Northolt extended schools activity plan

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    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007




    In Accordance with the Extended Schools ‘Core Offer’

    Department for Education and Skills

    April 2007

    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007


Since we can't know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is

    senseless to try to teach it in advance. Instead, we should try to turn out

    people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to

    learn whatever needs to be learned.

     John Holt, on Knowledge

The Northolt Extended Schools Partnership has been formed as part of Ealing

    Council’s strategy to address and meet the requirements of the Department for Education and Skills’ (DfES) Extended Schools Agenda – an agenda which brings the Government aims of Every Child Matters directly to the school environment.

Although formed under the recommendations and guidance of Ealing Council,

    the partnership is a cluster of schools, independent of the Council, which has

    set its own vision and direction, in line with but still independent of Council

    and DfES agendas.

The Northolt Extended Schools Partnership not only aims to achieve the

    DfES’s Extended Schools Agenda, but to promote and inspire an active and

    aspiring learning community in Northolt.


    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007


Preface i

Introduction 1

Vision, Goals & Objectives 2

The Partnership 4

Partnership Structure 5

Definitions 6

Objectives and Strategies 7

Objective 1: Consultation 8

Objective 2: Working in Partnership 9

Objective 3: Parenting & Family Learning 10

Objective 4: Childcare 11

Objective 5: Varied Menu of Activities 12

Objective 6: Community Access 13

Objective 7: Swift & Easy Referral 14

Objective 8: Promotion and Communication 15

Objective 9: Finance and Funding 16

Objective 10: Northolt Learning Community 17

Appendicies 18

    Appendix A Partnership Terms of Reference

    Appendix B DfES Extended Schools Prospectus

    Appendix C Every Child Matters: Green Paper - Summary


    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007


The Northolt Extended Schools Partnership is a partnership between the 15

    schools in Northolt including 2 Secondary Schools, 3 Special Schools and 10

    Primary Schools. The primary objective of the partnership is to work

    collaboratively as a team of 15 schools, to develop and implement the

    Extended Schools Core Offer, as outlined by the Department for Education

    and Skills, across the community.

The Northolt Extended Schools Partnership is aiming to achieve

    i) The Department for Skills and Education Extended Schools Core


    - Wrap Around Childcare

    - Varied Menu of Activities

    - Parenting Support and Family Learning

    - Community Access to Facilities

    - Swift and Easy Referral

    ii) a greater cohesive vision of an active and aspiring learning

    community for Northolt, with the long term vision of raising

    standards of Northolt students, families and the community.

In order to undertake these tasks, the partnership is involved in significant

    student, parent, community and partner consultation, and are increasingly

    aware of the concerns and priorities of our community.

Ongoing consultation enables the partnership to:

    i) Investigate the needs, wants and aspirations of our community

    ii) Link in with existing services

    iii) Monitor the progress and effectiveness of the strategies and

    activities implemented by the partnership


    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007



Our vision is for the Northolt Extended Schools Partnership to promote an

    active and aspiring learning community that values every learner, and enables

    them to enjoy their learning and achieve their full potential; to learn in a safe

    and secure environment; to overcome any barriers to living a healthy life; to

    gain fulfilling work or learn new skills; and to play their full part in the life of the


NESP will help work with stakeholders and the community to support the

    further development of a Northolt that people are proud to come from and live

    in, where there is an exciting variety of recreational and cultural activities and

    where parents, young people, their friends and families and the wider

    community will support each other to learn.

Strategic Goals

1. To achieve the Core Offer (as defined by the DfES and the TDA) in all 15

    schools in Northolt by July 2009

2. To create and support a collaborative environment in which the partnership,

    services, stakeholders and the community can engage, consult and achieve


3. To value and utilise the concerns, feedback, ideas and innovations of the

    community in the planning and direction of the Extended Schools initiative and

    the vision of an active learning community in Northolt

4. To foster and promote a single, active and engaged cross-generational

    learning community in Northolt.


    1. To consult at least annually with the community and stakeholders in the

    development and maintenance of extended services in Northolt

    schools and the community.

    2. To work in partnership with stakeholders on the development and

    maintenance of Extended Services in Northolt Schools and the

    community for the duration of the Partnership.

    3. To implement a parent support and family learning strategy across the

    partnership which incorporates formal and informal opportunities for

    engagement across all age groups, and takes into consideration the

    specific needs of all groups within the community by April 2008.


    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007

4. To provide access to high quality childcare (3-11 years) and secure

    safe places (11-14 years) between the hours of 8am and 6pm, on week

    days, 48 weeks of the year, for all students attending schools in the

    Partnership by July 2008.

5. To provide access to a varied menu of activities in the four key areas of:

    a. Study Support

    b. Arts Activities

    c. Sports Activities

    d. Other Recreational Activities

    for all students attending schools in the Partnership by December 2008.

6. To provide community access to partnership school facilities, where the

    facilities are suitable and the demand is present, by December 2008.

7. To develop and utilise clear policies and processes (including the

    Common Assessment Framework) in identifying and providing support

    and intervention for children and young people with additional needs, in

    consultation with other support and service networks - that are in

    conjunction with the policies and processes of the local authority, by

    December 2008.

8. To promote and communicate the developments, activities and

    outcomes of the Partnership to the community, partners and

    stakeholders in a prompt and timely fashion, using communication

    streams appropriate to the target audience, for the duration of the


9. To provide efficient and effective operational and financial procedures

    to deliver key activities and achieve budget and funding requirements

    for the duration of the partnership.

10. To imbed the partnership vision of an active learning community for

    Northolt in all activities and functions carried out by the partnership for

    the duration of the Partnership.


    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007


The Partnership

Belvue School

    Downe Manor Primary School

    Gifford Primary School

    Greenwood Primary School

    John Chilton School

    Mandeville School

    Northolt High School

    Petts Hill Primary School

    St Raphael’s Catholic Primary School

    Viking Primary School

    West London Academy

    West London Academy Primary Willow Tree Primary School

    Wood End Infant School

    Wood End Junior School

    North West Ealing Partnership Excellence in Cities Action Zone

    Ealing Council

Management Committee

Janet Brown Wood End Infant School

    Ann Franklin West London Academy

    Sue Townson Viking Primary School Amanda Urqhart Belvue School Francene Leaversuch Partnership Coordinator

    Laine Russell Interim Adult Learning Manager, Ealing Council Debbie Alldis Northolt Community Association Una Lawless Nth Northolt/Greenford Neighbourhood Nurse Lead Doreen Ramsay Connexions Service Hilary Abbey Social Services, Ealing Council Amanda Hancock Sure Start Northolt

Management Committee Executive

Janet Brown Wood End Infant School

    Ann Franklin West London Academy

    Sue Townson Viking Primary School Amanda Urqhart Belvue School



     Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007 Council Services Health Services Voluntary & Community Services

     Other YMCA/YWCA Northolt Women’s Project Educational Psych’s West London Mental Health Services Community Centres Schools Service (School Improvement School Nurse/ Health Visitors Ealing Parents Partnership Professionals) Neighbourhood Nurse Leads Homestart Vulnerable Children’s Service Area Leads * Police Ealing Contact Family (Special Needs, Children Children and Families Services VCS Existing * Youth with Disabilities) - Children with Disabilities Team Windmill Lodge (CAMHS) Vending Supporting Cubs and Scouts, Girl Guides etc. - Children’s Centres Speech and Language * Funding - Social Services (Social Workers) CCCU Health Grand Union Village Projects Bodies - Teen Pregnancy Therapy Services (OT, Physio) * Faith Groups and Community Safety Team Youth Services Programs Sport/Active Ealing Play Service Parks Service/Ranger Leisure/Libraries Housing - Information Link - Housing and Rehousing - Effects of Temporary Accom.

    Northolt Partnership PARTNERSHIP

    Schools Northolt (2 High Schools) Extended (10 Primary Schools

    Schools (3 Special Schools)

    Project and


    Sub Sub Sub Management Committee Partnership group group group Coordinator Management 1 2 3





    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007


Partnership The Northolt Extended Schools Partnership, consisting of

    a representative from each school Partnership (refer

    Page 4), a Local Authority Representative, the Action

    Zone Coordinator and the Partnership Coordinator.

Community Students who attend any of the partnership schools, and

    their parents and families. Also, the residents that live in

    the locality of Northolt.

Stakeholders Individuals and organisations the partnership consults

    and works with to address and support the objectives of

    the partnership. Stakeholders include Ealing Council and

    its relevant Departments, Ealing Primary Care Trust,

    Police and other health, voluntary and community

    organisations (Refer to Partnership Structure, Page 5)

DfES The Department for Education and Skills. This

    government department is responsible for the setting and

    assessing of the Extended Schools Core Offer.

TDA The Training Development Agency. The TDA is

    responsible for providing support to all Local Authorities

    in the change process associated with Extended Schools,

    and is also responsible for monitoring the achievement of

    the Core Offer in Local Authorities on behalf of the DfES.

Priority Area Health, crime and other social issues which are

    Incidents prominent within the Northolt area.

Core Offer The Core Offer outlines the five areas in which schools

    are required to provide extended services. These five

    areas include:

    i) High quality ‘wrap-around’ childcare

    ii) Varied menu of activities

    iii) Parenting Support

    iv) Swift and Easy Referral

    v) Providing wider community access

    For more information on the Core Offer refer to Appendix



    Northolt Extended Schools Partnership

    Activity Plan 2006-2007


Notes on the following tables:


The Objectives and Evaluation Measures are to be achieved in the

    time frame indicated within each objective.


The Strategies and KPI’s are for the period November 2006 to

    October 2007. The KPI’s are indicators of achievement for the

    Partnership and as Performance Measures for the Partnership



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