author “Rich Dad Poor Dad”&

    “Why We Want You to Be Rich”

    ―Why do so few people make it to the top of their network

    marketing system?‖

    The truth is, the top of the network marketing system is

    open to everyone unlike traditional corporate systems,

    which allow only one person to reach the top of the


    The reason most people do not reach the top is simply

    because they quit too soon. So why someone would quit short of the top?


    In the first edition of The Wellness Revolution, economist

    Paul Zane Pilzer outlined an emerging $200 billion industry

    he called ―wellness.‖ Today, that industry has grown to $500

    billion, and it’s just getting started, offering even greater

    entrepreneurial opportunities.

    A “Perfect Storm”

    In many ways, wellness and network marketing are natural

    sister industries. For one thing, wellness is rich in the kinds of

    new technologies that are best learned person to person. And

    for another, it is often the same quest for a better quality of

    life that finds expression both in exploring wellness and in

    pursuing an entrepreneurial, home-based business.

    Wellness and network marketing also both represent enormous financial opportunities;

    either opportunity alone has tremendous potential to create new wealth. Some companies

    have combined the best of both worlds, creating a ―perfect storm‖ of unprecedented

    economic opportunity: A convergence of forces enabling entrepreneurs to create a

    satisfying lifestyle andat the same timetremendous new wealth.

    Over the next 10 years the U.S. economy will create 10 million new millionaires. You

    have the opportunity to start now and become one of them. You should do so not only for

    the benefits in health and happiness to yourself and your family, but also because you

    will be adding to our economy while you also add to the wellness and personal

    fulfillment of many others. In so doing, you will be contributing immeasurably to your

    community, to your nation and to the world.

    There’s still time to get in on the ground floor and make your fortune in wellness.

    The Power Of Leverage

     Leverage is the difference between being average and being RICH.

    If you are trading TIME for MONEY as an employee or

    professional you will NEVER be RICH unless you apply


    Here's an example how you can leverage the efforts of other people

    to earn an incredible income if you are willing to put in the time

    and effort to make it happen.

    ? The average person works about 2,000 hours a year

    ? 40 hours week x 50 weeks = 2,000 hours

    A modest organization of 200 people who each work 10 hours per week will produce 2,000 hours worked.

You have just leveraged the 2,000 hours you would have worked in a YEAR WITHOUT


    ? The average person works about 80,000 hours in his or her lifetime.

    ? 2,000 hours per year x 40 years = 80,000 hours - THIS IS WORKING


    An organization of 2,000 people working 40 hours per month will produce 80,000 hours worked.

You have just leveraged the total hours you would have worked in a LIFETIME into a


    ―It is better to earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of your own effort.‖ - J. Paul Getty

    ―If you are willing to live a few years doing what most people won’t, you can spend the rest of your life doing what most people can’t.‖ - Mitchell B. Huhem



    Chews-4-Health is a delicious tasting, doctor formulated,

    natural chewable dietary supplement derived from the

    most nutrient rich sources from around the world. We

    have combined current nutritional science with nature’s

    finest. Chews-4-Health contains 16 ingredients from

    land and sea, uniting the antioxidant powers of exotic,

    life enhancing super fruits with mineral rich Sea

    Vegetables and vitamins. Chews-4-Health is more


    ABSORBED. With so many pills and liquid products

    on the market, isn’t it time for you to CHEWS?


    It’s hard to ignore all the positive publicity Goji berries have been

    receiving in the media. These include: The Today Show, LA Times,

    Time Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, CNN, ABC, Larry King, Oprah and

    many more. Even world renowned ―celebrity dermatologist‖, Dr.

    Howard Murad, recommends Goji in his latest book, The Cellulite



    Mangosteen has been used for thousands of years throughout Asia

    for its health enhancing properties. When Queen Victoria tasted this

    imported delicacy in the mid-1800s, she promptly declared it her

    favorite fruit. Since then it’s been commonly referred to as, ―Queen of Fruits.‖


    Acai berries (pronounced ah-SAH’-ee) One of the main plant

    chemicals getting a lot of attention in acai, is a compound called

    anthocyanin, a group of flavonoids. A very well known antioxidant,

    anthocyanin-rich fruits have been shown to have anti-aging properties,

    help increase energy and aid in many skin conditions*. Acai contains

    naturally occurring, plant based vitamin B, vitamin E, minerals such as iron and calcium,

    fiber and protein. Açaí berries contain naturally occurring amino acids, essential fatty

    acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9), and has an extremely high amount of antioxidants compared to

    other fruits. Acai even has more antioxidants than raw spinach, and 10 to 30 times more

    anthocyanins than red wine. Acai berries also contain beneficial Phytosterols. These are

    natural plant based chemicals that have been shown to offer immune system benefits.*


    Noni fruit (morinda citrifolia ) comes from the mulberry plant grown

    on the South Sea Islands of Tahiti and Hawaii. Noni has been used in

    folk remedies by Polynesians for over 2000 years and is reported to

    have a broad range of health benefits. Noni (which means ―longevity‖) is a sacred fruit known as a balancing agent which helps stabilize and

    enhance the health of the body.

    The Noni plant, considered vital to ancient settlers, was one of the four basic plants they

    brought with them in canoes when they colonized new islands. Today, millions across the

    world are discovering the health balancing properties of this once hidden island secret.

    Even the National Library of Medicine lists 26 articles about Noni (morinda citrifolia.)

    One of the most important components of the noni fruit is proxeronine, a natural

    ingredient, which is a building block essential to human cell growth*. Human cells

    require xeronine to function properly*

     Dr. Friedman realizes that HOW HIS PRODUCT IS MADE is

    just as important as the ingredients that MAKE UP


    If you are taking nutritional supplements, it is important to

    know how they are produced. Are the ingredients tested before blending? Do the ingredients match the label? Has proper testing been completed to

    insure purity and safety? Our manufacturer has earned an ―A‖ rating from the National

    Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

    Certification Program; one of very few to hold this distinction. This nationally mandated

    cGMP standing assures our on going commitment to bring you the highest quality

    ingredients and the most stringent standards in the industry.

The quality of a product is analogous to the EXPERIENCE and ATTENTION TO

    DETAIL that a great manufacturer can offer. There are many nutritional companies that

    may have the INGREDIENTS it takes to make a good product but simply do not have a

    manufacturer that brings to that product QUALITY, PURITY, STRENGTH, SAFETY

    AND CONSISTENCY batch after batch.


    ? Unique two-team plan pays up to12% on BOTH teams.

    ? Matching bonus pays on top two earners on all levels to INFINITY!

    ? Auto Ship starts at only $39

    ? No Income ceiling on Binary commissions - Second position placed above your

    first position when you reach $25K wk.

Here's how you QUALIFY to earn commissions.

A - Purchase a PRE LAUNCH SPECIAL (PLS) $89.80

    B - Sponsor 1 person on each side that does the same and purchases a PLS.

    C - Choose the commission you would like to receive by picking your autoship.

Here's where the plan really starts to get interesting - especially as you continue

    to SPONSOR.

    ? 12% on your top two personally sponsored income earners each week -

    6% to YOU and 6% to your SPONSOR

    ? 12% on all you’re personally sponsored to infinity - no limit!!

    ? 6% to infinity on the top two earners of every person in your group that are

    in your ENROLLER TREE to infinity.

If you sponsored 12 you would earn 6% match on your TOP TWO.

    You would earn 6% on the top 2 of the next 10 personally sponsored - total 20

Then 6% on 40, then 6% on 80, then 6% on 160, then 6% on 320

I think you get the idea.

This is PERPETUAL LEVERAGE in action!


    ? 11,000 SF close to airport & interstate

    ? 80 person call center on the second floor

    ? Complete distribution center.

    Rob Hukezalie, Chief Operating Officer, brings an array of

    experience with an innate flair for detail. As our leader of day-

    to-day operations, Rob is at the top of his game! Absolutely no

    challenge is too great because he has truly “been there, done

    that"! Rob has a knack for keeping things running smoothly,

    enabling Chews4Health to reach exponential growth. He is a

    highly accomplished professional with more than 23 years of

    international operational, financial and general management

    business development experience in network marketing. Rob

    has immense knowledge in developing and cultivating

    business opportunities in domestic and foreign markets. He

    has successfully built from scratch and managed 6 European markets (countries), and a central distribution and multi-lingual call center in Shannon,

    Ireland. He has been responsible for field and business development for one of the

    world's oldest and largest networks. Rob understands the Entrepreneurial spirit first hand,

    as he founded and managed a nutritional and skin care MLM business that was sold in

    1999 to a $750 million NASDAQ company. He owned a successful network marketing

    consulting company with an impressive list of international clients and has developed

    new markets in Russia, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Brazil, Scandinavia,

    Australia, Canada and South East Asia. Rob started his business career as one of six

    distributors of finished plastics which became so successful, it was ultimately purchased

    by a large London PLC company in 1988. Rob is a member in Good Standing of the

    Canadian and Ontario Certified General Accountants (equivalent to CPA) and also holds

    Accounting and Stationary Engineering degrees.

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