My favorite pastime

By Florence Tucker,2014-10-27 19:51
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My pastime

    My favorite pastime

    To get rid of my tiredness after work, in general, I watch movies and its my favorite pastime.

    As the proverb well said, Work while you work play while you play. It makes my life pleasant,

    efficient and successful.

    I always turn on my computer and search for certain movies which are the latest. Its exactly a

    pleasure to enjoy the atmosphere in the movie and it does fresh my mind. Sometimes I even go to the cinema alone or with my friends.

    The impact that movies have had on my daily life, generally, is undeniable. Movies offer us issues to talk and think about. Titanic had brought me a worldwide uproar by its extolling of fascinating immortal love; Antiwar movies such as Tears of the Sun make me think about the question that is any war really to uphold justice or is it really worthy that an individual makes sacrifices to his country and at the same time ignores his own family?

    Movies also shape my understanding of what is important and what is not important. Sometimes when I was confused about whether it is worthy or important to do certain things, I was usually affected and led by the movies.

    In brief, movies, by offering topics and affecting the ways in which we discuss the important things in our daily life, has a strong influence on our perception of the truth, of the world or of the structure of our society. Virtually it affects me in that way.

    Thanks to movies, my favorite pastime.

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