How to keep the balance between man and nature

By Lawrence Lawrence,2014-05-21 13:19
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How to keep the balance between man and nature

    How to keep the balance between

    man and nature?

    If we take man as water,then nature must be the lake or the sea to hold it.Man is in the realm of nature .It is nature that gives us condition to survive on. We human beings are so closely connected with nature.

    So what kind of relationship between man and nature is?

     In prehistoric age;human beings are awed by

    nature since they live all on the mercy of nature. If the climate is not very well man may probably starving to death .When man comes across a flood or a

    drought ,the situation may be even worse.In this period ,nature grasp the priority to man.

     Then in the feudal society,men are more likely to adjust themselves to nature .They developed agriculture and some other industries. Generaly speaking ,in this time man and nature are in balance.

     But after we human beings march (stride) into the new era ,the balance were destroyied .Man remake

    nature and go against nature at will .So , ruined invironments we can see everywhere are continue to been destroyied.The air ,water,food on which we live are polluted.

     The more we remake our nature ,the more nature will revenge we human beings in the same way.This is true.In recent years ,so many huge disasters happened to man such as the tsunami ,the earthquake of Cuba,wenchuan,yushu.The invironments are

    changing so huge.someone predict that the earth will be destroyed in 2012.

     Something need to do to keep balance between man and nature. We shuold obey the rules of nature and protect it.

    What has technology brought us?

    Without dout , technology has brought us too many interests.It make our life more easy and enrich our life.

    Such as electrical appliances include TV,

    refrigerators and air conditions.This kind of things make us comfortable. And cars ,computers also change our life style very much.We cant live without

    them already.

    We can say technology has totally changed our life and the world. With the developing of the technology,

    our living condition has more or less improved,

    medical conditions has improved ,too.We work more efficiently .

    However,every coins has two sides,and technology is no exception.Beside it do so many goods to us ,it also bring us so many problems.We know that our live standard do improved but our happiness index has not raised.Whats worse, technology has brought us so many pollutions and make us go so far away from nature.We constantly subdue nature to provide us interests without nature-protection awareness.I just want to say ,we human beings are so selfish.We ruined animals home to build our paradise,we sacrifices nature to persue our own interests.

    A famous man say ,all things from nature are

    perfect ,but when they are in humans hands ,they

    soon become bad .In a word,Id like to say,apply

    appropriately. technology

    The importance of the

    application of knowledge

     Kong zi speaks highly of the application

    of knowledge as he once said,learning is

    to applying.So applicate knowledge is

    apparently very important.

     Many people critic that college students

    only have knowledge rather than quality.The

    result is mro and more graduated students

    even the first class college students cant

    find a good job.I insist that it dues to college

    because the current education system is not

    in concert with the reality.The school should

    provide students more chances to apply

    their knowledge to practice.

     We know that a majority of employing

    units attach much importance on practical

    abilities.Some students who have good

    grades will still cant get the job if they dont

    have practical abilities.

     Take the occupation teaching for

    example ,you will never be a excellent

    teacher if you havent teached or faced

    students.You know many students have

    plenty of theories but cant connect them

    with real practice.

     Generally speaking,if you want to adjust

    yourself to society very well ,then you have

    to practice more to apply knowledge .

     My career choice

     When it comes to this theme,I think I will think about it

    from two aspects.One is my interests,the other is my

    major.Of course there are also some other aspects I need to consider except the two.

     Interests are the best teacher.One career need you devote yourself to it. So passion is deadly needed if you want to do a good job. Then you must love what you do,I call it interest.Do what you love to do and love what you do .This sentence is very classical,isnt it ?However I may

    not be able to complish the second one .Because of this reason ,I will choose a career I interested in.

     Doing what you are good at will provide you a good feeling and more confidence .Whats more ,this also will

    make your career more fluently and you can develop yourself too.

    Take it from my sister,she is very good at dancing ,so she choose to be a dancer and a teacher to teach dance.Then she works very happy and soon she will start a dancing class.I;m so proud of her.

    At last,except interest and matching ones major,some

    other effects should be also taken into

    consideration.Such as company treatment, working environment,decent salary,a good promotion

    prospection ,good location and so on.

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