Topics for Journal Writing

By Edith Harrison,2014-05-21 18:35
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Topics for Journal Writing

    Topics for Journal Writing 1. Is it good for college students to have mobile phones? 2. Advantages and disadvantages of internet/computer. 3. My unforgettable/meaningful experience. 4. My ambitions after graduation.

    5. My opinions of Beijing 2008 Olympic Game. 6. Should college students go after fashion? 7. How to deal with the relationship between boys and girls in college?

    8. How to improve college students’ abilities?

    9. Standards of choosing jobs.

    10. How to deal with psychological problems in college? 11. Which should come first, economy or environment? 12. Should tradition be abandoned in modern society? 13. My favorite book/movie/song/TV program/…

    14. A local snack in Wuyishan/Xiamen/…

    15. Colorful campus life.

    16. Places of interest

    17. My study methods

    18. My ideal teacher

    19. What will the world be 20 years later? What about you then?

    20. Pop stars.

    21. My working experience in summer/winter holiday. 22. Weekend homework.

    23. My view on computer games.

    24. My dormitory life.

    25. Watching TV.

    26. My view on Wuyi University

    27. Friendship.

    28. On-line learning.

    29. Chinese diet.

    30. The power of advertisement.

    31. How to keep healthy.

    32. Losing weight.

    33. How to dress up?

    34. My hobbies.


35. Enjoy the Spring Festival.

    36. The person I love most.

    37. The sports I like most.

    38. Beautiful Wuyi Mountain.

    39. Is it proper for college students to make up? 40. Is it proper for college students to live outside? 41. Is campus suitable to be open to tourists? 42. Will you ask for receptions when you go to KFC/MacDonald?

    43. Environment protection.

    44. What can we learn from a successful basketball match?

    45. How to get on well with people around you? 46. My view on studying abroad.

    47. My roommates.

    48. How to prepare for a job interview. 49. My first part-time job.

    50. My family/father/mother/brother/…

    51. Saying ‘thank you’ to others.

    52. Traveling.

    53. My view on cheating in tests.

    54. Team spirit.

    55. How to communicate with foreign teachers appropriately?

    56. Time.

    57. Delicious Chinese food.

    58. Water resource.

    59. Animals and human beings.

    60. Honesty is the best policy.

    61. Shopping.

    62. Education system in China.

    63. Entertainment and study.

    64. Success/failure.

    65. Confidence.

    66. How to solve the difficulties in life. 67. Newspapers.

    68. The problem of population.

    69. Should firecrackers be banned?


70. The teacher-student relationship.

    71. Our responsibilities.

    72. Smile.

    73. Dealing with unhappiness.

    74. Youth.

    75. Our college library.

    76. How to spend the weekend.

    77. If I were the monitor/college president. 78. The four seasons.

    79. Is intelligence born or developed?

    80. My opinion on examinations.

    81. Smoking.

    82. A letter to my family/friend/teacher/…

    83. A special day in my life.

    84. What I can do for my class.

    85. My dreams

    86. On willpower

    87. On studying abroad

    88. How to be independent?

    89. My opinions on campus love / campus marriage. 90. Opinions on some social phenomena.

    91. The pressure of the college students. ( from society / family / ...)

    92. Certificate and personal ability

    93. Certificate and job-hunting

    94. How to save / protect energy (animals / environment)? 95. Physical health and mental health

    96. Views on cheating in exam

    97. My views on money

    100. The economic problems of college students 101. Praise

    102. If I were a

    103. Are test scores so important?

    104. Laptip --- a necessity for college students? 105. My view on bedtime chat in college dorms 106. The best way to keep a harmonious relationship in dormitory


107. The importance of social skills

    108. Is it worthwhile to do business at college? 109. Is Shanzhai culture healthy?

    110. Is it necessary to attend training classes? 111. Is it better for children to grow up in the countryside? 112. One way to avoed telephone and email fraud

    113. The importance of food safety control

    114. Are we to resume May Day golden week?

    115. Is internet-based means a good supplement to communication? 116. What has modern techonology brought us?

    117. A major advantage/disadvantage of the information age 118. Is a live performance always more entertaining? 119. Mass media and the intrusion of privacy

    120. Human communication --- face-to-face is better? 121. Optimism helps to increase your hope

    122. Buying or borrowing books

    123. Watching TV or reading books, which brings us more benefits?

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