the blind sides

By Willie Torres,2014-10-14 16:31
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the blind sides

    The film name is The Blind Side

    The Blind Side is a biopic, it can be said to be inspirational sports film, its subject matter is so ordinary, nothing more than a person through their own efforts as well as some opportunities to attract people's attention. However, the film has chosen a different interpretation of points of view. A homeless color big boy would have a chance to feel the warmth of home when he met the good white families. This warmth gave his force to guide himself toward the court of American football.

    More importantly, Mike’s growth process, including a teacher's tolerance and his coach protect Mike when he suffered unfair, in this story of the American dream has been highlighted a social acceptance of individual expectations instead of a personal struggle. When Mike faced some amounts of various universities, meantime it shows a healthy development of the community can provide development opportunities for everyone in U.S.

    Sandra Bullock in the film, played by Julian is like a feminist, as the U.S. version. However, this does not make video feel so strange, but it adds some fun to the film. Whether Julian is a mum of few words or so solemn, I think because of all this came from in Love. This love not only is more extensive than ordinary mother love, but also without losing sincerity.

    We temporarily forget the human indifference in this film. Perhaps some people to doubt the true extent of the film, but I am reluctant to try to speculate on the actual situation behind the film. No matter how scarce the affecting things in the world, I also believe that it is true. Director did not describe the suffering of the reality because he also believed even if someone initially confront with the suffering, they will culminate in happiness. Dark, no matter how long, the day always come in. Some people may think that this movie may be artificial and exaggerated, but in my opinion, it is a rare warm film that can deeply affect me.

    "The Blind Side" is a very sincere film. It also allows people to see valuable family love. It is an inherent love of movies. We love family members, friends, dream, just like as Michael on his foster family, because he understands the importance of family, in addition, he protect his partners of football team in the court such as protect his family members.

    We are able to know what we want and love. I think this is the real perfect world, it is even better than the fairy tale. It makes people more confidence for the power of love, but also to give people a powerful energy to pursue a dream.

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