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Introduction/Course Overview/Handouts/SWOT Analysis I Ch. 1. SWOT Analysis II/Types of Strategy Ch. 2-3. Strategic Moves/Strategy Implementation Ch. 4-5

    Bridgewater State College

    MGMT 490 Strategic Management

    Spring 2008

Section: 490-01

    Room: HRG 09

    Days: M

    Time: 3:15 5:50 p.m.

    Instructor: Dr. Stan Ross

     Office: 101A Harrington Hall

     Telephone: 508.531.2132


     Office Hours: MWF 12:10 to 2:00 p.m. and by appointment

Course Description: This capstone course integrates the knowledge learned in the business courses

    along with application of the basic concepts and models of strategic management

    and leadership to solve actual business problems. Case studies and/or projects

    are the primary pedagogical methods used to demonstrate knowledge and

    application of the concepts and models. This course fulfills the writing

    intensive in the major requirement for all Management majors.

Prerequisite: Senior Status

    Required Text: 1. Strategy, Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, 2005

     ISBN 1-59139-632-8

    2. Learning by the Case Method by John S. Hammond, Harvard

     Business School, April 16, 2002, 9-376-241.

    3. Four cases from the Harvard Business School Publishing Corp.

Course Objectives: 1. Students develop a basic understanding of the important

     concepts associated with Strategic Management.

    2. Students acquire a basic understanding of the application of Strategic

    Management concepts.

    3. Students develop a basic understanding of methodologies used in identifying

    and solving business problems.

    4. Students develop a basic understanding in communicating recommendations.

    5. Students develop business writing skills by writing a minimum of fifteen

    pages and making revisions.

Attendance: Attendance is maintained and action taken according to school policy.

Grading System: 1. Final Exam (essays) 10%

     2. Report #1 10%

     3. Report #2 20%

     4. Report #3 30%

     5. Report #4 30%

     Extra Credit 20%


    ? See policies for earning the extra credit.

Topic Form Comments

1. Final Exam Essays +Demonstrate an understanding

     of important concepts and


2. Case Analysis Reports Memorandum +Solve actual business problems.

Course Policies

1. The final exam is optional. Students averaging a B or better for 90% of the grade (excluding the

    extra credit) are credited with an “A” for the final exam.

    2. The first report can be re-submitted for a better grade within one week of receiving the report back.

    3. Each student is expected to write a minimum of 15 pages with an opportunity for revisions

    on report #1 per item #2.

Format of Class

Class meetings encompass lectures, class discussions and in-class case analyses.


    1. Case #1 = Wal-Mart 2005

    2. Case #2 = Facebook

    3. Case #3 = Meg Whitnman at eBay, Inc.

    4. Case #4 = Bank One


Date (Week) Topic Assignment

     Introduction/Course Overview/Handouts/SWOT Analysis I Ch. 1

     SWOT Analysis II/Types of Strategy Ch. 2-3

     Strategic Moves/Strategy Implementation Ch. 4-5

     Action Plans/Stay on Course Ch. 6-7

     People Side of Implementation/Strategy as Work in Progress Ch. 8-9

     No Class Monday/Meet on 2/20/08

     Sample Case Analysis/Review Handout on “Learning by the

     Case Method”/Writing a Report/Practice Writing Handouts

     Case #1: Wal-Mart Case

     Wal-Mart Cont.

     Spring Break

     Case #2: Facebook Case

     Report #1 Due

     Facebook Cont.

     Case #3: eBay, Inc. Case

     Report #2 Due

     Re-write of Report #1 Due

     eBay, Inc. Cont.

     No Class

     Case #4: Bank One Case

     Report #3 Due

     Bank One Cont.

     Final Exam/Date TBD

     Report #4 Due at Final


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