LLesson One

By Kathryn Patterson,2014-12-07 12:42
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LLesson One

    Lesson One

    Richard: Excuse me, my name is Richard. Im a photographer. May I take a picture of you and

    your little boy?

    Matha Vann: Whats it for?

    R: Thats for a book.

    M: Youre writing a book?

    R: Oh, yeah. Its a book of pictures. I call it Family Album, U.S.A.

    M: Its a nice idea. Well, its fine if you take our picture. Im Matha Vann. R: Thank you. I appreciate your help. Im Richard. Whats your name? G: Gerald.

    R: How old are you?

    G: Five.

    R: And where do you live?

    M: We live in California.

    R: Well, welcome to New York. O.K. Just a second. Im almost ready here. Alexandra: Can I help you?

    R: Oh, please. Hold Geralds hand please. Great! Now point to the buildings. Terrific! Now give

    mommy a kiss, Gerald. Nice! Thank you, Gerald. And thank you, Mrs. Vann.

    M: Oh, my pleasure. Well be looking for you book. R: Thank you, goodbye. Bye, Gerald. Thanks again.

    A: Oh, youre welcome.

    R: Hey, let me take your picture. A: Wonderful, please.

    R: Are you from New York?

    A: No, Im from Greece. Im an exchange student. R: When did you come here?

    A: Three months ago.

    R: Your English is very good.

    A: Thanks. I studied English in school. R: Would you like some coffee?

A: No, thank you. Tell me about your book.

    R: Oh, its not finished yet. But I have some of the pictures. Would you like to see them? A: Yes, Id like that.

    R: Here they are. Family Album, .U.S.A.. Its an album of pictures for the United States, the cities, the special places, and people, and these are pictures of people working, steelworkers, bankers,

    police, street vendors, ambulance drivers, doctors Oh, this is my father. Hes a doctor. This is

    my mother.

    A: Whats her name?

    R: Ellen. My younger brother Robbie. He goes to the high school. This is my sister Susan; she works in a toy company. This is my grandfather. He lives in Florida. This is my wife, Marilyn. A: Oh, shes very pretty.

    R: Thanks. Whats about your family?

    A: They are in Thessaloniki. Thats a large city in northern Greece. But now Im living in the


    R: With a Greek- American?

    A: No, Hispanic.

    R: Oh, no, its five thirty. Em, will you excuse me. I have to meet my wife. A: It was nice meeting you.

    R: It was a pleasure meeting you, too. Thanks for your help, and good luck. Ive got to go. By the

    way, Im Richard Steward. Whats your name?

    A: Alexandra.

    R: Bye bye, Alexandra. Thanks.

    A: Bye bye…… Richard, Richard, you left your bag!

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