By Stephen Freeman,2014-06-22 10:45
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    The philosophy of slow is a worldwide phenomenon, and a variety of slow movements are redefining our relationship with time, One of those groups is Slow Food. Makale Faber is spokeswoman for its US chapter, “The organization has always been

    kind of against the fast food culture around the world. But it‟s more than just the food We

    really kind of educate consumers about how foods are related to culture. It‟s also about

    this industrial life, which you know, has changed the culture of many work places. People are multi-tasking, doing several jobs at once, not being able to take time to have lunch during workday or vacations. ”

    Slow Food now has 13,000 members in the United States and more than 80,000 in 60 countries around the world. Other organizations movement focus on business, exercise or product design.

    One design that reflects slowness is a line of products call Broken White by Dutch industrial designer Simon Heijdens.

    “It‟s actually a set of dinner dishes, white ceramic dishes. They appear to be just

    white plates, bowls and mugs, but over the course of their use they begin to develop these very small cracks. And as they continue to be used, the cracks reveal themselves to be floral patterns, which you might find on your grandmother‟s china. And so you have a

    stronger attachment to those products. And you „re less likely to dispose of them because they are actually carrying an expression of your relationship with them.”

    With the slow movement now spreading across the globe, In Praise of Slowness author Carl Honor says he hopes the world‟s hurry-up, impatient lifestyle will start to

    relax. However, he acknowledges that slowing down is not something people can do quickly…and, with all the pressure on us to go even faster, it is not always easy. But, he says, it is worth the effort.

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