It was November 2006 when I first visited Patrick and Dimitri

By Kim Kelly,2014-08-17 13:59
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It was November 2006 when I first visited Patrick and Dimitri

    Silvere Toye letting go of the jewels in the crown

It is with sincere sadness that I write this article. Early in 2009 I was contacted by Silvere’s

    grandson, Pierre, to say that unfortunately Silvere had a stroke. Then in March of this year Silvere emailed me to say that although he was recovering, that for health reasons, he and his good wife Rita had made a decision to sell all the pigeons; keeping only forty or so 2009 young birds. As a result, there will be two auctions held in Belgium and organised by De stDuif magazine the first on Saturday 31 October in Nazareth followed by another on Friday th6 November in Deerlijk. All the top breeders and racers will be sold approx. 250 in total.

About this time last year, I wrote an article on Silvere after his outstanding cock, Zatopek stndwon 1 Ace long distance pigeon of all Belgium Entente-Belge and 2 Extreme long

    distance of Belgium KBDB (Belgian National organisation) in 2007. I did not think that less than one year later I’d be informing readers of these circumstances and a complete sale of the all of the jewels in the Toye crown make no mistake this sale is of epic proportions.

     Silvere and Rita collecting their many awards

    Many readers will have first heard of Silvere Toye in 1986 when Louis Massarella purchased Silvere’s International winner, “Peter Pau” for a world record fee. However, before this

    Silvere had been at the top of the Belgian Club and Provincial racing from the late 1960’s to

    late 1970’s prior to attacking the Belgian National and International scene in the early 1980’s.

    Silvere has always been a “first mover” - always quick to find outstanding lines to cross into his own. Therefore, in this article I’d like to highlight three things firstly which lines Silvere

    has successfully introduced which have kept him at the very top of the Belgian National middle and long distance for forty years or so. Secondly I’d like to discuss the current

    principal racers and breeders of the Toye loft and thirdly provide some highlights of how influential the Toye family of pigeons have been for many other lofts.

    This last point is important as Silvere is modest, never boasting about how his pigeons have founded lofts and have won at Federation, Provincial and National level for others. In fact stthe Toye family of pigeons have won at least 12x1 National races for other lofts since 1985.

    I remember asking Silvere in 2006 why he didn’t create a page on his website that informed

    of Toye winning blood in other lofts and he replied “Robert, there are so many, it would be

    difficult to keep it up to date”. Therefore, let me give you an example of what I mean. In the stfinal 2009 Belgian long distance National race from Tulle, Filip Norman was 1 National

    flying 407 miles against 5,676 old birds. His National winner, “Cognac” is a descendant of stSilvere’s “Tarzan Boy” 1 National Ace pigeon KBDB 1988 and “Marie Pau”, direct daughter stndof “Peter Pau” 1 International Pau 1984. In 2 National place were DeWaele-Verstraete

    with a 75% Toye, descending from Silvere’s “Tarzan”, “Dikkop” and “Grote Barcelona” lines. thIn 7 National place (from 7,467 yearlings) were Kurt & Raf Platteeuw with a 100% Toye and

    thin 10 National place from 5,676 old birds was Silvere himself with a grandson of “Libelle”

    (Vandenabeele line). Each year is the same and of course it’s not just in Belgium, the Toye

    blood is winning the world over. I simply cannot do the subject justice I will however

    mention what I know throughout this article.

The first wave of success - Tarzan, Dikkop and Peter Pau dynasty

    In the 1970’s Silvere raced pigeons mainly from the small-time loft of Robert Reybroek. The best of these introductions became known as “De Kleinen”, a small 1973 chequer cock who stat 5 years old won 1 Ace Pigeon in the local region. This cock is probably the best breeder Belgium has ever known. In 1977 Silvere purchased some exceptionally well bred late breds from Norbert & Filip Norman (“Old Tarzan” and “Old Dikkop”) and crossed these with nddaughters of his “Kleinen” - the first wave of success was created. In 1982 Silvere was 2 ndthNational Champion of Belgium long distance KBDB and had the 2 and 5 National Ace rdpigeons long-distance with “Jonge Tarzan” and “Dikkop 205”. In 1983 he was 3 National stChampion of Belgium long distance KBDB and his “Jonge Dikkop” won 1 National Limoges stst10,999 birds. In 1984, “Peter Pau” won 1 National and 1 International from Pau, 550 miles. thHis full brother, “Carl Pau” was 8 International in the same race (both of these cocks were rddirect sons of “De Kleinen”). In 1986 “Dikkop Narbonne” was 3 National Narbonne 550 rdmiles and “La Soutterraine” (Dikkop breeding) was 3 National La Souterainne. In 1988, stSilvere raced his last year in Kortrijk and the outstanding “Tarzan Boy” won 1 National Ace

    pigeon long distance KBDB. That same year Silvere retired his ten best Tarzan and Dikkop cocks and moved to the small village of Otegem. Silvere bred in combination with the best lofts of Belgium including Noel De Croix, Andre Brouckaert, Jef Vandenbroucke, Santens Brothers and again with Norbert & Filip Norman. Success followed quickly and after only stthree years at his new address Silvere was 1 National Champion of Belgium Extreme long stdistance 1991 and in 1992 1 National Champion of Belgium long distance KBDB. It was

    clear that the Tarzan, Dikkop and Peter Pau lines (which were all descended from “De

    Kleinen”) were going from strength to strength.

The second wave Maurice Casaert, Erik Limbourg and Gaby Vandenabeele

    Silvere was never one to hang around and he continually searched for the best Ace Pigeon and National winning bloodlines to cross into his already prolific Tarzan and Dikkop lines. Silvere wanted to create an all-round pigeon that could win from the start of the season until the end and at the middle distance as well as the long distance. To help do this he purchased three of the best racing cocks in Belgium at that time. These were “Ali Baba” and stnd“Grote Barcelona”- the 1 and 2 Ace long distance pigeons of Belgium 1991 from Erik

    Limbourg and the “Invincible Montauban” from Maurice Casaert after this cock won the

    Montauban National (5,338 birds) by 20 minutes on a hot day and against a head wind. Also in 1992 Silvere began to breed and exchange with the now famous Gaby Vandenabeele. Readers should recognise the foresight of Silvere in approaching these three lofts in the early 1990’s – note that in 2009 all three of these lofts are still at the top of their game in Belgium!

Whilst Silvere was creating his all-round family, the original and unique Toye strain of rdpigeons continued to excel. In 1992 a grandson of “Peter Pau” called “Dali” won 3 National thBrive 21,012 birds and in 1994 he won 4 National 7th International Barcelona 27,330 birds. stAlso in 1994 “Romulus”, a grandson of “Tarzan Boy” and “Old Dikkop” won 1 International thAce pigeon ZLU and 5 National Ace pigeon KBDB. Readers should note that Silvere’s

    performances were making the late Roger Florizoone sit-up and he was desperate to get his hands on a daughter of “Dali”. A swap was made and Silvere received some young hens from the best of the Florizoone loft; two particular hens “Angel” and “Medina” have certainly ndleft their mark on the Toye line. An egg from Herbots Brothers from the 2 National Ace stPigeon KBDB 1992 when paired with a g-dtr of 1 National Bourges (Schellens) became

    known as “Ramses De Schepper” and he too has left his stamp on the Toye pedigree.

    stIn 1995 Silvere did the impossible and scooped the 1 International Ace pigeon ZLU award

    for a second year running, this time with “Black Devil” (a son of “Marseille Tarzan” who was bred from a brother of “Tarzan Boy” when crossed with the nestsister of “Old Dikkop”).

In 1996 and 1997 the fruits of Silvere’s new stock selection and hard work began to show. th“Mephisto”, the very first son of “Invincible Montauban” won 6 National Ace Pigeon long rddistance KBDB in 1996 and unbelievably the same cock won 3 National Ace Pigeon KBDB

    the very next year in 1997. Many of the new lines, crossed into Silvere’s unique original

    family, began to shine through and in 1997 Silvere won 22 x 1st Club, 5 x 1st Provincial and ndwas very close to winning 2 x 1st National. However, he was pipped twice winning 2

    National Argenton from 15,443 young birds with “Soleil”, a grand-daughter of “Grote ndBarcelona” and 2 National Periguex from 5,594 old birds with “Thalys”, a grandson of “Ali

    Baba”. All three of the super racing cocks that Silvere purchased had began to pay their way in the stock loft but that was just the beginning of this second wave of success.

    In 1998 Silvere won 21 x 1st Club and 16 x 2nd Club. He also began to race hens beyond their young bird years and success came in abundance. From the Bourges National strdthththththththththcompeting against 3,397 birds Silvere won 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 13, 15, 18, 26, 27, 36, thand 37 National. The winner was “Libelle” and both parents were bred by Gaby

    Vandenabeele; the father being “Majoor” (direct from “Wittenbuik” x “Moriska”) and the rdmother was “Dorothee” (“Playboy” x “Francoise”). The 3 National was “Gloria” another g-thdtr of “Wittenbuik” of Vandenabeele and “Romulus” of Toye; 5 National was “Evita” a g-dtr thof “Invincible Montauban” Casaert and “Darco II” Toye; 8 National was “Topsy” a g-dtr of th“Ali Baba” Limbourg and “Tarzan Boy” Toye; 9 National was “Athena” a g-dtr of “Dali” Toye ththand “Ali Baba” Limbourg; 15 National was “Diva” a g-dtr of “Peter Pau”; 18 National was th“Tequila” inbred “Invincible Montauban” Casaert; 26 National was “Turbi” a g-dtr of th“Wittenbuik” and “Turbo” Vandenabeele and g-dtr of the dam of “Black Devil” Toye; 27 ththNational was “Zara” inbred “Invincible Montauban” line; 36 and 37 National were two

    sisters, “Alexia II” and “Java” – both bred from “Ramses De Schepper” and a dtr of “Dali”.

    Silvere’s team of racing hens became known in Belgium as the Golden Ladies and their careers had only just begun.

     stIn 1999 Silvere won 1 National La Soutterraine with one of those Golden Ladies, “Turbi”.

    He also won 2 x 2nd National with “Penelope” and “Futura”; plus 66 positions in the top 100

    National positions (cocks and hens) as well as 5 x 1st Provincial. In 2000 Silvere won 14 x stth1 and scored 4 International Dax with a son of his Florizoone hen “Angel”. Interestingly, in st2000 Maurice Casaert won 1 National Souillac 7,154 birds with “Nasdaq”, a grandson of thth“Bronze” (brother “Invincible Montauban”). “Bronze” himself was a winner of 6 and 11 stNational and both were grandsons of the 1 National Limoges 1985 (for Desyn

    Vandemeulebroecke) which was purchased by Gaby Vandenabeele. In 2001 Silvere won 11 x 1st Club and decimated the competition in the Provincial against the famous Belgian ststlofts winning 1 General Champion of West Flanders, 1 Old Bird Champion West Flanders stand 1 YB Champion of West Flanders. This was a testament to the sheer hard work and stock building that Silvere had pursued - Silvere had created the all-round pigeon that he had dreamt about.

The third wave Georges Carteus, Georges Bolle and Robert Dobbelaere

    Lesser mortals would have been happy to rest on their laurels and continue to breed from this all-round family which had proved unbeatable against top competition. However, it was in 2001 that Silvere visited the top performing lofts of Georges Carteus, George Bolle and Robert & Chris Dobbelaere. Many fanciers were (and still are) winning Nationals with the bloodlines of Carteus, all of which stemmed from his super racer, the “Limoges” – a winner stthof 1 National Limoges 10,110 birds in 1991 and 46 National Tulle 3,834 birds in 1990. rdththCarteus continued to race this National winner and he won 3, 12 and 27 National on the

    trot from Perpignan. The “Limoges” was an even more famous breeder and two of his most

    stst National Perpignan 2000 (“Millennium Perpignan”) and 1 Ace Pigeon famous sons were 1

    Entente Belge 2003 (“Super As”). Silvere purchased pigeons at great expense direct from stthe “Limoges” and these two famous sons as well as a son of “Cartier” 1 National 4,694 ndrdbirds 2 International Perpignan, 12,367 birds and 43 National Perigueux 5,594 birds in

    1997. “Cartier” is a nephew of the famous “Limoges” of Carteus being bred from his full brother.

     stIt was from Martyn Mitchell that Silvere borrowed two children of George Bolle’s 1 National stCahors 1996 (“Generaal”, who interestingly was a half-brother of 1 National Dax 1998).

    This line is winning for many lofts in Belgium, including the partnership of Casaert-Senechal. Silvere bred for one year with these Bolle pigeons, crossing them into the best of his all-round family and they have certainly made their mark on the current Toye pedigree. From Robert Dobbelaere Silvere found success with a son of “Schone Noel”.

Whilst this stock enhancement was taking shape Silvere continued to clean up and in 2002 ststhe won 14 x 1, 5 x 1 Provincial and 2 x 3rd National. In 2003 he achieved an almost stthththththunbelievable feat in the Provincial Ace Pigeon competition winning 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 thand 12 Provincial Ace Pigeons YB West Flanders. Unfortunately, 2003 was also the start stof Silvere’s health problems yet in 2004 against all the odds the Toye loft won 5 x 1 thProvincial. In 2005 Silvere was 9 National Champion KBDB long distance and in 2006 ththstndSilvere had some excellent results in the long distance races, such as 6, 11, 21, 22, thththththththth38, 150, and 175 National Souillac 6,475 birds and 19, 30, 58, 111 and 159

    National Limoges 9,545 birds. The best racer in 2006 was “Paris Express” (602/2004) - a stst2004 cock direct from “Paris” 1 Prov Limoges 2,222 birds (brother of “Libelle” 1 National stththBourges) and he won 1 Club (193 birds) 15 Prov Poitiers 2,437 birds, 5 Prov (2,104 birds) ththnd30 National Limoges 9,545 birds and 6 Prov (1,413 birds) 22 National Souillac 6,475

    birds all in 2006.

The new introductions especially from Carteus and Bolle were paying their way of course

    crossed into the well established Toye family. In 2007 Silvere’s “Zatopek” came to the fore

    and performed really well from Brive (403 miles) in June right up to Perpignan (562 miles) in August. His prizes were 83rd National Brive 16,007 birds; 30th National 5,846 birds 50th ththInternational Irun 15,842 birds and 8 National 5,547 birds 16 International Perpignan

    15,087 birds. “Zatopek” had the best co-efficient (1.16%) in the whole of Belgium over 3 stNational races and for this he won 1 National Ace Pigeon Entente-Belge. “Zatopek” was ndalso 2 Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme long distance with a co-efficient of 0.65%. The sire of “Zatopek” is “Caraat”, the son of the Carteus National winner “Cartier”. Other ace pigeons ndfor Silvere in 2007 were the two half-brothers “Pronto” (2 Provincial Ace Pigeon) and

    “Darwin”. Both of these cocks have the same mother (daughter of “Caraat” Carteus x

    “Angel” Florizoone) but have different fathers, namely the son of “Schone Noel” from Dobbelaere and an inbred son of “Majoor” x “Libelle”.

     stIn 2008 Silvere’s entry into the Belgian Masters won the 1 Ace Pigeon prize winning ?8,000.

    This winner, named “Amigo” was bred from a yearling son of “Paris” (brother of “Libelle”) x

    daughter “Caraat” Carteus. The dam of “Amigo” is another direct Carteus hen; a daughter of ththrd“Fantast” who won 4 Nat 7,537 birds 12 International Perpignan 16,803 birds, 3 Semi-ththNat 5,079 birds, 37 Nat Limoges 8,616 birds and 65 Nat Limoges 16,504 birds.

The principal racers and breeders of the modern Toye pedigree

    So far we’ve discussed the three waves of success enjoyed by Silvere since the late 1960’s.

    Readers will conclude that this has been no accident but has come as a result of exceptional pigeons stemming from the best lines available and the skill of Silvere in testing these at the middle and long distance races. In the next part of the article I have written about some of those pigeons from the auction that, in my view, fully represents the bloodlines of all three dynasties.

     “Tarzan”, Dikkop and Peter Pau line

    “Royal BB Tarzan” from 1997 unfortunately died last year but during his 11 year reign in the stock loft was responsible for key Toye Champions such as “Iris”, “Red Angel”, “Mealy

    Angel”, “Aragon” and ”Visconti”. All were champions topping the National results in Belgium and represent the original “Tarzan” and “Dikkop” lines of Silvere. His descendants have won ththth Nat La Souterraine 13,737 birds 2002; 6 Nat Montauban 6,901 birds 2003; 9 Nat La 4thththstthSouterraine 1,558 birds 1999; 14 Nat La Souterraine 1,279 birds 2002; 25, 39, 41, 64 rdrdNat Brive 19,477 birds 2004; 63 Nat Souillac 3,551 birds 2003; 63 Nat Bordeaux 7,519 ththbirds 2004, 74 Nat La Souterraine 13,988 birds 2003 and 97 Nat Brive 9,466 birds 2006.

     th“Black Diamond” (097/1999) was a winner of 49 National Limoges 23.550 birds 2000 and is sta double grandson of Silvere’s “Black Devil” 1 International Ace Pigeon ZLU 1995 (“Tarzan” thand “Dikkop” line). He is bred direct from “Typhoon” (029/1996) who won 26 Nat Perpignan th 6.278 birds and 49Nat La Souterraine 10.530 birds. “Typhoon” was a son of “Black Devil”

    and the Florizoone hen,” Medina”. “Black Diamond” has been an exceptional breeder being ndthsire of the terrific hen “Devils Diamond” 2 Prov (1,799 birds) 5 National La Soutterraine st13,737 birds 2002. She in turn has been responsible for 599/2004 1 Provincial Bourges th1,015 birds and 877/2008 5 Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2008. The “Black Diamond” line sthas been prolific for many other lofts including 1 National Montelimar 10,197 birds 2005 for ththstthndJ&R Coenen as well as 4, 5, 21, 30 and 32 National for Robert Rome (Scotland). thNote that a full brother of “Black Devil” was also the sire of Robert Rome’s “Emperor” 7 stNational Rennes, who in turn was the sire of “Spartacus” 1 National Sartilly and was also g-stsire of 1 Scottish National (hens) Newbury 2002.

In 2003, the new “Red Opium” (102/2003) was born and in that same year he amassed four thNational positions from all four Belgian YB National races, including 35 from 4,897 birds at

    Bourges. He also had the best co-efficient from the National races of all young birds in stFlanders, winning 1 Belgian National Long distance trophy. He is a descendant of “Royal stBB Tarzan” and “Tarzan Boy” 1 National Ace Pigeon KBDB 1988. “Red Opium” is the

    definition of stamina and is already sire of some fantastic racers in the modern Toye loft.

“Majoor”, “Libelle” and “Paris” (Vandenabeele) line

    Silvere has many top breeders from his wonder hen, “Libelle” a winner of 1st National

    Bourges 1998 but there are three cocks that I’d like to give special mention to. The first is “GDS General” (719/2001) who is direct from “Libelle” when paired with the son of “Generaal” 1st National Cahors 1996 (George Bolle). “GDS General” is sire of “Misty” bred

    by Silvere Toye and raced by Martyn Mitchell. “Misty” won 1st Provincial 1,479 birds 2nd

    National Brive 9,468 birds in 2006 as well as 7th Prov Bourges 2,043 birds; 8th Prov Tours 3,152 birds and 11th Prov Angouleme 2,637 birds. A full brother of “Misty” was one of Silvere’s best racers, “General Junior” (unfortunately lost in 2008) but prior to that he won 1st

    thClub 2nd Provincial Poitiers 1,917 birds; 34 National Perpignan 3,954 birds, 77th National

    Brive 16,007 birds; 119th National Tarbes 5,252 birds, 161st National Perpignan 6,785 birds and 185th National Cahors 6,654 birds. Another from “GDS General” won 1st Prov 7th

    National Gueret in 2002. The nest sister of “Misty” (539/2004) is a beautiful hen and is included in the auction.

The second son of Libelle is “Inbred Majoor” (602/2000), so called because he is bred from

    “Libelle” and her father, the fantastic Vandenabeele cock, “Majoor”, son of “Wittenbuik” and thrd“Moriska”. “Inbred Majoor” is the sire of “Darwin” 11 Nat Souillac 6,611 birds 2006, 3 thndInterprov Tulle 1,638 birds; 4 Prov Souillac 1,291 birds and 22 Prov Limoges 2,260 birds ththnd2007. “Inbred Majoor” is also sire of 846/2007 a winner of 8, 20 and 22 Prov up to 2,622

    birds. Note that a full brother and sister of this top breeder are responsible for “Faraday” a stndrdthththwinner of 3x1, 3x2, 2x3 and 4, 6, 26 National in 2006/07 for Robert Rome (Scotland) stthand 1 Section (Interprov) 19 National Ypres 2009.

The third son of “Libelle” was produced when she was paired with “Cupido” (son of “Ali stBaba” 1 Nat Ace KBDB for Limbourg x “Marilou” of Vandenabeele). He is “Maestro” thth(401/2003 see photo of Souillac V) and is a winner of 6 Prov Ace KBDB, 15 Prov Blois th5,622 birds and 38 National Souillac 6,611 birds.

    “Paris” (090/1996) at the ripe age of 13 years old is still a beautiful type, fantastic winner and together with his sister, “Libelle” have been unbelievable breeders. “Paris” won 1st Provincial Limoges 2,222 birds 1998 and three years on the trot from Souillac (1999-2001) he won 28th National 7,154 birds, 64th National 6,035 birds and 87th National 7,214 birds. He is sire of Silvere’s super racer, “Paris Express” (602/2004); a winner of 1st Club (193 birds) 15th Prov Poitiers 2,437 birds, 5th Prov (2,104 birds) 30th National Limoges 9,545

    thbirds, 6th Prov (1,413 birds) 22nd National Souillac 6,475 birds and 24 Prov (2,101 birds) th135 National Montauban 6,187 birds.

“Paris” is also sire of the two nest brothers - “Paris Delight” (966/2007 - Sire of 1st Ace

    Pigeon Belgian Masters 2008) and “Paris double” (965/2007 - Sire of 888/08 1st 294 birds

    and 5th, 22nd, 37th Prov up to 5,251 birds). “Paris” is also grandfather of 10th National Tulle 5,676 birds for Silvere in 2009 and 1st Ace Pigeon 2008 for the Olympiade loft of Joel Videau, France. Note that the Videau loft represented France in the 2007 Olympiade with their Ace Pigeon, a 50% Toye, the mother bred from the “Invincible Montauban” line when crossed with “Dorothee”, the mother of “Libelle”. Readers should note that “Dorothee” is a

    sister of “Lady” of Vandenabeele who was also a fantastic racer/breeder and amongst other stwinners is g-dam of 1 National Souillac 6,035 birds in 1999).

“Invincible Montauban” (Casaert) line

    “Hannibal” (012/2003) is the perfect representative of the Casaert “Invincible Montauban” line and is without doubt one of Silvere’s favourites. He is a direct son of “Invincible stMontauban” 1 National when paired with the Florizoone hen, “Angel”. “Hannibal” has won 12 National positions and even scored twice in the Nationals as a young bird. His best thstprizes are 54 Nat Limoges 12,266 birds, 150th Nat Souillac 6,475 birds and 191 Nat Brive

    9,466 birds.

     rdthThe breeder, “Red Mephisto” (994/2000) is a direct son of “Mephisto” (3 and 6 National

    Ace Pigeon KBDB on the trot and himself a direct son of “Invincible Montauban”) when ththpaired with “Iris Tarzan” (a daughter of “Royal BB Tarzan” and winner of 9 and 14 stthNational). “Red Mephisto” is sire of “Mephista” (549/2002) 1 Prov 1,799 birds 4 Nat La stSoutterraine 13,737 birds, who in turn is mother of 614/2004 1 Prov La Soutterraine 1,926 stbirds 2004. A full brother of “Mephista” is “Narbonne” (984/2002) winner of 1 Club

    Narbonne 2007 and a host of long distance prizes. Another son of “Red Mephisto” is ststrd740/2006 a winner of 1 Club Brive 152 birds, 1 Club (200 birds) 3 Prov La Souterraine stth1,605 birds and 1 Club (151 birds) 5 Prov Bourges 2,286 birds 2007.

Another top Casaert hen for Silvere is “Ronaldina” (251/1999) who has been responsible for stndrdththththstndthththth3x1, 2x2, 2x3, 3x4, 2x5, 6, 8 Club up to 959 birds and 1, 2, 8, 9, 11, 2x17, thst2x18, 21 Provincial up to 3,392 birds. She is a g-daughter of “Ronaldo” and is steeped in

    the “Invincible Montauban” line.

     st Provincial Ace Pigeon KBDB 2003 as a young bird. She won “Goldiva” (131/2003) won 1stth1 Club (306 birds) 6 Prov Bourges 4,897 birds and four National positions. She is bred from two members of Silvere’s Montauban family, namely “Stuca” and “Goldie” – winner of ththth4, 25 and 90 National.

    Carteus, Bolle and Dobbelaere lines stThe best long distance racer of the modern Toye loft is “Zatopek” (300/2003) a winner of 1 ndNational Ace Pigeon long distance Entente-Belge 2007; 2 Prov Ace Pigeon long distance nd2007 and 2 National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2007. He is a son of stnd“Caraat” who is a direct son of “Cartier” 1 National 4,694 2 International Perpignan, rd12,367 birds and 43 National Perigueux 5,594 birds 1997. “Cartier” is a nephew of the famous “Limoges” of Carteus being bred from his full brother. The mother of “Zatopek” is st“Honey”, the nestsister of “Vechter” of Simon Moreels who won 1 National Ace Pigeon of stBelgium in 2002 and 1 Olympiade Pigeon 2003. “Zatopek” is in Silvere’s own words “is becoming an excellent breeder” and four yearling sons have in 2008/09 scored a multitude of prizes.

From the famous lofts of Robert Dobbelaere Silvere selected his good breeder “Son thththSchoene Noel” (599/2000) who himself is a half-brother of “Express” 15, 25 and 56 Nat ndNarbonne for Dobbelaere. This breeder is the sire of Silvere’s “Pronto” 2 Prov Ace Pigeon stththlong distance KBDB 2007 and winner of 2x1, 39 Nat Brive 16,007 birds 2007, 48 Nat rdLimoges 12.260 birds 2005 and 63 Nat Cahors 5,894 birds 2007. The nestsister of sth“Pronto” herself won 2x1 Provincial and 5 Provincial and a grandson of “Pronto” in 2009 thwon 14 Nat Bourges 22,499 birds for Steven Van Bourdeaud’hui.

Another top breeder for Silvere is “Rex” (352/2001) who is bred from “Ramses De Schepper” st Nat Cahors 1996 for George Bolle. “Rex” is sire of the and a daughter of “Generaal” 1strdththstbrothers “Oxford” and “Cambridge” – winners of 3x1 Club, 3, 5, 6, 2x8th plus 1 Prov ththstthTours 1,981 birds; 9, 18 and 21 Prov up to 3,392 birds and 68 Nat Bourges 19,084 birds.

Silvere Toye - the founder of other lofts stDid you know that the famous “Kleine Didi” of Etienne De Vos 1 National Ace Pigeon KBDB

    1997 and one of the best breeders Belgium has ever seen is a descendant of “Mirabelle”, stndthe daughter of the “Kleinen” and mother of the “Tarzan Brothers” - 1, 2 Ace Pigeons stKBDB long distance? The small loft of Jacques Catteeuw won 4x 1 National with Toye stbased birds and at least 12 x 1 Nationals have been won with Toye blood since 1985. In stst1993 Reginald Derycke won 1 National Brive and the 1 National Souillac 2001 by Gilles-Gallez has a similar Toye basis.

     stThe mother of 1 National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2004 (“Full Try”) for stJosef Bracke was bred down from the old “Kleinen” line of Toye. The winner of 1 National

    Vichy 11,278 birds 2004 for A&G De Smedt is 50% Toye of the “Invincible Montauban” and stmother of “Black Devil” line. The winner of 1 National Montelimar 10,197 birds 2005 for stJ&R Coenen is from the “Black Diamond” line. The mother of 1 National Ace Pigeon KBDB stmiddle distance 2008 for P. Beukenne is bred down from a sister of Silvere’s “Rita” 1 Ace

    Prov KBDB 1996 (“Tarzan”, “Dikkop”, “Vandenabeele” line).

There is a pigeon bred by Silvere which has founded one of the up and coming Belgian lofts,

    namely, De Waele-Verstraete. Their top-breeder is “Biggy” which was bred by Silvere Toye ndand is a direct son of “Grote Barcelona” 2 Nat Ace KBDB when paired with “Gaby” stnddaughter of Vandenbeele’s “Turbo” 1 and 2 Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB and mother of “Rita” st1 Provincial Ace KBDB 1996. “Biggy” is responsible for 9x1st, 3x2nd, 11x3rd against Club stndththththndthcompetition up to 959 birds; 1, 2, 4, 5, 2x7, 8 Provincial up to 7,871 birds; 2x 2, 9, ththththrdthst50, 77, 78 and 80 National up to 41,783 birds; 3 & 9 Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB and 1

    Million-Dollar race 2,430 birds.

     stAnother of the top fanciers in Belgium, Etienne Meirlaen (winner of 1 Ace Pigeon extreme

    long distance KBDB in both 2008 and 2009) has a fantastic breeding cock direct from Silvere’s “Invincible Montauban”. This direct Toye is one of the cornerstones of Meirlaen’s thlong distance family. In 2009 a grandson of this Toye cock won 9 Nat Cahors 7,347 birds thand 10 Nat Brive 17,446 birds.

    For Robert Rome of Scotland the Toye family of pigeons have been hugely successful. Without mentioning the many local, club and Federation wins a list of the National highlights achieved with Toye blood in the first 20 places are: st1989: 1 Federation Worcester 198 miles 2,884 birds stth 1 Section (Interprov) 7 National Rennes 480 miles 4,045 birds th1990: 13 National Worcester 198 miles 6,249 birds th14 National Sartilly 438 miles 2,912 birds stth1992: 1 Section (Interprov) 4 National Rennes 4,501 birds plus Car ndth1993: 2 Section (Interprov) 13 National Sartilly 2,448 birds th1994: 5 National Rennes 480 miles 3,732 birds stst1996: 1 Section (Interprov) 1 National Sartilly 438 miles 1,501 birds th 7 National Rennes 480 miles 2,511 birds th 9 National Worcester 198 miles 3,859 birds stth1997: 1 Section (Interprov) 6 National Nantes 540 miles th1998: 6 National Sartilly 438 miles 2,042 birds th1999: 4 National Rennes 480 miles 2,862 birds th 10 National Frome 262 miles 3,827 birds th2001: 4 National Hastings 327 miles 1,915 birds th 5 National Hastings 327 miles 1,915 birds th 16 National Frome 262 miles 2,704 birds st2002: 1 National (Hens) Newbury 264 miles th 9 National Newbury 260 miles 3,906 birds stst2005: 1 Section (Interprov) 21 National Newbury 3,621 birds stth 1 Section (Interprov) 13 National Cheltenham 217 miles 2,128 birds ndth2006: 2 Section (Interprov) 6 National Falaise 446 miles 2,039 birds st2007: 1 National (Cocks) Maidstone 300 miles ndnd 2 Section (Interprov) 2 National Maidstone 300 miles 4,193 birds th 4 National Newbury 260 miles 3,918 birds th11 National Newbury 260 miles 3,918 birds st2008: 21 National Newbury 3,835 birds st2009: 1 Section (Interprov) 19th National Ypres 384 miles 1,243 birds th 12 National Newbury 264 miles 4,501 birds

In conclusion

    How do you summarise over forty years of racing at the very top into a few pages of text? It is very difficult and I feel I have not been able to convey just how successful Silvere’s stock selection has been for him and for others. It is a real pity to see the Toye dynasty sold and were it not for the good of Silvere’s health it would not be occurring. Anyone fortunate

    enough to make the journey to the final Toye auctions will see for themselves the class and calibre of the jewels in the Toye crown. Those who are able to take some of those jewels home will almost certainly assure success for the future.

    Robert J Rome

    Tel: +44 7894 938205

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