keys to exercises2

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keys to exercises2

    6 computers Language work: 7 thought III. 8 time 1 rife with 9 sure 2 rationed out 10 check 3 in place 11 answer 4 comply with 12 possible 5 see through 13 guess 6 spoken up for 14 down 7 on the warpath 15 victory 8 beside himself 16 rewarded 9 drag into 17 battle end 10 trudging through 11 of her own accord 12 singled out IV.

    1 demanded Translation 2 loosened his hold I 3 all the people gathered there 1. The company was started by a couple of 4 stood in front of me and prevented me from enterprising young men. getting past 2. Hes a former heavyweight champion and is 5 to protect me or to defend me expected to win the bout easily. 6 made the controversy more fierce 3. Many hours of meticulous preparation have 7 kept worrying me gone into writing the book. 8 watching closely 4. She was attired from head to foot in black. 9 get warm 5. Ive been scrimping and saving all the year 10 in a cheerful mood to pay for our holiday. V. 6. I know hes well-meaning, but I wish hed 1 faced with/ facing leave us alone. 2 expectancy 7. He became very indignant when it was 3 grow up suggested he had made a mistake. 4 get on / get along 8. For the umpteenth time, Anthony, knives 5 put under and forks go in the middle drawer! 6 划掉which/ 改为in which 9. I’m afraid sewing isnt one of my fortes. 7 until one 10. She was buoyed by the warm reception her 8 physically audience gave her. 9 earlier II 10 business The foreign students at New York University VI come from more than 130 countries. Fifty 1 Teach percent are from Asia, especially South Korea, 2 confronted Japan and China. Foreign students are 3 questions studying in all fourteen schools within the 4 tail university. These include arts and sciences, 5 plural law, business and education. Seventy-five

    percent of the foreign students are in graduate school. About twenty-five percent are in

    four-year programs that lead to a bachelor’s


    The cost of attending New York University is

    different in each of its schools. For example, one year of study at the Wagner Graduate

    School of Public Service costs about

    19,000. Some other schools within NYU cost more. Some cost less. The housing cost is about 9,000 a year.

    Bachelors degree students at NYU can

    borrow money from financial institutions to

    help pay for their studies. Foreign students in graduate school at NYU can get teaching or

    research jobs at the university. They can also get loans from financial institutions.

    Text II

    1. According to the author, we should open our hearts to others and give love if we want to create a life of love. 2. It is difficult for us to express love first because we are afraid of being hurt. 3. People usually put up walls of protection. They hold themselves back and push people away. In this way they isolate themselves from others and destroy love. 4. We should make peace with the hurt. Let the hurt come and let it go.

    5. In this essay the author tells us that love begets love, but the process begins with ourselves. According to him, the walls of protection that many people put up can only hurt themselves; we should open our hearts, take the first step and express our love even if we hurt. Only by doing so can we fill the world with love.

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