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SWOT ANALYSIS. OBJECTINVE & ISSUES. MARKETING STRATEGYSWOT ANALYSIS. (S) STRENGTHS. Any strong competitor do not exist in local juice industry










    PRODUCT MIX (4 P’s)





Executive Summary

    This report is about two well known and available juices in the market. Popular Group is well renowned for its versatility, experience and skills. It has established a reputation among overseas and local buyers for producing and exporting a wide range of quality products. Popular Group is engaged in production of Matches, Fruit Juices, Plastic goods, Cotton Yarn and Fabrics.

    For the first time in Pakistan Popular Group are introducing the diet juice and for this purpose the most modern Technology and machinery has been imported from Sweden. For this purpose they have installed TBA-3 and TBA-9 Machines. This Unit will be engaged in the production of diet fruit Juices with brand name "MAAZA Diet" and “POLLY Diet”. The unit includes packing and drinking unit of

    Tetra Pack and most modern unit of cold storage for the storage of pulps.

    Popular Group’s main potency is its energetic management and enthusiastic sales force that is well versed in the art of selling juices. However, the weakness remains that it’s a new product line and it will require a great deal of marketing effort in creating awareness among the people about the existence of diet juice in the market. Reason being that, Maaza Diet and Polly Diet has several

    competitors but not any local company. Their competitors are imported juices, which are available in Pakistan and imported from different countries.

    We may safely say that 24% of total production of Mango in Pakistan is procured by us. We have also obtained ISO-9002 Certificate for the same Industry, being awarded for maintaining best quality. We are the leader in Pakistan.


    “Maximize buyer's satisfaction; customers are treated on the number one priority,

     committed to excellence in quality, services and advance technology”.

Maaza Diet and Polly Diet don’t have any local competitor but they have

    imported competitor which are coming in liter packaging only. Name of the

    imported brands are Lacnor and Pfanner,

As the parent company, which is already producing Maaza and Polly, have 49%

    of market share? As they have come up with new product line Maaza Diet and

    Polly Diet there is not any local companies involver in this product line so there is

    not any figure for competitors or Maaza Diet and Polly Diet market share.

As we are entering in the market with new product line, which is, first time in

    Pakistan will be produced locally. Maaza Diet and Polly Diet are first and for the

    diet conscious people and diabetic patients. So this products awareness must be

    created in those areas where the above-mentioned people visit more often.

For diet conscious people like those who often go to parks where walking/jogging

    tracks are, health clubs and sports complex.

For diabetic patients laboratories, hospitals, medical stores, and general store and

    super markets.

We will go for printing the posters and banners of Maaza Diet and Polly Diet, and

    place them near above mention places.

Approximately PKR 300,000/- for promotion of Maaza Diet and Polly Diet. Then

    after responses of the above promotion campaign we will decide whether to

    increase or maintain the same amount further.

Maaza Diet and Polly Diet have energetic, professional & experienced sales team.

    Therefore Maaza Diet and Polly Diet have own distribution channel like direct

    marketing, from company to direct retailer.




The areas we are covering included the following divided into two territories


    ri North





    KDA Scheme 01

     Mohammad Ali Society

    Tariq Road



     Boat Basin




    ? Any strong competitor do not exist in local juice industry ? Asia’s top purchaser of mango (in Pakistan) and supplying mango pulp to all

    local juice makers.

    ? Having dedicated goal oriented working team i.e. competitive management ? Well-reputed company and leader in juice business.

    ? New and innovative products are needed to be leader in future also ? Low involvement product.

    ? More advertisement needed to enhance more use of juices instead of gastric


? People are health and diet conscious.

    ? Potential for quality product.

    ? No any local competitor.

    ? Large consumer market.

    ? Consumers are looking for low prices with moderate quality

? There is uncertainty of economy with unstable law and order situations and

    political instability.

    ? Competitor can enter easily as market is large with attractive profits

    ? Short life cycle of product.


    Popular Group’s main objective is to maximize buyer's satisfaction. They have always treated the customers on the number one priority; they are committed to

    excellence in quality, services and advance technology. As a team we are committed to make Popular a Hallmark for product quality. We

    achieve this by

    ? Continuous improvement in processes.

    ? Establishing and implementing a quality management system.

    ? Measuring and increasing customer satisfaction.

    ? Encouraging preventive approach of problem detection.


    ? Competitor may also influence us in future.

    ? Not get as much market share as expected.


We are targeting diet conscious and especially diabetic patients of middle-upper

    and upper classes. Therefore we have a very large consumer market. Because in

    Karachi diabetic patients’ percentage is approximately 35% and approximately

    40% people are having symptoms of diabetes problem. And now a day’s people

    are becoming more diet and weight conscious also.


For all above objective we implemented the following steps:

    ? Make an effective plan to promote the Maaza Diet and Polly Diet. We will

    use banners, newspaper ads and posters.

    ? Convey the uniqueness and the benefits of product.

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