the night before thanks giving day

By Kenneth Gonzales,2014-07-14 10:52
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the night before thanks giving day

T’was The Night Before Thanksgiving

    A Readers Theatre

    Student 1- T’was the night before Thanksgiving and all through the nation families got ready for the big celebration.

    Student 2- At our house my mom baked three kinds of pies; pecan, pumpkin, and apple surprise.

    Student 3- That night we were nestled all snug in our beds, while visions of turkey legs danced in our heads.

    Student 4- The very next morning- Thanksgiving- YIPPEE!!! We got up and watched the parade on TV.

    Student 5- Relatives arrived from near and far, by taxi and airplane, by train and by car.

    Student 6- My brother came up the basement stairs lugging the kids table and folding chairs.

    Student 7- We counted and polished our best silverware, then set up two tables with patience and care.

    Student 8- The turkey went in, and as more cousins came, I laughed and I shouted and called them by name.

    Student 9- Hi Danny! Hi Donny! Hi Paula and Vickie!

    Student 10- Hi Casey! Hi Cathy! Hi Brenda and Ricky!

    Student 11- Come in from the porch. Step into the hall. Now come and play, come and play, come and play all!

    Student 12- So up to my room my cousins they flew. We played with my toys and computer games too!

    Student 13- We made pilgrim hats and funny shoe buckles, then put on a skit for our aunts and our uncles.

    Student 14-All were assembled except uncle Norm, who called to say he was stuck in a storm.

    Student 15- Meanwhile my mother was getting out yams, cranberry jelly, and honey baked hams!

Student 16- When mom wasn’t looking we stuck olives on fingers

    and they were puppets and grand opera singers.

    Student 17- While dinner was cooking we played dodge ball outside. Our tummies were growling, “Can we eat yet?” we cried.

    Student 18- The timer then sounded! The turkey was cooked! Mom opened the oven, she sniffed and she looked.

    Student 19- When what to our watering mouths should appear, but a marvelous bird which caused us to cheer!

Student 20- It’s skin- oh so golden! The drumsticks- so juicy! The

    stuffing was fluffy, thanks to Aunt Lucy.

    Student 21- Dad slid out the bird (it weighed 30 pounds). He turned, then he tripped over one of our hounds!

Student 22- Up in the air the turkey did fly! Over the string beans

    and straight for the pie!

Student 23- My brother and I made such a clatter, as we leapt and

    caught the bird on the platter !

Student 24- “All right!” said Grandpa, “Get on with the carving.

    Can’t you see that these people are starving?

Student 1- Dad spoke not a word but went straight to his work. He

    sliced up the turkey, then turned with a jerk!

Student 2- In front of our house, we heard beeps of a horn, a

    trucker delivered none other than Norm!

Student 3- With a wink of his eye, and a twist of his head, “The

    party can start! I made it!” Norm said.

Student 4- We all took our places, the food smelled so great, we

    started to dig in, but dad said to wait.

Student 5- “We’re thankful that everyone is together this year. In

    our home, and our hearts, where we hold you so dear”

Student 6- We ate and we ate, yet last but not least…the very next

    day was a


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