A Walk in the Clouds

By Carl Anderson,2014-05-21 16:09
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a brief introduction to the movie

    A Walk in the CloudsCommitment to Family

    As an orphan, Paul is dying to have a large family, while for Victoria, family to some extent is burden, so when they meet it is inevitable to have accidents. As a solider, Paul is loyal to his

    country and his wife, so when he falls in love with Victoria he feels frightened because of his promise to his wife who barely knows his dream and his ambition. The happy ending is so artificial that I doubt its reality, but of course it is just a film. Paul is contrasted with Victorias

    father, who is so old-fashioned that he hates all the strangers coming to his family, and is enlightened by Victorias grandfather, who is such a kind and wise old man that he eventually helps Paul find his true loveVictoria.

    The film is about love and family and commitment. The grape garden is like a paradise on the earth.

The hero is


So is the heroine.

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