Study Plan

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Study Plan

    吉林大学珠海学院 商务英语课程







    Study Plan

? Personal Background

    thMy name is LAN Ting; Born on Nov. 17, 1978.

    I was born in a family of senior intellectuals and business family, my father is a senior vice president in a pharmaceutical company, who has lots of management knowledge. My mother is a medicine laboratory officer, who has much chemistry knowledge. So my parents put more expectation on me and hope I can learn more in business administration. I always study hard and hope do well in my academic scores and never disappointed them. I was graduating from Australia Victoria University with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Driven by my keen interest in this field

    and in order to scale a higher intellectual height, I would like to study at Macau

    University that offers Doctor Degree in Business Administration.

? MOTIVATION to Study at Macau

    I expect to go to Macau, a marvelous developed place to achieve my goals. Boasting her long history and advanced economy, Macau possesses first-class quality education and teaching facilities in Asia. Meanwhile, with the beautiful campus, advanced managerial experience, dense academia, strong faculty team as well as so many excellent graduates, the reputable university enjoys a good fame particularly for the field I choose to study.

? Choice of Macau University

    Worth mentioning, nowadays, I have found that the modern society is in dire need of talents specialized in market layout and management. Only those enterprises that possess orderly and effective management could gain a good start, make correct target and win an invincible place in the fierce competition. Therefore, I earnestly hope to pursue higher studies in university to further study in this field. I admire Macau University so much, and I deem that I have laid a solid

    foundation of essential knowledge, and I’m eager to further pursue more advanced concepts in this field through studying your distinguished program.

    As we know, todays successful companies at all levels have one thing in common: like General Motors, they have strong customer focused and heavily committed to Market and also E-Commerce management. These and other highly successful companies know that if they take care of their customers, market share and profits will follow. For example, Wal-Mart has become the worlds largest retailer by delivering on its promise, always low prices-always, FedEx

    dominates the U.S. small-package freight industry by consistently making good on its promise of fast, reliable small-package delivery. Macau University teaches students both in English and Chinese, so I can get more improvement during the stay and study at the university.

? Program Structure

    In my PhD studies, I would like to investigate Market, Foreign Exchange Rates, and Financial Crisis development in a changing Chinese society. I will give a more complete and formal introduction to the basic concepts and practices of todays market. Also I will describe the major

    changes in China Financial Market area.

Three years full-time study

    Student must take eight courses and a dissertation

    Year one

    Corporate Finance

    Statistics and Financial Econometrics

Year two

    Theory of Finance

International Finance

    Commercial Bank Management

Year Three

    Investment and Portfolio Management

    Derivative Securities

    Research Methods in Finance

    At the end of these courses, I can understand the relationship between professional problem solving in the field of education and training, critical analysis of the research and theory of finance, and the individual or group based research process. Meanwhile, I can use appropriately methodologies and data analysis skills to generate and operate research questions.


    When I finish my PhD. Study, I will go back to China where I will find my position in the education area. China is a developing country, and there are so many chances existed in every field. Education has attracted more and more peoples attention. To learn English is becoming the

    necessary thing especially for those who may involve the future international finance and trade. Therefore, I want to be a university professor and teach English with related finance courses. Another reason is that, it is impossible for me to leave my parents alone in China. Because in order to support me to pursue higher education, they gave me amount of money. Therefore, I have responsibility to take care of my parents.

    Contact Info. +86-15812603077

    ndDate: March 22, 2010

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